Saturday, August 18, 2012

Make the choice...

Admittedly, I wrestle with that sometimes when it comes to blogging. I don't talk about problems so much. I am mindful of that. But, I find I write about them. And of course there are some things I'd never write down anywhere or discuss. Sometimes you see the posts and sometimes I keep them in drafts. I have felt blogging was cathartic at times, certainly appreciated the support when I needed it most, yet ... paradoxically, blogging/writing seems to reinforce what I don't want to think about. Although ...that being said ...I have also found my voice through blogging. And have worked through things. In my past, in real life ...often times I'd remain silent when I should not have been timid. Now I would not. Although, ever the peacemaker that I am ...I still believe you choose your battles and I don't have to prove I'm right about everything. Besides ...I already KNOW that! ;0 I'm kidding! or am I-I-I? I am! ? ;)

Anyway, I think the above comment about "make the choice" is true for a chronic complainer. But, I think if there are important issues that need too come out, to facilitate healing and gain a healthy perspective ...then one should talk with a trusted person. Because to cover up is akin to putting a Bandaid over an open wound, which then festers underneath. Healing can only take place when the wound is cleaned out. So ...there is a time and place talk.

Okay, I'm going in the pool. Not even sure where this came from. I just LOVE the picture. :)


Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Well you and I could talk I think - about anything?!, I mean with been through so much over the years.
The on,y thing is that my memory still has glitches from the tx 5 years ago ( shhhh) and I have for gotten your email - you got me thinking with the long distance phone call again.

That classic F M music station over here you can get it on the Imternet. I sometimes ask for something to be played but usually I am awake through our nighttime hours so that's SFO time minus 8 hours. Or plain GMT! Silly me!

lucky you with a pool! But I am going paddling along the beach in the North Sea tomorrow!

just finished another post!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yolki - Yes I think we could. Well if on phone then I get to here your Scottish accent which will just tug at my heart strings in a big way.

I've been missing my family. We had a bagpipe player at Mom's memorial service. I wrote about it in September 09. Memorial was delayed (she dies that April 09)because I was waiting for my small family (only a few cousins) but it worked out that they couldn't attend. :(

Anyway, the music was so beautiful as he played outside the church and then he played 3 songs inside. It was her only request. I like to think that our relatives and Mom were their in spirit or God gave them a view somehow. :)

How do I find it on the internet?

My email:


Is Scotland six hours behind the states?

Oh ..I vaguely remember stories of my grandfather MacDonald being a swimmer in the North Sea and something about swimming the English Channel. that would've been in the early 1900s I think. is it possible for a human to swim the English channel. Wouldn't there be strong currents. Just wondering if I am remembering that correctly.

he was from firth of the fourth area and Grandma from Dundee ..but then I am thinking he was from Glasgow. Ugh ..I cannot believe I have forgotten.

An interesting thing. A few years ago I showed my britsh doctor who's parents had a healing ministry in Scotland years earlier, a picture of my grandmother. I mentioned she was from Dundee and he said he thought she looked like the pixie faces there or something like that. I think he said pixie. Do you know what he meant. is there a certain look even in different parts of Scotland?

Interestingly, when I first met him I thought I detected a Scottish accent and he said very good. he was British and most would only hear that, but had lived there and also up north? in England. I am clueless regarding the geography.

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Hi again, this is nice isn't it? Like the old days, having these conversations?
Anyway I will email you so that no more personal stuff goes out over the Internet!!
(Thanks very much for the reminder of your email)

Classic FM can be found by Google-ing 'Classic FM UK' those words will give you this link and you can do all sorts of things like "Listen again" and see the profiles of the presenters - like John Suchet who is the brother of David Suchet who plays "Poirot' in the Agatha Christie series that we get and is on DVD. He's an interesting man. I think you would find a lot of them interesting .
And they have a lot of music from the movies, and a Movie music top 100 program - it's a really cool station.

BTW, I am afraid I will disappoint you with my accent because I am a bit of a mongrel! I don't really have much of a Scottish accent apart from what has rubbed off on me since marrying hubby.
And in my ancestry tree, relatives from Russia. Hence my interest and knowledge of russian language- I have been doing a lot of looking at my family tree recently !

Anyway, wait for email and there is another blog post, and I am writing one at draft stage at present!

Bye for now :))

rlbates said...

Just saying hello, SeaSpray. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yolki - yes very nice to be talking with everyone again. Warms my heart. :)

I will see if I can find the station when I have a chance.

headed off to bed at 02:10. Celebrated son's birthday here today/tonight. :)

I'm sure you have a lovely accent. I forgot about your Russian heritage. It must be interesting to follow. My husband's family goes all the way back to the French Huguenots. They came to this country in the 1600s. The history is interesting. I'm second generation American. I guess 3rd on the German side - my father's side. I'd be delighted to hear your husband's strong Scottish accent. :)

Do you do facebook?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona! It's been quite the social week in this blog with blogging friends all dropping in. Warms my heart. :) Hard to believe we all go so far back. Will be six yrs blogging for me in November.

I'm glad you stopped by too.

Have a great week!

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

SeaSpray, what're you up to? It will take me a while to email btw - there is a photo I am looking f0R - please posts another post! I keep looking here for a new one. You make my day when you post. :-)))

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Yolki. YOU make my day telling me my writing makes your day. I've wondered at times about if anyone likes anything I write anymore. Kind of lost my mojo in writing for awhile. I'm back into it again - just busy. Going down the shore tomorrow - first time in 7 yrs. YAY!

I did write a post. Just have to get pic from camera into computer. My computer is soooooooo s-l-o-www ...BUT ..I am GRATEFUL IT WORKS!!! :)

i REMEMEBR YOU TELLING ME YOUR HUSBAND READS MY BLOG BEFORE HE GOES TO WORK. Didn't mean caps - sorry. Anyway you said that he laughed hard over some things - that made my day too. :) That may've been back in 07 or 08.

BTW - I am curious to know if either of you follow politics here and what you think of us going to the Obama health care bill? I am very concerned about it for reasons too numerous to list. What do you guys think of your own health care system? Is it true that national healthcare leads to delays in appointments, surgeries, less state-of-the-art equipment, cuts in research, and people not being able to get the BEST medications/treatments or being considered too old for knee replacements, etc.

Another thing concerning me is I would be devastated if I had to give up my doctors because they did not participate. and we have quality insurance - affordable now - don't know what will happen in 2014. :(

I, with all my heart believe they should help the poor and they should've targeted specific areas to fix and I'll stop now or you will get "war and Peace" length comment. :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Thanks Seaspray!
Obama Health - what an oxymoron!
Can there be such a thing?
Over here hubby is stretched to breaking point in terms of resources. I would answer Yes to all your queries :-((( And dental care is so bad that it is like pre-1940's seeing people now with no teeth and no dentures (let alone expensive implants) and what is worse is that they are young.In their 20s some.
MRSA is rife. Bed shortages, shortages of nurses, doctors that are so poorly trained (but that is due to a change in their training and I could go purple and have a CVA thinking about it so I will stop too!!!)

SeaSpray said...

Ugh! Oxymoron indeed! Why in the world do any of our politicians want to go to that. Warnings fall on deaf ears. I thought I heard the UK is backing away from it? But ..our unenlightened politicians want to force us full steam ahead. :(

I am actually upset beyond words about this debacle. I'm concerned about our docs practicing and patient care and losing the good ones. And more and more hospitals closing and nursing homes AND poor people and the elderly.

Bass Ackwards! :(