Monday, October 8, 2012

HUMBLING Mammo Appointment Tonight!! (She was Right-I Was WRONG!) and Birthday/Buffalo Call, etc.

Why HUMBLING?  Are my GIRLS so magnificent that I need to HUMBLY present myself  ...meekly low key as humanly possible, to the mammography tech so she doesn't feel awkward and embarrassed about her own girls?  You know ...try to just slide my magnificent beauties in and out uneventfully so as not to draw attention and cause her to feel inferior?  OR ...are my girls so ...lacking ...that I humbly walk in shielding them from her view while simultaneously deflecting her with my other hand telling her to "look a-w-a-y-y-y...", as I hang my head in abject embarrassment ...hoping she doesn't notice ...that much?

ORRRR ...could it be that when I presented as a patient last week for a pelvic ultrasound ...that I screwed up big time with the receptionist ...and the tech ....but mostly the receptionist ... B-I-G  T-I-M-E  I tell you.   I owe her one heck of an apology.  I need to bring in a BIG HUMBLE PIE.

Of course ...I could go in like nothing happened and I was 100% right ...but that is not me.  I don't respect people that don't own up to their mistakes.  I may not be happy if you make a mistake ..but I will be way unhappier and lose respect and trust if you don't own up to it.  I hate that!  My kids knew that they would be in way more trouble if they were caught lying then they would be if they admitted they did something wrong.

I wanted to go in tonight with a tray of cookies for her, but now I have this M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E ...WORST IN A LONG TIME  (a few years at least) ...COLD BLOSSOMING and I feel so WEAK and I am sneezy, sniffly, watery eyed ,with a sore throat and  actually profoundly WEAK feeling.  And my side aches and stuff.  And I know it's just a cold ...but it feels like the mother of all colds coming on.  I do not believe this would've happened if I stayed on the excellent supplement regimen I was on.  I'd be all around sick people and not catch it or it would be minimal.  So ...I WILL get back on them consistently again as soon as I can.  That is a promise to myself.

Once I realized what happened I immediately knew I'd have to apologize and I didn't want to do it on the phone as I feel eye contact is important and I do want to bring her a tray of cookies.  But, if she sees me with a cold like this she may not want to eat the cookies and even though I am meticulous about preparation ...she wouldn't know that.  And I could buy some but I feel like homemade shows effort.

But I do not have the stamina for baking.  So ...I will just apologize tonight and bring a plate of cookies in another day when I feel better.  I will have to find out when she is on so she gets them.  the tech I had last week won't be on tho and so maybe I can find out when they will both be on so they both can have them.

 I wonder if I was the talk of the office the next day?

I did blurt out one really funny thing that night ..although it wasn't intended to be funny.  The tech didn't miss a beat though, because in the back I realized what I said and repeated it and the tech cracked up and had a funny comeback.  Ha ha!  :)

So ...I know ...your thinking ..."SeaSpray!  What the heck are you talking about?  What did you do?"  I am going to do a post about it, but I want to apologize first and maybe bring the cookies too.  Plus ...this post would be way longer if I went into that too.  So ...I will put the followup post up soon ...soon I tell you ..soon!

I feel so awful physically that I just don't feel like getting a mammo tonight.  Not that I ever feel like getting one.  But I really don't now.  However ... if I call to reschedule at such short notice, they will charge a 75.00 fee.  And ...I do not want to pay a 75.00 fee.

So not only do I have to go have my girls go in for their annual flattenthemlikeapamcakeironingboard projecting out the center of my chest test ...I have to flattenthemlikeapamcakeironingboard projecting out the center of my chest with this miserable cold.

Ahhh ...payback's a b!*ch!
On a more positive note - younger son turned 24 on Friday and we had a fun family party here yesterday (Sunday).  I love how the little ones get all excited with every birthday party... especially when we sing Happy Birthday.  :)

Oh early on of son's close friends called from Buffalo to wish him a happy Birthday.  Their birthdays are two days apart and his was today.  So he calls me his second mom and they have been friends since birth - practically.  While he was on speaker ...I rallied a bunch of us into the kitchen and we began singing happy Birthday to him loudly.  Older son always extends the last note for a long time and surprisingly ...I kept up with him almost to the end.  It's funny because most people can't extend their breath that long and you do wonder when it will end ...which is the point ..and it just gets people laughing.  It's probably one of those you have to be here to appreciate it moments.

 But especially funny is that our dog, Faith ...chimed in,  Ha ha!  She howled right along with us.  HILARIOUS!  I swear ...she thinks she's human.  :)

Although ...I do hope it isn't a reflection on my singing ..lack of singing capabilities. I have wondered ...does my singing drive her to howl?  :)

Nah ...this dog thinks she's human.  This is the THIRD time she has joined in the singing with us.  The last time was for older son's birthday this past August and she actually gave us 2 howls and she extends the howl as long as we extend the note.  Is that cute or what?

Anyway I walked away, I heard son's friend say, "That meant a lot."  Awwww.  He's in the Coast Guard and so he doesn't have much leave time with family and friends.

Oh and one last thing ...little three year old Wrenna came in to the family room and sat next to me on the sofa.  She licked her finger and said, "Mum mum, I like chocolate can I have more chocolate?"  her mom immediately said she had enough already.  I didn't think anything of it.  I assumed she had licked the last of some chocolate cake icing off her fingers.  Then after everyone had left ..(chuckling now), I began putting things away in the kitchen.  And then ...I came to the birthday cake.  (Giggling now)  I saw THREE little finger marks that had been dragged deeply into the chocolate icing through the remaining half of the birthday cake ...with a little of the cake torn away.  Ha ha!  Little Wrenna was having herself a delightful time with the Birthday cake.  :)

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