Sunday, October 28, 2012

OOPS! Wrong Map- Not Hurricane Sandy

Ha!  I was looking at hurricane maps so often last night that when I saw this in FB - I just assumed it was Sandy.  Obviously didn't REALLY look at the map OR the date.  Still funny tho.  :)

Actually, one of younger son's part time jobs is working in a liquor store and for two days they have been slammed with customers - NONSTOP busy.  After all ...there is stocking up ...and then there is STOCKING UP. Priorities and all.  :)

I'm still hoping it will be uneventful around here ...although we brought m-i-l here to stay with us, tub is filled, frozen water bags in freezer and fridge (in case power goes out) and I put water in other containers as well.  Stocked up with food.

We both have appointments tomorrow.  I would still go.  I drove in a hurricane once and so it just depends on flooding in the area.

Schools are closed.

I always pray for protection and safety ..for us, neighbors and all around ..including in other states.

Oh and can you believe that while the east coast is getting slammed with the Perfect Storm on steroids ...that a 7.7 earthquake hit Alaska the coast of Canada and then a tsunami watch was on for Hawaii?

I have my opinions about this.

I hope those of you in the path of this storm will be safe, warm and cozy and that it will be uneventful... with minimal or no damage.

And that the power will stay on for all of us.

A SeaSpray can dream.  :)

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