Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Egads - what  a STRESSFUL campaign season this time around!  If I were a nail biter ...I'd be down to nubs by now.  And if I were a nail biter - my toes would be down to nubs by November!  And having nubs for toes would be at a bad time of year...festively speaking... because ...I want to wear my pretty red, sparkly polish for the holidays.  Of course, that's assuming I could even paint faux nails with my sparkling, ruby red nail polish ...over said nubs. I just don't think polish stays on skin very well... and that would be disappointing and of course everyone knows it's especially fun to wear red nail polish for the holidays ... especially if it SPARKLES.  To any guys clueless about nail polish ...think of the prettiest shade of red ...ruby red metallic paint on a car ...but don't think of this SeaSpray as a car... or as having toe nubs ...cause remember I'm not a nail biter :)

Although ...if I were a Christmas car ...I'd be a metallic ruby red Dodge Challenger, Ford T-bird  (my 2 favorite cars in my past), or a Jaguar ..or a ...wait ...come back SeaSpray ...this is a political post!

Oh ..right where was I?

We say it during every presidential election season ...but this time it IS THE-MOST-IMPORTANT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in the history of our country.  This is itThis election will truly determine the course of America in the present and for generations to come.  The differences in both candidates ...what they stand for ...goals for this country and the American people well as America's standing in the world couldn't be more profound.

It is difficult for me not to continue writing about my thoughts regarding the state of our country domestically and the worldwide effects of our foreign policies.  For now, I've reigned in sharing my passionate views regarding this election in this blog.  I don't want to offend people and that would be inevitable once politics are discussed.  On the other hand ...A SeaSpray needs to vent a bit a huge a HUGE a HUGE  a HUGE amount of frustration over this year's political process and the current state of affairs both domestically and overseas.

This debate and others to follow are a political junkie's Super Bowl.

Well ...may the best man win.

 May he be my guy. 

A SeaSpray can dream. :)
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

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