Friday, September 7, 2012

The Baker's Tattoo

Good thing I didn't want a cooking career because I often burn myself in some way around the oven. For some odd reason ...usually when baking cookies, cakes and breads.

I get baking burn marks like people get tattoos. Fortunately limited to hands and forearms. And really ...few and far in between.

Partly because of my aversion to oven mitts.

Partly distraction ...I guess.

So tonight I had lifted the lid off the casserole dish so that I could add another ingredient for the last few minutes of baking. I left the pottery lid right side up on the stove. (When hot, I usually leave the removed lids turned over.) I Did a few other things and then without thinking grabbed the lid to move out of the way ...except that it hadn't been out of the 400 degree oven for that long.

I grabbed the large round handle on top of the lid, 3 fingers were burning and I screamed - loudly ...proportionate to the burn pain, while simultaneously dropping the hot lid. Fortunately it landed on the stove top and not the tile floor. It is a Longerberger pottery casserole dish and I would've been more upset if that broke.,, than being burned.

Younger son came right out to the kitchen, asked what happened. Standing at the sink, with 3 fingers finding badly needed relief under running cold water I turned and with tears said I burned myself on that hot lid. He turned and pushed it farther back on the stove and then when he turned back to me ...grinning, he said, "Gee Mom ...I'm sorry I'm laughing, but you really seem to burn yourself a lot with the oven." Then he got some ice to facilitate better healing. And thankfully it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I must not have grabbed it as tightly as I thought I did. But, I did what an ER nurse told me to do a long time ago ...keep the ice on the burn even when it's uncomfortable and you won't blister. (I'm not talking about serious burns)

Anyway, my joke has always been that you can tell I've been baking as evidenced by the new burn on my hands or arms. But, since I always say there is power in our words ...maybe I should STOP saying that... and stop programming myself to burn myself.

I am so careful about safety ever since working around the emergency department much so that older son would call me "Voice of Doom", because I'd know of an accident and then warn the family not to do x,y, or z if it was something I didn't think they'd know.

You'd think I would just WEAR the oven mitts! Although ...I don't wear oven mitts to do the dishes. I hate that confined feeling.

Today, son helped me, but ... it doesn't seem that long ago when he was a little boy and I was there to console and patch him up. Although I didn't laugh at him. Geee! :) But adult to adult - that's okay. I have my quirks. :)

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