Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SeaSpray in the Ring ...or not :)

Boy oh boy ...for those of you closely following the presidential race and hoping your guy wins ...is this an intense, angst producing political race or what?  I feel like I want to get in the debate ring tonight (wearing turquoise glitter gloves - of course ;), and start boxing ...or hit that big punching thingy bag ...do a little bouncing around ... light on my toes ..bounce off the rope a bit ...you know ...float like a butterfly - sting like a bee - verbal assaults of course. While on guard for the rope-a-dope ...go in for a political jab ...here ...political jab there ...honing in on the knockout punch ASAP.   But alas ...they won't let a SeaSpray in the ring.  *sigh*  So  ..I hope my guy wins .  We'll see.

And I sincerely hope the referee is FAIR.

Again ...we'll see.

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