Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Update and stuff

 WIND REALLY HOWLING AND KICKING UP!  I don't recall storm winds around here this strong - ever.  Front picture window rattles a bit even tho a storm is up too.  Wind is scary sounding ...and relentless.  I heard on radio today that the Hudson river looked like the ocean.  The waves at Point Pleasant (my old stomping ground) are HUGE.   I do wish I could be there in person - but of course that's dangerous.  Heard they even closed the parkway.  If wind this strong up here - I can only imagine what it's like at the beach areas.  I pray trees don't break, power stays on and that we all remain safe.  Our neighbors basketball thing blew over.  Ours is still up but we really have it anchored down.  Well daylight it was still up.  It feels so cozy inside.  I have all the amber candles on in the windows (for harvest season :) and I am truly grateful to be inside.

I wish son didn't have top go out to work.  But I guess people go out for booze in a storm.  Can't wait until he gets a better job!  His college loan payments are about to start.  At least he has 2 PT jobs.  Some of his friends don't even have that.  I DO hope if Romney gets in ...that the change and knowledge of his business experience will breathe hope into businesses and their new found optimism will cause them to begin hiring again.

My God - it sounds like a TRAIN barreling over the roof!

I'm thinking maybe I should shut the computer off now.

Nite all.  :)

PS ..wind really sounding scary out there - never experienced this.  You southerners in tropical areas prone to these severe storms and at a more dangerous level ...are brave people.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OOPS! Wrong Map- Not Hurricane Sandy

Ha!  I was looking at hurricane maps so often last night that when I saw this in FB - I just assumed it was Sandy.  Obviously didn't REALLY look at the map OR the date.  Still funny tho.  :)

Actually, one of younger son's part time jobs is working in a liquor store and for two days they have been slammed with customers - NONSTOP busy.  After all ...there is stocking up ...and then there is STOCKING UP. Priorities and all.  :)

I'm still hoping it will be uneventful around here ...although we brought m-i-l here to stay with us, tub is filled, frozen water bags in freezer and fridge (in case power goes out) and I put water in other containers as well.  Stocked up with food.

We both have appointments tomorrow.  I would still go.  I drove in a hurricane once and so it just depends on flooding in the area.

Schools are closed.

I always pray for protection and safety ..for us, neighbors and all around ..including in other states.

Oh and can you believe that while the east coast is getting slammed with the Perfect Storm on steroids ...that a 7.7 earthquake hit Alaska the coast of Canada and then a tsunami watch was on for Hawaii?

I have my opinions about this.

I hope those of you in the path of this storm will be safe, warm and cozy and that it will be uneventful... with minimal or no damage.

And that the power will stay on for all of us.

A SeaSpray can dream.  :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who Knew? Define Plenty Please (32oz? 64oz or 84oz?:)

So THAT'S all I have to do!  ;)

The Doctor Told Me To Do It (Baltimore, MD):
I was a resident in my second year of training for Internal Medicine. I was on-call and spending much of my night in the ER doing admissions. Our seats for writing up the admission orders and notes were kind of situated in an area where patients and their family members would come up and ask questions.
One night in particular, I was near one of our ER physicians when he was giving out discharge instructions to someone he was sending home. He handed the paper to the patient. He was looking at the discharge instructions as the ER physician explained them.
The ER doc suddenly snatched the discharge paperwork from the patient and said, “Give me that.” He went back to his desk and started writing up another set. After the patient had left, the doc gave me a copy of the discharge paperwork. It read:
Discharge diagnosis = nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
Discharge instructions = Drink plenty of urine
Of course, I copied the paper, made it into an overhead, and showed it at morning report :)

Photo Credit - Please note: this link is not an endorsement by me regarding treatment for any medical condition.  I have no idea if it is credible or not.  Just liked the picture.

3 Things

1.  My arm was aching today and I just remembered ..duh!..I was given the flu shot yesterday.  I just felt it and it is hot through my sleeve and has a swollen radius about the size of a croquet ball.  I'm guessing this is also why I feel a bit feverish. ?  And it itches.  This is only the 2nd flu vaccine I've ever gotten and so I'm not familiar with this. And it didn't happen like this last year.  I haven't looked at it, but it feels like a bad bruise.  I know - this too shall pass.  My PCP won that war.  There was no way he was letting me get away without a flu shot.  No other doctor ever insisted before.

2.  I saw on facebook earlier ...that a friend stated the local stores are crazy-busy because of the storm threat next week with hurricane Sandy.  I thought - "Really?  We are up in NJ and it's not even in the Carolinas yet."  Now ...I just saw on the news that NJ and NY have already declared a state of emergency and they're concerned about power outages too.  Again ..."Really?"  But ..then I saw that not only are they concerned about the hurricane but also a severe snowstorm may hit us too?  Okay I'm paying attention!  Even though we don't live in the shore areas - we can still get heavy winds and rain ...and snow ...well that does sound like a Frankenstorm.  If it still looks like it's all heading this way ..then I'll shop tomorrow too. 

Wow ...I just did some reading up on the predictions.  They are comparing it to the "Perfect Storm" of 1991 ..only worse.

I'm going shopping for some food and other supplies tomorrow.  At least our refrigerator isn't all that full.  And I will fill ziploc bags with water and freeze them tomorrow and should be enough to keep what is in freezer and refrigerator.  This is when I don't like having an electric stove.  At least you can still cook and have coffee with gas.  But thanks to Costco ...we do have toilet paper and paper towels - whoo hoo!  ;)

3.  Now I really-am-going-to-clean-the-tub-and-hang-the-curtains.  And DO some of that wash now too.  All of a sudden ...NOW I want to get everything done! 

Photo Credit

Hopefully it will go back out to sea.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Circus Day!

Not a good morning thus far. And admittedly ...I am feeling grouchy ..probably because I am tired and I am tired because I stayed up too late (I know) and so am also mad at myself ...because I knew I'd be up EARLY this morning and it wouldn't be a big deal ...except I hardly slept the night before ...because I knew I was having a physical in the morning (yesterday - I'll post about it) and ..and now Mr SeaSpray just came back in and he is gonna be some kind of really aggravated in a minute.  Be back.

So ..the kids were here before 8 this morning.  I am continually amazed at how busy I am with little ones ...close in age even tho Wren is now 3.  I bought washable markers so Myles could do some artwork.  He doesn't apply enough pressure with crayons and I've found that it's easier for little fingers to start out coloring with markers since pressure isn't necessary.

My knees also hurt a bit   okay ...BADLY because I was on hard floors wayyyyyyy to long yesterday.  When watching the children ...I rarely get to do this - be at computer.  I tried several times before this. Anyway ..I had pictures made up yesterday from when we were at the wedding and then got a pretty frame for my m-i-l's picture.  It is so nice of her, Mr SeaSpray and our sons - 3 generations..  It was taken outdoors after the ceremony.  Okay ...I hear a noise I need to check out in the family room.  I want to ignore it because everything is baby proofed ...but since it's unidentifiable ... and it was just a little hammering with a toy ...on the TV.  The other thing you don't want to hear nothing.  When kids are too quiet.  Ha ha ...I haven't experienced that yet today.  :)  I do want to say that they are well behaved ...but just busy.  And I think because out of their home environment ...don't have all the things that keep them busy.  I do think that when they are your kids have routines and ..I don't know's just different.  I do feel my sons would self occupy better.  So ...maybe it is also the energy with two children interacting and competing, etc.  Ours were 8 yrs apart.

ANYWAY ...Mr SeaSpray told me he was going to his mom's (the great ESCAPE) ...I'm sure.  Well he was already grouchy because he was stuck with the job of bathing Faith, our dog because she smelled like she rolled in chicken poop.  UGH!  About that ...I was about to bring her outside to tinkle last night, when she just ZOOMED past me ...right out the door and out into the night.  I don't know what she saw ....or smelled ...but she ran so fast that her hind legs seemed to be going up to her mouth as she ran.  I called and called ...but she took off.  I shut the door and figured she'd return at some point.  I hoped she wouldn't lay in that awful stuff ...but she wreaked of chicken poop or some critters poop.  UGH!!!!  It was after midnight and all I could do was block her in the kitchen at that point.  Knowing the task of washing her would fall on Mr SeaSpray since the kids would be here.  Also knowing it would not be a great start to his day.  It is so GROSS and I get all freaky about her getting near anything (including the kids or us) and it is hard to wash off.

The first time she did this was last summer when we didn't have any electricity and I about died at the thought of not being able to bathe her.  But fortunately I got the idea to tie her to the deck and I bathed her with pool water. I don't know WHAT this is.  WHAT in the world would cause an animal to want to roll on their back in another animals waste?  Or maybe it is some awful smelling urine?  Don't know.  But smells like a chicken coop!

So he got up and got right to washing her - OUTSIDE.  He washed her twice and then we had to let her dry in another room  ...away from the kids.

So ....I've been interrupted  40,000 times already.  :)  I'm also not sure what exactly came across the m/a's voice mail at one office.  I think the word socks and Wrenna and ended with NO MYLE'S WAIT! Oh my phone number MYLES No! - uh thankyoubye!My (click) les!  *Mental note made - never handle a phone call from the wall phone when you have a wireless one so you can go after the kids.

Btw ... they may seem like they misbehave.  They are really good children ..but very busy and Myles is heading for Two and so he is into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with a special interest in CLIMBING.  :)

I have to go again ..Lunch time and Mr SeaSpray is restless and I didn't even get to the marker ink off the couch around 8:30 this morning.  back later.  I do feel better venting a bit and not so tired now.  Okay later!  Oh it's 12:15 now.  ( I turned the computer on at 9am)

5:31 pm now - macaroni and cheese coming out of oven soon.

Where was I?

Oh yes ... I was only gone a few minutes and Mr SeaSpray watching kids with markers but Myles still managed to add his artwork in purple on the sofa arm and seat.  I STILL have not washed it off but am trusting washable means just that and it will come off when I wash it.

I was annoyed because I realized that the Ohio calls that just hang up are coming from Macy's.  WHAT?  I PAID that 5 days early on line!  Sure enough - 25.00 charge and payment doesn't show. ???? I paid 2 other credit card bills and went right over to Macy's and paid the same night!  It also doesn't show out of my account?  How could this be?  I did not get a chance to call them today.

Anyway ...Faith still smelled and so Mr SeaSpray had to go back out to get a different dog shampoo and after lunch we bathed her in the tub and washed her 3 times.  Of course  ..that all meant I had to clean the tub and if cleaning the tub ...I might as well change the shower curtains, etc.

Admittedly the cleaning spray is STILL sitting on the tub surface and so must tackle that before bathing the kids.

Wren never naps.  Myles does - but hardly at all today.  It is amazing how much calmer things are when it is only one child.

And now dinner ready ..must go.

these kids are so darn cute!

Speaking of darn ...if that darn dog didn't roll in that excrement it would've been an easier day for sure.  I don't remember all the other things I was going to share.

I hear stores are already crazy busy in anticipation of power going out if we are affected by hurricane Sandy.  Our house looks like an internal hurricane hit and I've been picking up all day.  I did teach Myles to help make scrambled eggs earlier - forgot about that.  Well ..I let him stir and he was so proud that he helped.  Wrenna has been her adorable self - saying the cutest things.

And at least the dog is clean, shiny and smelling good now.

Oh and now I have to wash kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, several towels, and steam clean the hallway rug because she snuck through the gate and slept on it last night.  Actually - her running away last night was the catalyst to all this pia crazy today.  I'm glad Mr SeaSpray was off.  I'll bet he wishes he wasn't.

I am in such a blogging mood.  I hope I get to later.

PS - Darn!  It is now 9:54 pm and I just realized I never went back into clean the bathtub and hang the other curtains.  Double DARN!  I have to do it.  UGH!  I ended up not giving the kids a bath since their dad was coming for them soon after dinner.  Now ..I just don't want to but I think everyone will want shower curtains up in the morning and to not shower with the scent of eau de clorox cleaner wafting up with the steam.  They'd be sanitized tho.  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ice Tea With a Christmas Sponge Bob twist :)

Look at my d-i-l's ice tea.  Apparently little Myles thought his mom's drink needed a little something extra.  Talk about a HAPPY drink!  I think I'd be giggling with every sip.  :)

It would be so neat to read a young child's thought processes.  And animals.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Morning!

Good MORNING World!  (Well - people from around the world DO come in to my SeaSpray blog :)

Good morning, good morning, good morning - how are you today?!

I used to sing that to my boys when they were waking up when they were little.  :)

So - having a hard time sleeping, being in bed longer with Mr SeaSpray kicking his leg every 19-21 seconmds.  Y-A-W-N. (dreary ...rainy day not helping ..but is cozy.  So much for playing in the leaves today.  Moving to plan B  :) I've been up since 7:30 and already have so much done ...including scrambled eggs for the kids when they walk in the door any second.  I will be babysitting all day.  I calculate that I had less than four hours sleep and so while I like the prescription above ...I feel like I need the coffee solution below:

Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favoritest - FaWinter :) (Fall pictures)

At base of High Point monument over looking  the Delaware River in Port Jervis, NY ...or is it Matamoras, PA?  Not sure - think it's Port Jervis though.  Our three states all connect up there.

I don't post much about the summer ...if anything. (Although, I do have a couple of summer things with pictures, to share soon.) And now it is fall favoritest (I know it's not a word - but I like it:), season of all ...that goes into winter other favoritest season of all.  Okay ..I know you can't have 2 favoritest seasons - has to be one or the other.  So favoritest season is fawinter!  Fall-winter combined into one big favoritest season.  A SeaSpray can do whatever she wants in her own blog ...even if it includes making up her own words and a new season.  Just sayin.  ;)

On the way up to the monument in High Point Stare park

I love the cool crisp weather, school buses and the excitement of kids returning to school and even tho I'm not getting the boys off to school any longer, I live vicariously through Devan and my neighbors, autumn leaves in all their colorful splendor contrasting turquoise skies or brightening a cloudy day, then the smell and sound of the autumn leaves after they've fallen to the ground, the way the bare trees look ...especially when they look like gold filigree contrasting the navy skies of late fall/early winter, harvest decorations (pumpkins, cornstalks, Indian corn and amber lights in candles in the windows ...among other inside decorations), the world series when the Yankees are in it :), the guys happy watching football, scented candles - especially anything with cinnamon in it, baking, and holidays

High Point park.  I've always been intrigued by the boulders and smaller rocks up here.  Such a contrast from the flat, sandy Jersey shore I grew up at.  :)
 SPECTACULAR late November and all of December skies (I always wish I had a camera with me - *mental note made - keep camera with me:), the grey tones of trees, mountains and rock on cloudy days, especially in a black and white picture, the sometimes blue or purple mountains with trees sans leaves, golden fields, snow, the way the mountains look without leaves  when covered in snow and you can really see the contrast of the rocks and trees, cold weather - I love the exhilarating feeling of cold weather (unless I'm really cold), our steamy breath showing when it contrasts the cold air, the smell of snow, thew stillness of nature when it snows, waking up to see Jack Frost has visited our fields, property and windows, the winter wonderland after a heavy snow, sweaters, coats, scarves, boots and gloves and cozy pajamas - to wear around house when I am in the house for the night - not for bed tho TOO HOT, cloudy days where the skies look full term pregnant with snow, Currier and I'ves outside views, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Christmas shopping, wrapping and OPENING presents ..especially watching the children, fresh Christmas trees and wreaths, decorating the Christmas trees, outside and inside decorating, Christmas decorations everywhere even in October, steam on the windows when cooking and the heat contrasts the cold outside, feeling cozy, cozy, cozy inside - blogging, reading when alone or being with others, sleigh riding, snow angels, snowmen, MOONLIT NIGHTS casting a silver blue light on the snow, especially in the fields and mountains, flannel shirts on boys and men, the wonderful feeling of a long pampering shower or bath, getting cozy in the softest of the soft jammies and hanging out doing whatever, when my girlfriends came over in pajamas - ha ha!, the excitement of snow falling (even when I was at work) and especially if it means we'll have a white Christmas, hot coffee, cocoa and a bit of eggnog at Christmas, cooking, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS favoritest of all, Christmas weeks before and after, Church - when I go - I actually ALWAYS like church - just not strong in attendance yet, and now we have a Christmas month birthday to look forward to ...little Myles will be two in December 29th, when the kids are home for Christmas holiday, playing with the KID's TOYS, Christmas and New Years (although new years always feels bittersweet to me) parties and get togethers, poinsettias, being cozy in a warm bed to go to sleep and the GRATEFUL feeling I have when I catch myself appreciating these different things - especially when shared with family and friends. We often donate to something, but it is especially heartwarming during the holidays - to know your helping someone have a better Christmas.  (We were the recipients of such generosity for two Christmas' ... 20 years ago)  Oh and PUMPKIN COOKIES!

Typical Sussex County view

All that being said, I always want people to be safe with deer being skittish and jumping out into the roads, slippery fallen leaves on rainy roads, avoid snow and ice accidents, injuries and for people to be warm and fed.  Many of us face more challenges in this poor economy, but I am mindful that most of us still have so many blessings as compared to others. Oh and I LOATHE the high oil and electric bills that are so high they HURT so many families ...including us.  Mr SeaSpray wants to put a wood stove back in.  But, I'll post about that another time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SeaSpray in the Ring ...or not :)

Boy oh boy ...for those of you closely following the presidential race and hoping your guy wins this an intense, angst producing political race or what?  I feel like I want to get in the debate ring tonight (wearing turquoise glitter gloves - of course ;), and start boxing ...or hit that big punching thingy bag a little bouncing around ... light on my toes ..bounce off the rope a bit know ...float like a butterfly - sting like a bee - verbal assaults of course. While on guard for the rope-a-dope ...go in for a political jab ...political jab there ...honing in on the knockout punch ASAP.   But alas ...they won't let a SeaSpray in the ring.  *sigh*  So  ..I hope my guy wins .  We'll see.

And I sincerely hope the referee is FAIR.

Again ...we'll see.

Monday, October 15, 2012



Yesterday I told myself that from now on I am going to bed at 11 pm and getting up at 7am.

And so what did I do?  What time did I go to bed last night ...ahem morning?

I'll give you a clue.

I heard birds singing ...for ...awhile. ;)  Nah I didn't really hear the birds, but it was that time in the morning.

Which was extreme for even me.

And so all I can figure is that like with any other person wanting to kick an addiction nightowlaholic addiction got wind of my plans and said ..."Oh NO you DON'T!  Just watch this resistance!"

Suffice it to know that 3pm today was like morning to me.  I am not the least bit tired ...but by gosh ...I am getting into bed as soon as I post this.  It's 10:58 pm now.

The only exception is that I do want to stay up to watch the commentators after the presidential debate tomorrow night and than back to 11pm on Wednesday night.  Of course some people would say that is my addiction talking ...already making excuses. However, I have been looking forward to these political debates for a long time... so I'm watching the followup.

  I love late night and early morning.  But, the truth is that I sleep later than I want to. Also,  I am not as productive if I don't start the day early.  And on the other end of the time spectrum  ...I eat more at night ...usually AFTER 11 pm.

My joke is that if I go to bed by 11, I will lose weight.  

"Seaspray did you lose weight?"


I know that will happen.  Because I don't care about food so much during the day or even around dinner.  but for some reason ...late at night with the TV ...s a special place ..a zone out place of comfort and cozy. And a really bad habit.  And there is something about the TV that causes me to just want to eat with every show that comes on. I am not as bad as I used to be ...but certainly could be even better.  There isn't any reason that I need to be up so late.  All the political shows have already aired and I could record them or any other show.  Although ...admittedly ...I do seem to have an aversion to watching TV during the day.  Which is a good things too.  I just find it slows me down.  I prefer listening to talk radio or music ...or programs off the computer while I work.

Part of the reason I'm a night owl is that I have been one since I was 11 or 12 when I was alone when Mom had to work until the wee hours of the morning.  Then when I moved in with my aunt and uncle up here aunt was up until 2am.  And most of my jobs favorites were working on the 3-11 shifts and even later sometimes.  I've worked 3-11 more than I've worked in day jobs.  And even when I worked in LifeLine while still simultaneously working in ER reception ...I would feel like I had a burst of energy in late afternoon when my coworkers were anxious to pack it up for the day.  And I would often stay longer if the head boss or another woman was still working in his office. They had the keys to lock up.  I also usually didn't mind if I had to stay until 2 am at the hospital to catch up on paperwork after a very busy ER night or because of bad weather.  I would loathe the 11-7 shift tho - that is NOT me.

I do like early morning at work too ..the way the sun looks when it's coming up when you're driving to work, when the coffee is on and the day begins to bustle.  But, creature of habit that I am ..I always gravitate back to my Night Owl ways.  That being said ...I truly want to start getting into bed early - at 11pm.

Obviously tonight I am not going to make it.  I'm still bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Besides, I have to wash olive oil I mixed with honey out of my hair.  (My newest idea for a natural conditioning treatment.  Supposed to be on for 10 minutes - it's now been on for 9 hours. :)  And after my shower ...I am making a nice warm cup of milk with cinnamon and then off to bed at midnight. ..okay 12:30 am ...but that is the cutoff.

And I am going to do the 11pm ...I am absolutely going to do the 11pm bedtime schedule.  I can read in bed though.  That is allowed because it is my favorite time to read and I fall asleep easier that way.  The goal is to just get in bed.

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit.  Technically Wednesday will be day one.

Night all.  :)

Photo credit

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bear in the Back Yard (2 pictures) and Other Thoughts

Our d-i-l took these pictures while looking out her family room door.  She said there were also babies with the mother and one of them was playing with Myles soccer ball he left outside.  She also thinks she's looking pregnant because she's rounder in the middle and pants more.  I looked it up and black bear cubs are born in January.  It's so weird that these large bears have cubs only weighing in at 8 oz. at birth.

She looks pregnant to me.

I wonder if these are the bears that had Devan and me trapped in the car when I was dropping her off in the summer?  Probably.  We probably could've gotten out but didn't want to chance it and it was a stranger riding by on a bike that shewed them away for us.  She also had 4 cubs with her that day. .  If this is the same female bear, Mama bear definitely got a lot fuller.  Plus are those her ...what do you call em on a bear ...nipples for nursing?  Pregnancy will do that to a girl. :) I didn't see them in the summer.  Although she charged us and so perhaps not as obvious in downward position. 

We've all been close to bears around here - not by choice.  One came right up to our open sliding door screen with then 12 year old  younger son who had been sitting on the couch. The bear looked right at him from only a foot away from the screen as he quickly closed the inside door. He hollered for the contractor who was working in the house at the time and they both watched as the bear just turned and walked back through a couple of yards into the woods.

Younger son was quicker to react then I was when I was sitting on the sofa and a big bear looked in at me through the screen as he lumbered passed the open sliding door in the family room one night.  But ...I just froze ...held my breath and all and then the second it walked passed the door ...I BOLTED up and slammed the door SHUT!  It just went up the right of way path ...up into the woods.

*I've heard that bears prefer to take paths whenever they can.  And of course they like cutting through properties too.

*You should also NEVER feed the bears.  They've been known to break into houses and get at the food.  It hasn't happened often, but those bears do get put down because they are considered dangerous.

As it is ..they do get into garbage cans and dumpsters.  *And if you camp outside your food has to be in containers and no food scents exposed that would draw the bear into your tent.

We have one neighbor who was continually having to retrieve his garbage pails from the woods.  Once they find an easy feeding area they will return.

I'm pretty sure I've written about this somewhere ...but two things especially intrigue me about animal behavior.  the first is that one day ...Iris and I were sitting out front ...chatting away in the Adirondack chairs (I-R-I-S *SIGH*) and all of a sudden our small Springer Spaniel sprocket came running around to the front form the back yard and sat right between our too chairs.  She was a very calm dog and NEVER barked until once in her old age while chasing another dog away (surprised me as she had never displayed protective/territorial behavior and I wondered what she knew that I didn't - but i digress.).  But she was so anxious ..looking all around us that I said, "SPROCKET ...what's wrong?  Are you okay - what is it girl?"  Iris saw it too.  Then a neighbor came down a side road with a video camera in tow ...stating that a big bear was crossing through our properties.  And sure enough crossed over into the field across the street.

The second time was around midnight when I was alone in the pool ...walking in circles.  Our cat was in the bathroom window ...meowing at me.  if a cat could meow frantically - he was doing it.  Nonstop ..."MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW", and so on.  There was also a dark tall figure about 20-30 feet away at the end of the back corner of the house.  I assumed Mr SeaSpray (he no longer smokes - YAY :) had gotten up to have a cigarette. Although, I didn't see the lit ashes.  I was actually a bit nervous ...but pretended I didn't see anything and kept walking in circles and the cat meowed.  Then by the time I had the courage to look again...the dark figure had moved away.  I asked Mr SeaSpray if he was outside the night before and he said he wasn't.  So ...I figured it was a bear.  Although would a bear stand upright in one place for a minute or so?  If not ..then a stranger was standing there.  CREEPY.  And whatever it was ...our cat was trying to warn me.  Sneakers never did that before and never did again.  What was he thinking that he was sounding an alarm for me?

Anyway ..back to the bears.  I think a lot of people in our area probably have some good bear stories to tell.  And to think that as a teenager and in my twenties ...I often took walks ...ALONE ...up in the mountains when I lived in the lake and in the fields and woods near here.  After we moved here ...I loved to take our girls (Mollie and Jenny for a walk in the fields), or walk by myself.  And also gather ground pine to make our own Christmas wreaths ...or go pick black cap berries in the summer make black cap cake or freeze for winter. Of course the fun thing about berry picking also eating them as you go.  And while I am a proponent of washing everything before eating it ...back then I thought just blowing on it would suffice ...unless I happened to see a tiny worm curled up in there - ewe.  :)

With all the walks I took back there or in the woods on the  mountain in the lake ...or in the woods anywhere I went as a teenager ..or in the woods in the lake right behind our house which some of was also watershed (can't build on it) property - I never ...even one time saw one bear.  No one ever talked about bears.  Actually, I didn't even know they lived up here.

But the 90s they began to appear.  Pretty neat ...but also unnerving.  They're so beautiful.  People say it is because there has been so much building encroaching on their natural habitat  While we do still have a lot of woods, farmland, wetlands (can't build on them either) and I believe at least 3 state parks ...there is still a great deal of development since I moved here 43 years ago.  And up here ...we border Pa and NY state ...also rural.  I still love Sussex County though.  :)

Okay last bear story and I know I've told it before, but since it amuses me ...I shall tell it again.  My neighbor called me one night ...stating, "CHIVALRY is DEAD!"


"M and I were floating in the pool when a bear came walking out of the woods toward us.  M BOLTED out of the pool, up onto the deck and closed the gate behind him.  But he only saved himself and LEFT ME FLOATING ON THE RAFT!!"

Oh no - what did you DO?

"I stayed on the raft.  The bear kept walking toward me.  I looked at the bear's eyes. The bear looked at my eyes.  And then the bear just kept walking into neighbor's yard and back into the woods."

Thank God!  Then good friend that I am ...I couldn't help but to bust out laughing!  Hahahahahahaha!  I'm glad you were alright!  That's funny!  Hahahahahahaha! 

*She laughed too and has an excellent sense of humor.  She's one of those friends that I SHOULD hang out with more often because we laugh hard when we're together and you just KNOW that is so good for your mind, body and spirit.  But, life gets busy.

I think these pictures my d-i-l took are A-W-S-O-M-E.

Friday, October 12, 2012

It was the INSURANCE Company! and Other Blog Excerpts/Link

 In speaking with both the medical billing department and the health insurance company today, I learned that the erroneous bills we received were due to errors by the insurance company.

I called the insurance company, fortunately got a more informed insurance rep.  She immediately recognized that we should not have gotten any bills and is forwarding the information for review by the company and assured me that we will not owe these balances.  YAY!  It's not that they were high - but the principal of it.  We pay our insurance premiums to get the coverage stated in the plan.

I did ask the ins rep yesterday if I could please speak to a supervisor (3 times) and she ignored my requests.  Instead she proceeded to give me erroneous information.  I did tell today's insurance rep that I had requested speaking with a supervisor and was ignored.  I also thanked her for her help.  Boy ...the difference in workers sometimes.  I have often said that if you have difficulty with insurance companies you should speak with more than one person because the person "helping" you may be new and uninformed, not care, be lazy or have Friday brain which I guess falls under ...don't care - I just want to get out of here ..except yesterday was Thursday.  But ...I didn't keep pushing it because I knew the practices merged and so I automatically assumed it was on the medical office end.  Never assume!

The owed amounts were small, but really is a classic example of how mistakes are sometimes made.  I might even say often made.  I've found that offices and insurance companies both make mistakes and you really do need to stay on top of your medical bills and records.  And ...ahem ...I've been known to make a mistake or two as well.  Bottom line - pay attention to the details and follow up ...and don't be deterred if you encounter resistance.  Mistakes do happen.  It's too bad for the people who aren't informed or assertive enough to question their bills and just pay whatever is on the bill.  I used to do that.  I was so busy and I erroneously assumed that they were right - always.

 I also jumped the gun with my concerns over the merger between two large medical practices.  It turns out that everything will be the same in the office we go to ...keep the same doctors, etc.  They also STILL participate with our insurance and they did not get a new tax ID number.  The merger was was a financial decision that would not impact patient care.  Although to that ...I still think that trickle down does matter and as the business goes go the patients.  And I do hope this will prove to be a blessing to the now merged practices. 

I say that because of the post I read called "GREED" in medical blog "katevsworld"   Here is an excerpt from that post:  "This week, I got hurled into the air.  Like so many medical practices around the country, over the past year, my group and another prominent group decided to merge.  Mario and his posse told us little penguins that it would benefit us all.  We would be more efficient, take less call, have better lifestyles, and earn more money through better contracts.  With such an enticing spin, who wouldn’t jump aboard?  It was akin to being offered permanent protection from being struck on the road by the likes of..."  You can follow the link above to see what actually happened after they merged.  I hope it all works out for them over time.

From a patient perspective ...I still wonder how the additional stresses and feelings of betrayal for the  physicians will affect the practice for both staff and patients.  Hopefully it is because of poor and disingenuous management that will be corrected at some point. There must be more successful mergers.

I found this blog because of the following link post that was linked in Kevin MD.

Here is the link that drew me to Dr O'Reilly's blog: A compelling post called "My Story." , and here is an excerpt from that post.  "It was a cold winter day in 2009 when my life changed forever, however, it would be months before I figured that out.  On that fateful day, a drug-addicted surgical scrub tech assigned to my operating room stole syringes of fentanyl, a potent intravenous narcotic, from my anesthesia cart.  According to news reports, investigative summaries, and the scrub tech’s confession, once she took the syringes, she used them on herself."

I haven't commented on her posts yet, but do look forward to reading her blog.  I also look forward to catching up with my favorite blogs and commenting.  And also cleaning up/organizing my sidebar, etc.  Now that cold weather is coming (getting a frost tonight), I'll have more time inside.  I do especially love blogging in the fall and winter.  :)  I also wonder if anyone besides googlers read this blog anymore?  Regardless ...I will continue blogging because I like LOVE to write.  I just miss the early days when bloggers commented more.  But, then I figure ...write better Posts SeaSpray and maybe that will change.  Then ...on the other hand we should write for ourselves.  Write for yourself and you will draw readers that are drawn to you and/or things that interest you.  Blooging is the BEST hobby ever ...says me.  Okay ...blooging is the BEST hobby ever but ... BLOGGING is even BETTER.  ;)

AND ..if I ever get a laptop ...oh I am sooooogonnaenjoyreadingblogswhilerelaxingonthesofa!  A SeaSpray can dream!  :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 Cold Dwarfs, Soup Siphon and Foley Catheter

I feel worse than when I had sepsis!

And it's just a cold.

 I tried not taking anything ...thinking sneezing would pass, but au contraire's like there is a little living critter up in my left nostril pressing the sneeze button over and over again. Anyway - I caved and this morning I took one Benadrly.  It helps somewhat ...but now throat very dry and dry cough from dry throat.  I debated taking 2 different kinds of Theraflu we have but I don't have all the symptoms described on boxes.  And then there's the 1000 mg of Tylenol in it as well and I'm not in pain.  I went on line to find a product and too much to sift thru feeling this way.  I called the pharmacist and after speaking with him ...I kind of zoned out and just decided I will take one of the Theraflues tonight.  How can you have a decongestant AND antihistamine work at the same time? 

I don't have major aches and pains, no fever that I am aware of, no sore throat and so I don't know if Theraflu is overkill ...but that  is what I will take around 6 tonight.  Benadryl and it's only 25 mg makes me soooooo tired.

Is there anything out there to take for profound weakness and lethargy?  I guess I am fighting this URI ...but seriously ... I'm basically useless and I should just cave and get warm under a blanket on the couch and watch some of the 50 movies I have saved in the recorder.

But I really want to get a roast chicken in the oven ...except my body says , "Are you kidding - I don't even want to get up ...never mind DO something!"

There are so many OTC cold products to choose from, that it is overwhelming to have to peruse through when you don't feel well.

So, I think people should just stock up on various items for different symptoms and then they don't have to be miserable on top of miserable trying to find the right thing.

If anyone happens to see this there a product you would recommend for Weakness, Stuffy, Watery, Sniffly, Sneezy, Dry Coughing (throat) and Slightly Aching (head?)  Ha!  Symptoms remind me of the seven dwarfs.  I've got the 7 Cold Dwarfs visiting me.  :)

Oh and it doesn't escape me that I am being a bit whiny.  Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you were sick and all you really wanted to do was go out and play ...especially if it was a sunny day and then you cried because you couldn't do that or go to school?  I remember one morning being all dressed for school in my little read sweater and as Mom was buttoning it up, she stopped to feel my head and said, "Oh Patty your're burning up.  You can't go to school."  And then I cried.  Well ...I'm not burning up and I'm not crying ...but I sure am frustrated.  It's only day 3 and taking too long to go away!  I wish I had taken the zinc spray early on as I have experienced where it shortens longevity and intensity of a cold.  Must stock up on that too.

And then ...why is it that even if I put makeup on when I have a cold just doesn't help?  I would only do that if I was going out and wouldn't waste the energy at home.  If  the pale and pasty look is in  ...then  I'm pretty chic in my warm, seriously soft, pink with penguins pajamas (they're CUTE I tell you!), right now.  :)

Mr SeaSpray is out buying me lemons, honey and lemon honey cough drops and zinc lozenges ...although - again ..I don't know if it's too late to take the zinc lozenges.  I know the Zycam spray is supposed to be started as soon as you feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on.

I don't have any appetite.  Nor do I want to drink anything cold ...including my beloved water.  And yet ...there isn't enough soup in NJ to satisfy me.  I've always wished there was a way to have a nonstop soup siphon with a little tiny tube that continually hydrates my throat.  But then I guess I'd have to sport a foley catheter as well.

There's always a tradeoff.  ;)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

P.S. to Previous Mammo Post and Sneezing and a Little Bit Gyne

So ...I have to go for this mammo tonight and what if I can't stop sneezing?  I mean ...what if my girl is up in that machine and I have a series of uncontrollable sneezes?

I'm thinking OWWWWWWW!!!

Seriously ...are you allowed to sneeze when you are squeezed/trapped in that machine?

And you have to hold your breath!  Right?  It's only been a little over a year and I am having fuzzy cold brain at the moment but I am thinking you have to hold your breath.  or is it that it hurts so darn much that it takes your breath away??

But, I think it's squeeze and hurt, hurt, hurt until she snaps the picture.

But what if you sneeze ... even once ..never mind a lot?

And your nose drips?

What if your girl is pressed hard in the mammo machine and you have a dripping, sneezy nose attack?

Because you have to hold on to the machine for dear life to hold the position and so you can't keep a tissue by your nose.  I'm just saying.

Anyway sounds weird to say "My girl" in the machine ...but you don't put BOTH girls in the machine simultaneously.  It's not a two fer one deal.  Nah ...they stretch it out ...flatten them out at a time.

I just hope if I am still doing the incessant sneeze routine tonight, that it doesn't become the flatten, sneeze and pull  prolonged until all sneezing stops torture test.  Plus - do THEY want a sick person sneezing allover things?  And I didn't even discuss the coughing.  I'm just saying.
Update - Monday Afternoon:  This morning, I decided nothing ventured - nothing gained and I called to see if I could cancel the mammo appointment without getting a 75.00 cancellation charge since I was ill. And it was obvious because sneezing, voice, stuffy and coughing.  Thankfully, she said it would be alright and they don't charge when a patient can't come in because they're sick.  I will reschedule at a later date.  I also think they could probably squeeze another woman into that machine appointment since I called early enough.  Pun intended.  :)

Regarding my previous post and the humble pie I need to bring in when I go back there: I just had to call the gynecology office regarding ultrasound results I am waiting for.  She was the same woman who helped me with the order forms to the radiology center.  I had her laughing when I told her what happened and how I owe a huge apology to the receptionist when I go back for the mammo.

Anyway ...I'm still waiting to hear about the ultrasound results and am guessing gynedoc will call me tonight after work hours.

HUMBLING Mammo Appointment Tonight!! (She was Right-I Was WRONG!) and Birthday/Buffalo Call, etc.

Why HUMBLING?  Are my GIRLS so magnificent that I need to HUMBLY present myself  ...meekly low key as humanly possible, to the mammography tech so she doesn't feel awkward and embarrassed about her own girls?  You know ...try to just slide my magnificent beauties in and out uneventfully so as not to draw attention and cause her to feel inferior?  OR ...are my girls so ...lacking ...that I humbly walk in shielding them from her view while simultaneously deflecting her with my other hand telling her to "look a-w-a-y-y-y...", as I hang my head in abject embarrassment ...hoping she doesn't notice ...that much?

ORRRR ...could it be that when I presented as a patient last week for a pelvic ultrasound ...that I screwed up big time with the receptionist ...and the tech ....but mostly the receptionist ... B-I-G  T-I-M-E  I tell you.   I owe her one heck of an apology.  I need to bring in a BIG HUMBLE PIE.

Of course ...I could go in like nothing happened and I was 100% right ...but that is not me.  I don't respect people that don't own up to their mistakes.  I may not be happy if you make a mistake ..but I will be way unhappier and lose respect and trust if you don't own up to it.  I hate that!  My kids knew that they would be in way more trouble if they were caught lying then they would be if they admitted they did something wrong.

I wanted to go in tonight with a tray of cookies for her, but now I have this M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E ...WORST IN A LONG TIME  (a few years at least) ...COLD BLOSSOMING and I feel so WEAK and I am sneezy, sniffly, watery eyed ,with a sore throat and  actually profoundly WEAK feeling.  And my side aches and stuff.  And I know it's just a cold ...but it feels like the mother of all colds coming on.  I do not believe this would've happened if I stayed on the excellent supplement regimen I was on.  I'd be all around sick people and not catch it or it would be minimal.  So ...I WILL get back on them consistently again as soon as I can.  That is a promise to myself.

Once I realized what happened I immediately knew I'd have to apologize and I didn't want to do it on the phone as I feel eye contact is important and I do want to bring her a tray of cookies.  But, if she sees me with a cold like this she may not want to eat the cookies and even though I am meticulous about preparation ...she wouldn't know that.  And I could buy some but I feel like homemade shows effort.

But I do not have the stamina for baking.  So ...I will just apologize tonight and bring a plate of cookies in another day when I feel better.  I will have to find out when she is on so she gets them.  the tech I had last week won't be on tho and so maybe I can find out when they will both be on so they both can have them.

 I wonder if I was the talk of the office the next day?

I did blurt out one really funny thing that night ..although it wasn't intended to be funny.  The tech didn't miss a beat though, because in the back I realized what I said and repeated it and the tech cracked up and had a funny comeback.  Ha ha!  :)

So ...I know ...your thinking ..."SeaSpray!  What the heck are you talking about?  What did you do?"  I am going to do a post about it, but I want to apologize first and maybe bring the cookies too.  Plus ...this post would be way longer if I went into that too.  So ...I will put the followup post up soon ...soon I tell you ..soon!

I feel so awful physically that I just don't feel like getting a mammo tonight.  Not that I ever feel like getting one.  But I really don't now.  However ... if I call to reschedule at such short notice, they will charge a 75.00 fee.  And ...I do not want to pay a 75.00 fee.

So not only do I have to go have my girls go in for their annual flattenthemlikeapamcakeironingboard projecting out the center of my chest test ...I have to flattenthemlikeapamcakeironingboard projecting out the center of my chest with this miserable cold.

Ahhh ...payback's a b!*ch!
On a more positive note - younger son turned 24 on Friday and we had a fun family party here yesterday (Sunday).  I love how the little ones get all excited with every birthday party... especially when we sing Happy Birthday.  :)

Oh early on of son's close friends called from Buffalo to wish him a happy Birthday.  Their birthdays are two days apart and his was today.  So he calls me his second mom and they have been friends since birth - practically.  While he was on speaker ...I rallied a bunch of us into the kitchen and we began singing happy Birthday to him loudly.  Older son always extends the last note for a long time and surprisingly ...I kept up with him almost to the end.  It's funny because most people can't extend their breath that long and you do wonder when it will end ...which is the point ..and it just gets people laughing.  It's probably one of those you have to be here to appreciate it moments.

 But especially funny is that our dog, Faith ...chimed in,  Ha ha!  She howled right along with us.  HILARIOUS!  I swear ...she thinks she's human.  :)

Although ...I do hope it isn't a reflection on my singing ..lack of singing capabilities. I have wondered ...does my singing drive her to howl?  :)

Nah ...this dog thinks she's human.  This is the THIRD time she has joined in the singing with us.  The last time was for older son's birthday this past August and she actually gave us 2 howls and she extends the howl as long as we extend the note.  Is that cute or what?

Anyway I walked away, I heard son's friend say, "That meant a lot."  Awwww.  He's in the Coast Guard and so he doesn't have much leave time with family and friends.

Oh and one last thing ...little three year old Wrenna came in to the family room and sat next to me on the sofa.  She licked her finger and said, "Mum mum, I like chocolate can I have more chocolate?"  her mom immediately said she had enough already.  I didn't think anything of it.  I assumed she had licked the last of some chocolate cake icing off her fingers.  Then after everyone had left ..(chuckling now), I began putting things away in the kitchen.  And then ...I came to the birthday cake.  (Giggling now)  I saw THREE little finger marks that had been dragged deeply into the chocolate icing through the remaining half of the birthday cake ...with a little of the cake torn away.  Ha ha!  Little Wrenna was having herself a delightful time with the Birthday cake.  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


 As evidenced by the number of cartoons in which people destroy their computers ...there are a lot of people with computer issues. Anyway - now I'm thinking I should speak nice things to the computer ...keep it going with positive affirmations.  :)

But ...last night ..... 

I am seriously ready to pick up this computer, yank it really hard so the cord comes flying out of the wall and through the armoire ... then throw it through the picture window, at which point I will go outside ... pick it up again and toss it out into the road  ... smashing it with one of Mr SeaSpray's heavy tools (mallet?  Pic axe? or even just a hammer - not sure), then get in my car and proceed to run over it ...multiple times ...and then ...park the car back in the driveway ...and let other cars run over it ...multiple times ...until ...I decide it is just the right time which point I will take said computer pieces ...spin in a circle 3 times and send them flying into the pond ...letting said computer pieces sink to the bottom of the pond ...until ...I decide it's just the right time to retrieve said computer pieces...and then ...allow it to dry out in the sun on the picnic table ...until... I decide it's just the right time which point I will take said computer pieces ...and toss them into son's fire pit ...and then set them on fire ..letting them burn down to ashes ...until I decide it's just the right time to scoop said computer ashes up ...bring them to the highest local mountain ...I'm thinking High Point monument actually (highest elevation in the state of NJ), and then stomp on said computer ashes ...until ...I decide it's just the right time to scoop up the  ...tossed ...smashed... run over ...and multiply run over ...sunk ...soaked ...dried out ...burned ...stomped on said computer ashes... and tossing them over the north side they blow in a northerly direction ...far ....far ...away from me ..forever banished from my presence.

I'm just saying.


Because it has taken me 1 hour and 43 minutes just to finish the mostly written previous post and post it and write this to this point.  Something that should've been 15 minutes max. 

Every day takes a long time before it will allow me to navigate through different areas.  Then warmed up ...I have a small window of time to use it with minimal interruption.  But then at 3 pm begins to sound like it is revving jet engine as it works very hard because it is running through security things and continues to 9 or 10 pm.  Stuff just disappears from right in front of me, I sometimes lose them, it goes to another window, it won't open up things and so on and each time is a major waiting time just to go in and do something I should be able to zip right in and out of.  My family is used to me exclaiming , "COME ONNNNNNN!!!  It is what it is and a replacement is just not in the budget for now.

I have to admit ...this was cathartic.  :)
Update"- Thursday night 07:03 - I wasn't going to publish this as I was just venting.  But is kind of funny if you know I am basically easy going and I was having a  plotting, "What About Bob" - Richard Dreyfus moment.  Only thing missing was the eye twitch. :)

And visualization really does help.

Btw - now ..I even feel a little guilty about it ...even tho it's an inanimate object and doesn't have feelings. It has actually served me quite well and for that I am grateful.  :)

Of course now I am not TRYING to get anything done in a short period of time.  Otherwise I might revert to all of the above again.   

And now it just jumped out of this screen and back!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Egads - what  a STRESSFUL campaign season this time around!  If I were a nail biter ...I'd be down to nubs by now.  And if I were a nail biter - my toes would be down to nubs by November!  And having nubs for toes would be at a bad time of year...festively speaking... because ...I want to wear my pretty red, sparkly polish for the holidays.  Of course, that's assuming I could even paint faux nails with my sparkling, ruby red nail polish ...over said nubs. I just don't think polish stays on skin very well... and that would be disappointing and of course everyone knows it's especially fun to wear red nail polish for the holidays ... especially if it SPARKLES.  To any guys clueless about nail polish ...think of the prettiest shade of red ...ruby red metallic paint on a car ...but don't think of this SeaSpray as a car... or as having toe nubs ...cause remember I'm not a nail biter :)

Although ...if I were a Christmas car ...I'd be a metallic ruby red Dodge Challenger, Ford T-bird  (my 2 favorite cars in my past), or a Jaguar ..or a ...wait ...come back SeaSpray ...this is a political post!

Oh ..right where was I?

We say it during every presidential election season ...but this time it IS THE-MOST-IMPORTANT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in the history of our country.  This is itThis election will truly determine the course of America in the present and for generations to come.  The differences in both candidates ...what they stand for ...goals for this country and the American people well as America's standing in the world couldn't be more profound.

It is difficult for me not to continue writing about my thoughts regarding the state of our country domestically and the worldwide effects of our foreign policies.  For now, I've reigned in sharing my passionate views regarding this election in this blog.  I don't want to offend people and that would be inevitable once politics are discussed.  On the other hand ...A SeaSpray needs to vent a bit a huge a HUGE a HUGE  a HUGE amount of frustration over this year's political process and the current state of affairs both domestically and overseas.

This debate and others to follow are a political junkie's Super Bowl.

Well ...may the best man win.

 May he be my guy. 

A SeaSpray can dream. :)
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pelvic Ultrasound: Bladder Versus Kegel - Revised
Photo credit

I am so NOT in the mood to get this pelvic ultrasound in a little while! Too late in the day and had to think about it all day.  Not that I am ever in the mood for one of these or any other test ...but there are times when I'm more breezy about it.  I'm not worried and see it more of a precautionary rule out then serious.  I hate drinking 32 oz of water and worry about keeping it in as they push down and all the discomfort ...not to mention the fight I will have with my bladder as it screams for release.

Wait ...I'm not holding my bladder captive - it has it's own natural constraints.  I just mean as it screams to release the fluids. Bladder screaming translates to the physical - hence that sensation you get when you think that your bladder just might explode ..I mean rupture from all the pressure.  It's gonna be like a tug of war ...bladder versus kegel muscles.  No ..actually like a war with a door know the kind when you try real hard to keep the door closed and someone on the other side is trying just as hard to open it.  And on top of that ...the tech is aiding the bladder as she pushes down.

However ...I have determination on my side.  So ...this energy coursing through my veins right now may just assist me in kegeling like I'm going for the gold medal in the kegel competition.

And for my blogging friends - no worries - this too shall pass.  Clever pun intended.  :)
Update: - Thankfully - my bladder must've been taking a siesta.  I have to say - it was worse when I was pregnant.  Uneventful ultrasound - yay.  :)