Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favoritest - FaWinter :) (Fall pictures)

At base of High Point monument over looking  the Delaware River in Port Jervis, NY ...or is it Matamoras, PA?  Not sure - think it's Port Jervis though.  Our three states all connect up there.

I don't post much about the summer ...if anything. (Although, I do have a couple of summer things with pictures, to share soon.) And now it is fall favoritest (I know it's not a word - but I like it:), season of all ...that goes into winter other favoritest season of all.  Okay ..I know you can't have 2 favoritest seasons - has to be one or the other.  So favoritest season is fawinter!  Fall-winter combined into one big favoritest season.  A SeaSpray can do whatever she wants in her own blog ...even if it includes making up her own words and a new season.  Just sayin.  ;)

On the way up to the monument in High Point Stare park

I love the cool crisp weather, school buses and the excitement of kids returning to school and even tho I'm not getting the boys off to school any longer, I live vicariously through Devan and my neighbors, autumn leaves in all their colorful splendor contrasting turquoise skies or brightening a cloudy day, then the smell and sound of the autumn leaves after they've fallen to the ground, the way the bare trees look ...especially when they look like gold filigree contrasting the navy skies of late fall/early winter, harvest decorations (pumpkins, cornstalks, Indian corn and amber lights in candles in the windows ...among other inside decorations), the world series when the Yankees are in it :), the guys happy watching football, scented candles - especially anything with cinnamon in it, baking, and holidays

High Point park.  I've always been intrigued by the boulders and smaller rocks up here.  Such a contrast from the flat, sandy Jersey shore I grew up at.  :)
 SPECTACULAR late November and all of December skies (I always wish I had a camera with me - *mental note made - keep camera with me:), the grey tones of trees, mountains and rock on cloudy days, especially in a black and white picture, the sometimes blue or purple mountains with trees sans leaves, golden fields, snow, the way the mountains look without leaves  when covered in snow and you can really see the contrast of the rocks and trees, cold weather - I love the exhilarating feeling of cold weather (unless I'm really cold), our steamy breath showing when it contrasts the cold air, the smell of snow, thew stillness of nature when it snows, waking up to see Jack Frost has visited our fields, property and windows, the winter wonderland after a heavy snow, sweaters, coats, scarves, boots and gloves and cozy pajamas - to wear around house when I am in the house for the night - not for bed tho TOO HOT, cloudy days where the skies look full term pregnant with snow, Currier and I'ves outside views, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Christmas shopping, wrapping and OPENING presents ..especially watching the children, fresh Christmas trees and wreaths, decorating the Christmas trees, outside and inside decorating, Christmas decorations everywhere even in October, steam on the windows when cooking and the heat contrasts the cold outside, feeling cozy, cozy, cozy inside - blogging, reading when alone or being with others, sleigh riding, snow angels, snowmen, MOONLIT NIGHTS casting a silver blue light on the snow, especially in the fields and mountains, flannel shirts on boys and men, the wonderful feeling of a long pampering shower or bath, getting cozy in the softest of the soft jammies and hanging out doing whatever, when my girlfriends came over in pajamas - ha ha!, the excitement of snow falling (even when I was at work) and especially if it means we'll have a white Christmas, hot coffee, cocoa and a bit of eggnog at Christmas, cooking, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS favoritest of all, Christmas weeks before and after, Church - when I go - I actually ALWAYS like church - just not strong in attendance yet, and now we have a Christmas month birthday to look forward to ...little Myles will be two in December 29th, when the kids are home for Christmas holiday, playing with the KID's TOYS, Christmas and New Years (although new years always feels bittersweet to me) parties and get togethers, poinsettias, being cozy in a warm bed to go to sleep and the GRATEFUL feeling I have when I catch myself appreciating these different things - especially when shared with family and friends. We often donate to something, but it is especially heartwarming during the holidays - to know your helping someone have a better Christmas.  (We were the recipients of such generosity for two Christmas' ... 20 years ago)  Oh and PUMPKIN COOKIES!

Typical Sussex County view

All that being said, I always want people to be safe with deer being skittish and jumping out into the roads, slippery fallen leaves on rainy roads, avoid snow and ice accidents, injuries and for people to be warm and fed.  Many of us face more challenges in this poor economy, but I am mindful that most of us still have so many blessings as compared to others. Oh and I LOATHE the high oil and electric bills that are so high they HURT so many families ...including us.  Mr SeaSpray wants to put a wood stove back in.  But, I'll post about that another time.

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