Thursday, October 4, 2012


 As evidenced by the number of cartoons in which people destroy their computers ...there are a lot of people with computer issues. Anyway - now I'm thinking I should speak nice things to the computer ...keep it going with positive affirmations.  :)

But ...last night ..... 

I am seriously ready to pick up this computer, yank it really hard so the cord comes flying out of the wall and through the armoire ... then throw it through the picture window, at which point I will go outside ... pick it up again and toss it out into the road  ... smashing it with one of Mr SeaSpray's heavy tools (mallet?  Pic axe? or even just a hammer - not sure), then get in my car and proceed to run over it ...multiple times ...and then ...park the car back in the driveway ...and let other cars run over it ...multiple times ...until ...I decide it is just the right time which point I will take said computer pieces ...spin in a circle 3 times and send them flying into the pond ...letting said computer pieces sink to the bottom of the pond ...until ...I decide it's just the right time to retrieve said computer pieces...and then ...allow it to dry out in the sun on the picnic table ...until... I decide it's just the right time which point I will take said computer pieces ...and toss them into son's fire pit ...and then set them on fire ..letting them burn down to ashes ...until I decide it's just the right time to scoop said computer ashes up ...bring them to the highest local mountain ...I'm thinking High Point monument actually (highest elevation in the state of NJ), and then stomp on said computer ashes ...until ...I decide it's just the right time to scoop up the  ...tossed ...smashed... run over ...and multiply run over ...sunk ...soaked ...dried out ...burned ...stomped on said computer ashes... and tossing them over the north side they blow in a northerly direction ...far ....far ...away from me ..forever banished from my presence.

I'm just saying.


Because it has taken me 1 hour and 43 minutes just to finish the mostly written previous post and post it and write this to this point.  Something that should've been 15 minutes max. 

Every day takes a long time before it will allow me to navigate through different areas.  Then warmed up ...I have a small window of time to use it with minimal interruption.  But then at 3 pm begins to sound like it is revving jet engine as it works very hard because it is running through security things and continues to 9 or 10 pm.  Stuff just disappears from right in front of me, I sometimes lose them, it goes to another window, it won't open up things and so on and each time is a major waiting time just to go in and do something I should be able to zip right in and out of.  My family is used to me exclaiming , "COME ONNNNNNN!!!  It is what it is and a replacement is just not in the budget for now.

I have to admit ...this was cathartic.  :)
Update"- Thursday night 07:03 - I wasn't going to publish this as I was just venting.  But is kind of funny if you know I am basically easy going and I was having a  plotting, "What About Bob" - Richard Dreyfus moment.  Only thing missing was the eye twitch. :)

And visualization really does help.

Btw - now ..I even feel a little guilty about it ...even tho it's an inanimate object and doesn't have feelings. It has actually served me quite well and for that I am grateful.  :)

Of course now I am not TRYING to get anything done in a short period of time.  Otherwise I might revert to all of the above again.   

And now it just jumped out of this screen and back!

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