Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Circus Day!

Not a good morning thus far. And admittedly ...I am feeling grouchy ..probably because I am tired and I am tired because I stayed up too late (I know) and so am also mad at myself ...because I knew I'd be up EARLY this morning and it wouldn't be a big deal ...except I hardly slept the night before ...because I knew I was having a physical in the morning (yesterday - I'll post about it) and ..and now Mr SeaSpray just came back in and he is gonna be some kind of really aggravated in a minute.  Be back.

So ..the kids were here before 8 this morning.  I am continually amazed at how busy I am with little ones ...close in age even tho Wren is now 3.  I bought washable markers so Myles could do some artwork.  He doesn't apply enough pressure with crayons and I've found that it's easier for little fingers to start out coloring with markers since pressure isn't necessary.

My knees also hurt a bit   okay ...BADLY because I was on hard floors wayyyyyyy to long yesterday.  When watching the children ...I rarely get to do this - be at computer.  I tried several times before this. Anyway ..I had pictures made up yesterday from when we were at the wedding and then got a pretty frame for my m-i-l's picture.  It is so nice of her, Mr SeaSpray and our sons - 3 generations..  It was taken outdoors after the ceremony.  Okay ...I hear a noise I need to check out in the family room.  I want to ignore it because everything is baby proofed ...but since it's unidentifiable ... and it was just a little hammering with a toy ...on the TV.  The other thing you don't want to hear nothing.  When kids are too quiet.  Ha ha ...I haven't experienced that yet today.  :)  I do want to say that they are well behaved ...but just busy.  And I think because out of their home environment ...don't have all the things that keep them busy.  I do think that when they are your kids have routines and ..I don't know's just different.  I do feel my sons would self occupy better.  So ...maybe it is also the energy with two children interacting and competing, etc.  Ours were 8 yrs apart.

ANYWAY ...Mr SeaSpray told me he was going to his mom's (the great ESCAPE) ...I'm sure.  Well he was already grouchy because he was stuck with the job of bathing Faith, our dog because she smelled like she rolled in chicken poop.  UGH!  About that ...I was about to bring her outside to tinkle last night, when she just ZOOMED past me ...right out the door and out into the night.  I don't know what she saw ....or smelled ...but she ran so fast that her hind legs seemed to be going up to her mouth as she ran.  I called and called ...but she took off.  I shut the door and figured she'd return at some point.  I hoped she wouldn't lay in that awful stuff ...but she wreaked of chicken poop or some critters poop.  UGH!!!!  It was after midnight and all I could do was block her in the kitchen at that point.  Knowing the task of washing her would fall on Mr SeaSpray since the kids would be here.  Also knowing it would not be a great start to his day.  It is so GROSS and I get all freaky about her getting near anything (including the kids or us) and it is hard to wash off.

The first time she did this was last summer when we didn't have any electricity and I about died at the thought of not being able to bathe her.  But fortunately I got the idea to tie her to the deck and I bathed her with pool water. I don't know WHAT this is.  WHAT in the world would cause an animal to want to roll on their back in another animals waste?  Or maybe it is some awful smelling urine?  Don't know.  But smells like a chicken coop!

So he got up and got right to washing her - OUTSIDE.  He washed her twice and then we had to let her dry in another room  ...away from the kids.

So ....I've been interrupted  40,000 times already.  :)  I'm also not sure what exactly came across the m/a's voice mail at one office.  I think the word socks and Wrenna and ended with NO MYLE'S WAIT! Oh my phone number MYLES No! - uh thankyoubye!My (click) les!  *Mental note made - never handle a phone call from the wall phone when you have a wireless one so you can go after the kids.

Btw ... they may seem like they misbehave.  They are really good children ..but very busy and Myles is heading for Two and so he is into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with a special interest in CLIMBING.  :)

I have to go again ..Lunch time and Mr SeaSpray is restless and I didn't even get to the marker ink off the couch around 8:30 this morning.  back later.  I do feel better venting a bit and not so tired now.  Okay later!  Oh it's 12:15 now.  ( I turned the computer on at 9am)

5:31 pm now - macaroni and cheese coming out of oven soon.

Where was I?

Oh yes ... I was only gone a few minutes and Mr SeaSpray watching kids with markers but Myles still managed to add his artwork in purple on the sofa arm and seat.  I STILL have not washed it off but am trusting washable means just that and it will come off when I wash it.

I was annoyed because I realized that the Ohio calls that just hang up are coming from Macy's.  WHAT?  I PAID that 5 days early on line!  Sure enough - 25.00 charge and payment doesn't show. ???? I paid 2 other credit card bills and went right over to Macy's and paid the same night!  It also doesn't show out of my account?  How could this be?  I did not get a chance to call them today.

Anyway ...Faith still smelled and so Mr SeaSpray had to go back out to get a different dog shampoo and after lunch we bathed her in the tub and washed her 3 times.  Of course  ..that all meant I had to clean the tub and if cleaning the tub ...I might as well change the shower curtains, etc.

Admittedly the cleaning spray is STILL sitting on the tub surface and so must tackle that before bathing the kids.

Wren never naps.  Myles does - but hardly at all today.  It is amazing how much calmer things are when it is only one child.

And now dinner ready ..must go.

these kids are so darn cute!

Speaking of darn ...if that darn dog didn't roll in that excrement it would've been an easier day for sure.  I don't remember all the other things I was going to share.

I hear stores are already crazy busy in anticipation of power going out if we are affected by hurricane Sandy.  Our house looks like an internal hurricane hit and I've been picking up all day.  I did teach Myles to help make scrambled eggs earlier - forgot about that.  Well ..I let him stir and he was so proud that he helped.  Wrenna has been her adorable self - saying the cutest things.

And at least the dog is clean, shiny and smelling good now.

Oh and now I have to wash kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, several towels, and steam clean the hallway rug because she snuck through the gate and slept on it last night.  Actually - her running away last night was the catalyst to all this pia crazy today.  I'm glad Mr SeaSpray was off.  I'll bet he wishes he wasn't.

I am in such a blogging mood.  I hope I get to later.

PS - Darn!  It is now 9:54 pm and I just realized I never went back into clean the bathtub and hang the other curtains.  Double DARN!  I have to do it.  UGH!  I ended up not giving the kids a bath since their dad was coming for them soon after dinner.  Now ..I just don't want to but I think everyone will want shower curtains up in the morning and to not shower with the scent of eau de clorox cleaner wafting up with the steam.  They'd be sanitized tho.  :)

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