Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not My Twitter :)

I think maybe a rhino horn slicing into his side may feel like a kidney stone.

The following is twitter from ED Dr WhiteCoat's Twitter feed. I just had to post it in here because it seemed apropos for this blog, considering all the uro posts I've written in here. I don't know if I am breaking some kind of Twitter/blogger's etiquette but figure I'm in the clear providing I give credit where credit is due. Here is WhiteCoat's Twitter:

  • Wife to husband writhing in pain from kidney stone: Now youLinkknow what having kids feels like. Husband: F you. My penis doesn't dilate.
    2012/08/30 17:39
  • Part of patient's past medical history: Nympholithiasis. Throwing stones at porn stars? Should be "nephrolithiasis" - kidney stones.
    2012/08/25 18:59
By the way - I highly recommend WhiteCoat's blog. There is always something of interest going on in that blog. I love his writing. And this SeaSpray has learned a lot by reading his blog these past 5 years. And laughed a lot too. :)

Oh and I think kidney stone pain is WORSE than labor and I had back labor that never let up when contractions were done. It seemed even worse when not competing with the contractions and so there was never any rest or break from pain. And the stone has to pass through a farther distance then the cervix and if they get stuck ...the pain is horrendous. Come to think of it ...our son was too large to pass through too. So ...since I didn't pass the baby or the stone, I don't know what it would be like to birth either. Although, her husband has a point - his urethra doesn't dilate. :)

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