Thursday, September 6, 2012

NOT Your Typical Cat Video! :)




I have never done this ...but I implore you to watch "Henri 2, Paw de Deux", a spoof on dark French films (Film Noir existentialism), in which he laments about the wan reality of his day to day existence. Even though he suffers a mundane, bleak existence the mercy of his owners, a captive in his dwelling, a cat taunted by the cruel realities of life, Henri isn't short on arrogance, suspicion or indifference. Henri's opinion of the other cat in the house - hilarious.

I also recommend "Henri 3 - Le Vet", (video below), also funny. While Henri never seems to discover his raison d'etre, and perhaps self deluded ...he seems to find peace in his ultimate conclusion ...or so he would have us believe.

I love the wan, tragic intonations in the male voice in the video. English translation is provided in the captions below.

"Henri 2 - Paw de Deux", is is absolutely my favorite cat video of all time.

My son showed this to me last night and the entire video had us cracking up and we replayed it a few times. Then I have watched it several more times, as well as the one below.

I hope you enjoy then as much as we do. :)

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