Thursday, September 13, 2012

If Only I Didn't Scream (SHRIEK:) ...and What kind of Person Are You?

I felt exposed :0

First off, this post is not about this first paragraph. I'm venting. And ...I should NOT be writing this now ...and so this is the classic case of avoidance because I have to go dress shopping ...specifically extra special ...pretty dressy dress shopping. I Know, I am a traitor to my gender because I don't like clothes shopping, shoe shopping... any kind of shopping that involves trying things on. I never did like it ...even going back to when I was a teenager. No ...if I had my way ...I'd shop like a man. Pick out one store ..go into said store ..find that one thing I need and leave ...knowing it will just fit and I will like it. Mission accomplished. It astounds me that a man can go into a store for a screwdriver and actually come out with just a screwdriver. How do they do that? Anyway ...I really hope there is a dress for me somewhere in the mall and that I love it and that I find it early. Oh please, oh please, oh please ...let it be so. :)

Okay ...WHY did I scream?. Shriek in mortal embarrASSment actually.

Younger son's friend is home on leave and I figured son was out for the night. I have this habit of not closing the bathroom door if I am home alone or it's just Mr SeaSpray. So I was in there ...tinkling away ...whizzie winkle waterfalls actually when all of a sudden I realized son and friend were coming in and were about a foot from the bathroom door and I shrieked and then in high pitch , another shriek and I exclaimed, "Oh NO! I'm tinkling and your out there and I didn't shut the door! I CAN'T BELIEVE I did this! And at some point during all of that, I had also SLAMMED the bathroom door shut.

They were just busting out laughing ...BWAHAHAHAHAHA! KIND OF LAUGHING and I was inside mortified ...not wanting to come out. So ...I took a shower.

It's not the end of the world, but you really don't want your son's friend hearing you and almost seeing you go to the bathroom. I don't anyway.

They teased me anyway. It's funny. If you heard it'd ve been laughing with them. I don't mean if you heard the tinkling whizzie winkle waterfalls as I'm sure they sound like anyone else's ..but all the commotion with just me reacting as I did.

The thing is ...they were busy talking when they walked in and had I just shut the door quietly ...they wouldn't have noticed at all.

Which brings me to the next part of this post.

What kind of person are you?

Do you leave the bathroom door open ...or close the door if no one is home?

I always leave it open and Mr SeaSpray always closes it. Well ...I wouldn't know what he does when I'm not home, but I bet he does because he always closes the door ..even if it's just me here. He grew up with a lot of girls. I was an only child. That may make a difference.

Or I just like living on the edge ...tempting fate and all that. :)

Anyway, years ago, I saw an article in Psychology Today magazine about this topic. It said something about your personality type, based on what you did with the bathroom door.

But, I don't remember what it said. I did try to google info and still didn't find anything on the topic. I know ...with our world in crisis ...I just want to know what it means if you leave the door open or closed.

Well I'm going to tinkle (TMI?) with the door open and then time-to-go-clothes-shopping.

I think it will go well. I also hate escalators, but that is another post. Ties into the one phobia I have ...but that is also another another post.

GOSH! Can I procrastinate or what?

I am very much looking forward to this family wedding. Candlelight service at the country club - reception to follow. Something HAPPY to celebrate. And I have to say ...the bride is going to be fairy tale BEAUTIFUL.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

SeaSpray said...

Yes - it was a lot of fun. :)

I really like my dress too. I was lucky to find something a couple of nights before.

Hope all is well with you guys. We still have to close our pool, but I am so looking forward to fall and the holidays. :)

PS - isn't the world news almost unbelievable. reminds me of Biblical prophesies. Weird how can see some things unfolding ..and unnerving.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yes, you can see it unfolding.

I know it is sad to have to close up the pool for another year, but I do love the fall and the holidays, like you do. All the smells in the kitchen, and the preparation for family and friends. Won't be long now.

SeaSpray said...

Yes ...some HAPPY things to think about instead of all the negativity on the news, etc.

I learned something new regarding Bible prophecy ..taught a bit differently then I recall hal Lindsey teaching from yrs ago. Although admittedly ..haven't caught him until recently. But ..i was stunned and can totally see it. I am in awe that these prophesies are from thousands of years ago and centuries (John).

And tonight ...learned that 4 of the seals already opened and can see that. Was taught differently back in the 80s. Extremely interesting and unnerving.

Chrysalis Angel said...

No, no, sweet Seaspray. The seals have "not" been broken yet.

Revelation 4:1 "Come up hither" then go to Rev 6:1 We are taken up out of here "before" the seals are broken. Thank God! He tells us he will keep us out of the hour of temptation. This is going to be bad once the seals are broken.We do NOT want to be here through that.

What you are seeing now is all the increased activity that he tells us about. Matthew 24:3-14 The beginning of sorrows - that's now.Then the Tribulation Matthew 24:15-30 Then Jesus will come. We will return with him.

SeaSpray said...

I know what you are saying and I have always been so fascinated by end time eschatology since the 70s - maybe starting with HL's movie late great planet earth (I think) Actually since a little girl of 9 when our bs teacher taught us about some end time things. I remember thinking how could this control come about and how could the whole world see the ac emerge at the same time, etc? SATELLITE! That question was answered during the Gulf war when we watched the actual war in real time.
Anyway - I'm not saying he is right ...but he did say something extremely interesting about it. I will e-mail you when I can. He also cross referenced it with an old testament prophesy about the horses. I have it recorded and will go back to watch. But he was talking about the horses as the seals opened. First the white horse - Catholic church, red horse communism, black horse capitalism and pale horse rise of Islam. It's a tv show and must be on internet. I used to be so fascinated by this stuff. Anyway ...I remember when father president Bush 1st used the "New World Order", in a speech -early 90s - that got my attention. And certainly technology facilitates the methods used for control/surveillance, etc. I think in Daniel it is said that in last days, "Knowledge will increase" and we cannot keep up with it! of course they thought it was last days when apostles were alive. Days longer in God's timing - point be ready.

I hadn't really paid attention to end time eschatology for last 8, 9 yrs and then when certain things began being reported in the news this past year and then when I heard what this man has been discussing ...WHOA!

Don't worry tho Angel ...I know not to follow every wind or doctrine. he hasn't said anything that contradicts scriptures, anymore than other theologians who disagree on pre-trib, mid trib or post trib rapture. All make their case - none of it a redemptive issue. I actually have hrs of his shows recorded but haven't watched until recently when I heard him discussing Isla*m's role in end times.

We're definitely in the "birth pang" era. profoundly interesting ...and disturbing. Although Jesus said not to be afraid when we see these things begin to happen, but to look up because our redemption is near. And bible teachers, evangelists have been teaching the time is near for years. Which when nothing happens - people become desensitized, apathetic. But, with all the earthquakes that have gone up exponentially since the 50s, storms that even news casters are surprised about. My m-i-l went down into the basement during a thunderstorm because it was so bad. She is 82 and said that in all her life she's never seen storms as bad and frequent as they are now. America should never let go of her sovereignty, but unfortunately that is the direction we are going in ..even with treaties under republican presidents. privacy a thing of the past. Morals/disintegrating moral values - so many things seem to be coming true that did not seem apparent to me years ago. And I'd love to be wrong.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I know you're not easily swade by things.

As for the horses, he is using it as an analogy, I think, maybe. It tells us in the Bible exactly what the horses are. It says it plainly. You are right - America should never let go of her sovereignty. You are right about the New World Order, morals disintegrating, privacy...these are all part of the end times.

Another thing, people think the world will end - NO. It will not. Jesus will have to fix the mess that we humans have made of it all, thanks to falling into the first temptation, which then created the beginnings of our fallen world.

No one knows the hour, but we are to be ready. Things are lined up.

SeaSpray said...

Isn't it surreal in one way Angel? Israel increasingly being the focal point since they became a nation in 1948. I think it was Robert Louis Stevenson who once referred to Israel as a malaria infested swamp and yet thousands of yrs ago it was predicted she would bloom in the dessert. I believe she exports roses, fruits and all kinds of things and it is an oasis in a dessert region. Jesus has to come back and will rule from Jerusalem.

it is so upsetting when I see how this president snubs Israel. First off they are strong allies and it is just wrong. they are a country the size of NJ, surrounded by enemies who want them dead.

God says in the old testament, "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her." But, even if I didn't know that ...just from a human rights position is so wrong. And I am not saying the Palestinians don't have concerns. It is a difficult situation.

But the only way to appease them and other arab countries would be to give in and move out. they would only want more land even if they did divide Jerusalem. I have never understood why all these arab countries with so much land don't just allow them to settle in their countries. Except ..that we know this all ties into end time prophesies. it is interesting that the final conflict ..truly the war of all wars will be there.

Like I said ..I stopped following this stuff for years but the news has been so disturbing, with weather, war, morals,money, religion and well know ..that it has gotten my attention again.

When I have time (computer in slow mode again) I will give you the link to two different men that I think you will find interesting.
The Islam connection really got my attention.

And something I didn't know ..maybe you did. In Daniel (I think)one of those OT prophets speaks of the Lion (England's symbol), Eagle breaks away (us)leopard (germany), bear (russia) and I forget what Iran's symbol is. I knew Russia was the bear and is why I knew that Reagan's winning the cold war was temporary because it is predicted Russia will side with Iran against Israel. She's been helping her with nuclear development, etc. Ehat bothers me is the eagle is NOT mentioned in end times. (Teachers don't know why and offer various theories) I thought it was really cool tho that a prophesy in the OT talked about the eagle and lion being attached and then the eagle breaks away. that had to be our revolutionary war. is that interesting or what?

Sorry so long. iris and my friend Pat discussed these things, but I don't with anyone else. I could with other Christian friends but just haven't.

SeaSpray said...

yes are correct about the world. There will still be the thousand yr reign of Christ.

It all sounds so star wars.

There is so much we just don't know and can't while limited in our 3 1/2 dimensioned lives. (Height, width, depth and time going forward. Paul said that we see through a veil, but someday will see all with the veil lifted. (that was greatly paraphrased) :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

That's ok, I don't mind you talking about things like this with me. I know you miss your friends.

Paul is right. There are things all around us, but we don't see them, once the veil is lifted we will be able to.