Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Angel Girls ...and Sea Thoughts About ... :)

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I am so there in spirit with them that I can almost feel my hair blowing back from the sea breezes coming off the water and feel the gentle Sea Spray falling on my face after large waves crash on the beach.

When I chose the name for my blog ...that is what I called sea spray. Actually is the gentle sea mist that I love the feel of on my face. Mindful of the changing tides, I usually like to have everything as close to the water as possible. I cannot fathom how most people can sit up on the main part of the beach ...never mind the ones who sun bathe all the way at the back of the beach. UGH!

Why would anyone do that? It's way to hot! And if the ocean is the main attraction ...why not be as close to it as possible?

Anyway, I love how sea mist feels when it falls on me when I am near the waves. And I do love sea spray that splashes up with such force after a wave crashes against the sand and/or rocks.

We only live 2 hours away from where I grew up and usually go to the beach and yet I have not gone down to the ocean since we stayed there in summer, 2005. I cannot believe so much time has passed (seven years!) and I have not gone there even once. True a lot of things happened issues, other people I was close to getting sick and dying and other concerns. Although ...while we can't take a vacation trips are certainly doable.

I just got out of the mode.

So is on my agenda before summer ends. :)

I would've loved to have brought Iris down last summer. That is where we met. I lived down there and they had a summer house across the street. We had the BEST summers! Life wasn't always easy for me ...even as a young child ...but those summers were near magical and still are in my mind's eye. Perhaps even more so as I think back on them. But ...this could all go into another post sometime.

I have a follow-up uro appointment tomorrow and am always more thoughtful prior to those. I deleted a lot of what I wrote.

Anyway ...I am still doing well and both happy and relieved about that. :)

Anyway ...I hear the pool calling me! ;)


GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Hi "SeaSpray"
I felt to came over to see how you are doing.Hope and pray all is well.
The last month's i wasn't blogging anymore and my only online activity was on "FB". in case you have an fb scc and like it we can connect there With some blogging friends i keep the contact overthere.
I love your talk about the beach...It is also still on my list for this summerholiday.It's 3o min with the train from Amsterdam.
I can't wait to walk bare feet in the sand and feel and taste the sea.
Well take care and have a blessed day and week!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Your name suits you. It's a perfect fit. I miss the ocean.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Bernice - Nice to hear from you.

Three minutes from the beach - wow! Blessing for sure! Must be so pretty there. :) I want to go to beach so much I can practically feel the water, sand and breezes and smell the salt air and hear the gulls and crashing waves. Next week I HOPE!

It would be nice to connect in FB. I haven't been in much but when I do I will look you up. Thanks for the invite. and for your well wishes. I hope all is well with you and that you have a blessed rest of summer and fabulous time at the beach. :)

SeaSpray said...

Well know Angel ...I will just put this out there ....if you ever want to come here ..stay a night we could always take a day trip to beach. Or when I am working come here and take a over nite trip to beach. Assuming we could actually talk in person. But, based on how long we talked day you called me when mom died (I will forever be appreciative of that), I don't think we'd run out of things to say. So ...I'll just put that out there - you never know. :)

SeaSpray said...

Plus Angel - we have things in common, faith, humor, dogs, outlook in life, medical experiences BLOGGING and we could even GOSSIP about the BLOGGING DOCS! ;)

And there is always politics ..regardless which side of fence although I am guessing we're probably of similar views.

Even if you came here real early we could still go down the shore because sometimes I don't leave until after rush hr. Just sayin. :)

It could be a someday to do list plan. ;)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'd probably have to bring bail money. Ha! Knowing you....who knows what you'd get me into. 'ol Lucy and Ethel. I think we would have fun though.

I will put it on the someday list.

Gossip about the blogging docs? I never tell, if they share with know that. Always a safe haven here.

We could guess on the next Mr. September though...maybe put pictures on the calendar depicting our favorite doc of the month. Hmmm what famous person would play WC? Rob?

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Now , I am feelin' jeaoulous!!And that is not right at all. The dear Lord would be very disappointed in me!

We are 30 mins from lots of beaches and they are empty!. Maybe I will blog a post about the weekend walks there sometime. I can sometimes find shells thatI can make a hole in to make a diz! (For my rovings)

Are there any blogging docs left out there - it seems to have all gone quiet ax the pond. The fad has fizzled out like a damp squib.

Can you ever pick up an English channel (not Scottish) called Classic FM? It only plays classical music but the nice kind and the presenters are usually nice. When I'm awake at night I hear requests and banter from Americans and All over the world - just shows, the sea does not have to srop conversation !!

Hi yo Angel and Bernice ))

SeaSpray said...

Bail money! Ha ha! :) I'm pretty tame ..actually. :) I'd never Gossip about real life stuff ..private info - I mean just talk about everyone's blogs, etc. :)

And yes - I know I can trust you with secrets and have ...probably more than you'd like. You really helped me when Iris was diagnosed with ca and when she was going through it all. Seems so surreal still.

And life is so weird. because her pulmonologist is also an internist and she really said good things about his care with the ca as a pulmonologist, When my pcp closed his practice and I found out her pulm doc was also an internist I signed right up as his patient. But what is weird a way how life works out that when I don't see him I see this other partner I also like ..and he is the husband of I's oncologist that took care of her. Small world. And I had him for a follow-up on cellulitis day she died and sobbed through whole appt and I know it wasn't an easy one for him. Funny how life works out. Never would've thought I'd be seeing her husband months later after bringing her there. didn't even know she was married to a doc. I miss her.

Momentary memory glitch - Mr September? Am I missing a doctor calendar?

I have to say ... I am really enjoying comments from you, Yolki and Bernice. And of course all comments appreciated. but this reminds me of earlier blogging days ...back in 06 07. can you believe that long ago? :)

SeaSpray said...

You could be with us in spirit Yolki. :) Heck with today's technology ...technically could be together at same time ...although I don't have any of that as yet.

Why are your beaches empty? Must be nice to walk on or write, paint, etc. What kind of weather in Scotland now? I'd love to read a post about it. :)

yes blogging docs around. A good one to go to whi also has an extensive blogroll is ep monthly Dr WhiteCoat. he is on my blogroll.

Angel and I read him often.

Also Ramona Bates (Lovely person - thoughtful and quilter too) in Sutured for a Living still open.

Many other good ones on blogrolls.

I haven't been out reading and commenting like I was but want to again in fall. :)

Another great one writes beautifully is Story TellER doc

I have to update and remove some from blogroll that don't exist now.

I probably can't get those fm stations as I mam surrounded by mountains and don't get good reception except for local - county local stations and need cable for better. Sounds really neat tho ..hearing people from around the world.
I am glad we are all connecting again. Fun! :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Well SeaSpray, just to answer one of your questions - our beaches are empty because they are so big and there are so few people living in our so far remote area!!

It is rare that they are "crowded" - the latter means about 10 people and more than 4 kids!

SeaSpray said...

Oh ...that must be so nice! Our Jersey shore can be so crowded at peak times. Off season ...not so bad. But probably not as desolate sounding as your beaches.

You must live in a spectacular area.

Do write a post when you can. :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

You've seen the scarf one?

GodsOwn/Bernice said...

Hi Hi Seaspray and everyone!

Love to read this "tread"and get a little connected again in "blogland".
since over a year i commented frequently on different blogs.

Seaspray i wished i was 3 min away from the beach....
I am 30 min by train away from the "Zandvoortbeach"
But i am surrounded by canel water...There are a lot of canels in Amsterdam.
This weekend is the 1st weekend with tropical temps in Holland above 30 degrees C.It's a pitty i need to work at the elderly living facility.But the home has a beautiful garden so ,i plan to have dinner outside and lots of cold drinks and icecream this evening....Lol!!
Have a great and blessed weekend everyone

Chrysalis Angel said...

You could share some pictures, if you like, Yolki. I would love the quiet, openness. I love the ocean at off peak times. I don't like crowds. I pick up on everything, so the quiet would be a balm to my spirit.

Yes, you've tamed, my Seaspray. I still think I'd bring the money in any case. You still have you're moments, haha. I shalt be lulled into a false sense of security where you're concerned. ;)

Is Storyteller still writing? I think Yolki would enjoy his writings. He was a great new addition. WC is most excellent as well, I haven't been able to keep up with any of them in some time. I try to pop in and out, but that's about it.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yolki - BEAUTIFUL SCARF! I left a comment. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Bernice - I hope you get to go to the beach soon. I've never seen water canals, but also must be so nice. We are up in the mountains of NJ (aunt hills compared to the mountains out west :)and have a lot of lakes around here. But ..where I live our neighbor has this little pond that is not far from our sliding doors and even though it is little, I just love seeing moving water and how it sparkles on a breezy day. I consider it a little gift in my life. There is just something about being near water that feels so good and is aesthetically pleasing. :)

I give you a lot of credit working in an elderly living facility. I know that is hard, but such important work. I was glad when I knew my mom had someone that aided in her care that had a strong faith in God. You must be such a blessing and I am sure you are very much needed there.

God bless you and I hope you have a nice weekend at work Bernice. :)

Ice Cream on the garden sounds lovely. :)

SeaSpray said...

Angel, Angel, funny Angel ...we all know that we have to look out for the quiet ones too and you know what they say ...Birds of a feather .....

;)ha ha! never hurts to have extra money though. :)

I didn't realize he had another post up and I think that was June and so I want to go back to read it. I hope he is alright because last winter he had the eye issues. Probably busy with family, summer and work. Yes - he is a gifted writer. His posts are like opening up a good book. :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Hey, Hi Bernice and Angel and of course Seaspray our host!

Bernice I had a look at your blogs and took a look at some of your links and bookmarked them . I am very interested in dementia - Lewy Body blog was interesting and I loved the posts there - some are funny ) Please leave a comment if you visit my blog - you are so very welcome .

Angel, you too don't blog these days so I am using our bless host dearest SeaSpray for a message, please leave a comment if you do visit, too. Not praise, I don't need that although always say thank you as it is nice and thoughtful if people do, but just a hello!!

I will try to do a beach video/photo blog - it is just sorting out the photos, and I just don't want the blog to become too identifiable because of hubby's work and confidentiality. Because we are remote and everyone knows everyone and the beaches being so idyllic are so well known by locals, his work might be compromised and we would not have the private life he seeks. But I need to communicate with people and it is so difficult being a doc's wife. Can you understand?
I hate to use subterfuge, and as you know pseudonyms can be a blessed relief - with the luck that I don't have to look far into my family tree!!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Of course we understand, Yolki. I'm not sure I have your blog. I have a newer one, but haven't seen any new postings in a long time.

Hi Bernice, I am not aware of your blog either. I am getting behind the times out here. Too busy with life. If I get the chance I will try to look both you and Yolki up.

Yolki, you can always reach me via email, please feel free. I may have a lapse of a day or two, but I always get back to you.

Morning Seaspray! I imagine you are sleeping right now, but I've got to head to the office.

All, have a great day!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - you know me well..yes I was sleeping ...or tinkling ..not in my sleep though. Was up around then and then put these baby blues BACK to sleep. :)

I am behind in blog reading and will catch up when summer is over.

I am loving talking with all of you. It is what makes blogging so much fun - interactions. :)