Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Tequila 3 Step :)

I've never had tequila before.  Maybe that's a good thing.  :)  I did have a pumpkin beer last night and I didn't hit the floor.  That is a good thing.  Tastes good ...btw, the pumpkin beer ... harvesty tasting.  Okay ...I know that's not a word, but I like it and I just love anything to do with fall.  :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I can only imagine you after tequila.;)

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha ..I Know. Oddly ..I don't like how I feel if I drink - even one drink, beer, etc., of alcohol, even tho I like the taste. It's an uncomfortable ..not myself feeling. I suppose I could drink past it. I sure did at iris' daughter's wedding ...but we were dancing all night and so I didn't notice it. I did fling my jacket around over my head at the table. Don't recall what ..but something inspired me. oh being videoed. :)

And the drinking was spread out over the whole night and I think dancing burned it off.

I have a long video of that and last thing I have Iris on and so glad I have it. :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Hi Sea! Sorry been a while - had a bad URTI/cold - anyway just this post - makes me laugh! G is the same; he hates feeling even tiny bit tipsy. No vodka for him!! Can be embarrasing for our hosts sometimes!
He is always sober and well I go with the moment...... hic!

SeaSpray said...

Hi YP - I'm glad you're feeling better. Your husband and I would make quite the drinking pair. Oh wait - we'd be the sober ones - haha! :)

It is just so weird in that most peolpe like alcohol and I love the taste ...just not the feeling.

I like the first few sips - goes to my head and that's enough right there. If I have more feels uncomfortable in my body - can't explain it. Which I guess is a good thing in the end.

If only too much food affected me the same way.

I did have an unusual, disturbing (but I was not harmed physically) experience when I was fourteen, went to a wedding at some older neighbors and they let me have a drink and someone must've spiked it because I woke up on their bed and had no idea what happened. My clothes were on and I was alright physically ...but it has always bothered me that I can't account for that time - the entire night. It was an odd celebration too in that it was this older couple and a bunch of young adults/teenagers and teenagers were not the drinking age. I also didn't have a hangover and so I wonder if a drug was slipped in my drink. I also never had alcohol before. And sometimes I wonder if subconsciously that is another reason why I hate surrendering control in the OR ..not knowing what is happening to you? OR ...maybe my body just doesn't like alcohol all that much. Just a wee bit. :)