Friday, September 28, 2012

Alien Salad Head :) and Girl Talk

Rapunzel's long hair

Earlier I decided to mix 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise together to give my hair a deep conditioning treatment.

So the moment ...olive oil is dripping down my upper body, I have an olive oil/mayo film in my left eye that hasn't rinsed out completely as yet, my left ear aches a bit (is it alright if olive oil gets into your ear? (I now have cotton balls in them heating the oil inside.) It dripped into both, but left one aches a bit.), our dog is following me as if I am going to give her a treat and I look ridiculous ..thanks to green tissues, pieces of white paper towels and torn cotton balls all wrapped tightly in layers of saran wrap on my head to and now I'm really craving a salad.   I look like an alien.  A funny looking one.  "G-R-E-E-T-I-N-G-S- you-earthling-you! Look away-y-y.  I-am-a-fright ... after my long trip back from the planet ZelDAR."  The plan was to have this off before Mr SeaSpray and son came home. That didn't happen.  For "better or worse" ....Mr SeaSpray.  :)

 I have all this wrapping on because it started dripping faster than I could wrap which is why it got into my ears and left eye.  Cotton balls fixed that.  But I also shoved green tissues and white paper towels on my head and torn cotton balls to soak up the excess while I continually added more plastic.  I guess I didn't need all that much oil and mayo.  I used enough for RAPUNZEL'S long hair!. I look ridiculous.  If I had the courage, I'd take a picture.  And now the cotton balls are saturated ...hence all the dripping.  I hope the oil comes out of my sweater.

Also ...I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.   I do think I used too much.  What if it doesn't come out all the way?  What if I wreak of this concoction along with the apple cider vinegar I will also rinse with to hopefully cut through the oil?  Dental staff are so close to you.  What if I get hit with dental anxiety and sweat or get a hot flash and the heat brings out the apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and mayonnaise smell?  What if I smell weird? I am going to shampoo the heck out of it and use conditioner and leave on.

Ha ha!  My shampoo smells like a vanilla milkshake and the conditioner smells like a chocolate shake.   So basically ...if I can't get this all rinsed out by my morning appointment then I could be smelling like apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, mayonnaise combined with vanilla and chocolate?  Do I dare try to wear perfume???  A floral scent?  Why not just hang fresh garlic around my neck for added effect.

The SeaSpray version of Dental repellent!   Maybe the timing of this hair treatment was a subconscious attempt at repelling my dentist.

And what if I can't get the oil out enough and I go in with plastered down greasy looking hair?  Heck why not just part it in the middle and encourage a big cowlick at the top?

Anyway ... I do wish my hair products had a floral scent over milkshake flavors ...but the "Milkshake" products are so good for my hair and I just use a floral scented conditioning oil after I comb my wet hair out. Although ...I don't think I will add any oil after this natural treatment.

Actually, I hope the mayonnaise and oil comes out of my hair since it was only supposed to be on 15 - 30 minutes and it has been wrapped like this for 1 hour and 44 minutes thus far.  I'm going to have to scrub the tub too ...or the next person getting in will be slip-slidin away.

Boy ...oil really gets drippy with body heat!  I feel so SLIPPERY and Mr SeaSpray better not come up and hug me or I'm gonna just shoot right out of his arms and across the room!  Seriously.
Update:  The concoction ended up being on my hair for 2 1/2 hours.   It took SIX shampoos ...scrubbing aggressively to get all the oil out. I did also use the cider vinegar mixed with water for a rinse and then more shampooing. I was ready to get the Dawn dish detergent like they do for birds caught in oil spills ...which I assume would've been counterproductive to my healthy hair goal..  But, I decided six was the charm, conditioned and left it on for a bit longer.  I did have a hard time getting the olive oil off my  neck area though.  I finally had to use alcohol to rub it off the nape of my neck and ears.  Then because I washed it so many times was all knotted even though I used conditioner.  I set it and when the curlers came out ...soft, bouncy ad shiny.  Fait accomplis!  :)

Oh and no residual weird hair scent.

Usually I just use mayonnaise and very little oil if I do use it, but I googled the treatment recipe. And haven't done this in a few years.  I think the last time I also did a post about it and also used foil on top of plastic, but it was not all messy like this time.  And I definitely never used so much on my hair.  The volume of ingredients was definitely Rapunzel hair worthy.  Gee!  I may just sleep with olive oil on my ends in future.  I think this home remedy works better than the deep conditioners although ...they smell prettier than a salad dressing.  :)

And so why did I do all this?

The answer is below.
 The hair stylist at the salon damaged my hair 2 months ago by leaving the color on too long in my ends.  I am very careful with my hair and take good care of it because I have it colored and it is fairly long and since it's not cut short the color process can damage or dry hair over time.  I use quality hair products and never use a curling iron, flat iron for straightening or a blow dryer.  The only time a blow dryer is used is when the stylist blows it out.  Or I just have to blow out bangs a bit. I also never let chlorine near it ...which is a bummer because the best swimming involves getting your head wet.   I do let my hair blow around in the wind when driving on a gorgeous day and that isn't supposed to be good for it, but that is only every so often.  My top hair probably gets some damage from sun, but my underlying hair is as healthy, soft and shiny like it was in my twenties.

Except ..these last two months - it's been dry ..disturbingly, disappointingly DRY.


Because the hair stylist screwed up!  And I know when ...if I tell her when I see her next ...she will deny it which will make me crazy because I hate when you KNOW the truth and someone denies that made a mistake.  the thing is ...I may be upset about the mistake, but will greatly respect honesty.  She's damaged it much worst some years ago and I never told her.  And the next month she was on vacation and the stylist I saw that month felt it questions asked ...immediately gave me a heat conditioning treatment.  Which helps  and the oil last night helps ...but you just have to wait until the damage is cut out over time. Fortunately ... hair grows.

I only get micro cuts for shaping and hair health.  But my trusted hairstylist cut my layers so much shorter on top I could hardly get my hair around a big roller.  She knows I don't like my shortest layer to go up that high.  We were so busy talking, I trusted her and I didn't pay attention.  I didn't even realize it because I left with it wet.  On hot summer days if not getting a trim I am not going to pay an additional 30.00 to get a blow out. I think a salon should give you the blowout for free if you've already paid for color instead of sending you out the door with wet hair ...especially in winter.  Since not working, I don't get my hair trimmed every time and put it off to ever 3 months unless I have something I want it shaped for.  Besides ...longer hair doesn't have to be trimmed every 4 weeks.

When I was paying my bill, the stylist commented about my hair growing fast.  I agreed.  I have a thing for hair. My hair - everyone's hair.  Okay that sounded weird. I love the feel of it and love to run my fingers through it, etc., and when in the car I did and she had put some stiff stuff on it even tho wet and I never use that.  Anyway the time I got home I saw that it was dry in texture but, figured it will be softer when I wash my hair again.  But it wasn't because it was damaged.  And I realized she felt it too and so is why she cut my layers shorter.I didn't like that either.  Then I obsessed the next few days feeling it and annoyed about it and wanted to go back to show her but I dreaded the, "I left the color on like I always do.", statement.

And I wondered how did this happen?  Then I remembered.  When I was at the sink to wash the color out, she had rinsed the rest of the color into my ends and she only leaves that about 30 seconds ..a minute at most, then rinses it out.  This is because the ends are more porous ...thus absorb the color more quickly and leaving it on longer will damage the hair.  The receptionist came to tell her another client was on the phone and I remembered I was getting concerned about my hair because she was gone so long.  C'est la vie.

The thing is ...I really do like her and she does take good care of me and usually does an excellent job.  I want to tell her what happened ...but's not going to change anything.  Plus she was away last month and someone else colored my hair since then ..but the damage was from 2 months ago.

Sooo ... I see her on Monday.  I'm probably not going to say anything.  Unless she comments about it being dry on the ends and then I will matter-of-faclty tell her when it happened.

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