Saturday, October 27, 2012

3 Things

1.  My arm was aching today and I just remembered ..duh!..I was given the flu shot yesterday.  I just felt it and it is hot through my sleeve and has a swollen radius about the size of a croquet ball.  I'm guessing this is also why I feel a bit feverish. ?  And it itches.  This is only the 2nd flu vaccine I've ever gotten and so I'm not familiar with this. And it didn't happen like this last year.  I haven't looked at it, but it feels like a bad bruise.  I know - this too shall pass.  My PCP won that war.  There was no way he was letting me get away without a flu shot.  No other doctor ever insisted before.

2.  I saw on facebook earlier ...that a friend stated the local stores are crazy-busy because of the storm threat next week with hurricane Sandy.  I thought - "Really?  We are up in NJ and it's not even in the Carolinas yet."  Now ...I just saw on the news that NJ and NY have already declared a state of emergency and they're concerned about power outages too.  Again ..."Really?"  But ..then I saw that not only are they concerned about the hurricane but also a severe snowstorm may hit us too?  Okay I'm paying attention!  Even though we don't live in the shore areas - we can still get heavy winds and rain ...and snow ...well that does sound like a Frankenstorm.  If it still looks like it's all heading this way ..then I'll shop tomorrow too. 

Wow ...I just did some reading up on the predictions.  They are comparing it to the "Perfect Storm" of 1991 ..only worse.

I'm going shopping for some food and other supplies tomorrow.  At least our refrigerator isn't all that full.  And I will fill ziploc bags with water and freeze them tomorrow and should be enough to keep what is in freezer and refrigerator.  This is when I don't like having an electric stove.  At least you can still cook and have coffee with gas.  But thanks to Costco ...we do have toilet paper and paper towels - whoo hoo!  ;)

3.  Now I really-am-going-to-clean-the-tub-and-hang-the-curtains.  And DO some of that wash now too.  All of a sudden ...NOW I want to get everything done! 

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Hopefully it will go back out to sea.


Chrysalis said...

Yes, here we go again. I'm glad we cleaned out the basement and moved laundry to a first floor unit. We had such a mess of mud and water last time. People in shelters everywhere.

I hope it diminishes soon for everyone's sake. All you can do is prepare and pray.

Glad to hear you received your flu shot. Smart. Mine itched for a while and then went away. It never hurts really, just aches one day for me. Far better than getting the flu.

Hang tight, Seaspray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - good to hear from you!

Ugh I see they are saying stronger winds, etc. The snow a double whammy. i read last night that they called this the "perfect storm on steroids."

Still ...I hope they are wrong.

We really aren't all that prepared fro emergencies. Mr SeaSpray never thinks anything will be wrong and I am like "Chicken Little" - remember that book? "The sky is falling!" But I only do minimal things. Ever since 911 they have sites that tell you what to have on hand. One thing that frustrates me is we don't have a basement and not much storage because it is already well used between us and son's family. I suppose I should prioritize. Actually ..if we had the room ..I would stock up anyway - Costco things. Glad I didn't grocery shop and so loss of food would be minimal and I want to that that turkey anyway. Assuming there isn't any serious damage ...the worst is not having water because we need electricity to run the well pump. And so can't flush toilet with out water on hand. I do fill the tub, but Mr SeaSptray never thinks we need many jugs of water. I fill up every container. :)But ..if I wanted to I could certainly prepare better and so I guess I am hopeful it wouldn't be bad. But, my aunt and uncle endured TWO weeks without electricity after a hurricane in the gulf near mobile bay years ago. They ALWAYS prepared after that.

Anytime there is a storm ..I always pray over our house/property and for others. And for people to be safe that are traveling. I feel for all the power company workers who have so much work to do after all these things. I hope they get OT.

I thought of you because I know how your area is with flooding. BEAUTIFUL area but I know the damage that can occur. I know I told you this ..But I remember Pat just being told she'd have to move to a hospice facility (very nice btw I stayed over nite there with her twice)and yet she had to evacuate with all other people in her apt building. And she was so ill. I hope you will not get water damage. If we had a basement it would be a built in pool. We have a lot of ponds in the area and streams feeding into a river. Ha! Not large river but it can over flow. All our neighbors that do have basements do have sump pumps and they can't keep up if bad storm. Still I wish we had one and i would just store things in plastic tubs.

It is so calm outside - sun trying to break thru - seems surreal this storm is a brewing.

Oh and no coffee. I hate not having hot coffee ..but that of course is the least of it. I grew up 5 miles from the ocean and I only recall one hurricane and no damage done. But this one will probably be a bad one for that area. Over the decades - storms seriously eroded the Jersey shore beaches and up where I lived and north and not sure how far south they were becoming narrow. And in the last decade they began this project in which they pipped sand in from 3 miles out at sea. You could see the machines. And it was neat how that process also deposited interesting shells and sand dollars not normally found along the shore line. And they definitely widened the beaches. Must've cost a fortune.

SeaSpray said...

Also ...I've been wondering what you think about the Benghazi situation. I have been serious angry about it and upset and feel so very sorry for the families. Followed since the beginning - even watched hearings on c-span. I couldn't believe it when I heard the fight went on for ours and no effort was made to intervene by the United States Of America to save their own people. And a seal REQUESTED help and laser target on the enemy location to take out and government did nothing. This is a coverup of epic proportions. Press is guilty too. I've never seen anything like this. And for the president to say this isn't an election issue? It demonstrates his crumbling ..weak foreign policy and that they LIE and are NOT transparent to the American people. That they cannot be trusted. Sorry - getting off soap box. But when I heard the Father of the seal yesterday - my heart broke. Imagine how the families feel knowing their loved ones may've been able to be helped. And that seal - HERO and we'd never have known about him if this adm had their way because they would've had us all outraged from the video instead to save his ass (sorry) for the election. I have never seen a worse/ more dangerous president for this country and his administration. If it were not for modern media we would never know about this. Unbelievable!

Anyway ..on lighter noted safe, cozy and may their be no damage.

Oh and shot area really itches today, not as swollen - maybe like and egg but does hurt less.