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Yesterday I told myself that from now on I am going to bed at 11 pm and getting up at 7am.

And so what did I do?  What time did I go to bed last night ...ahem morning?

I'll give you a clue.

I heard birds singing ...for ...awhile. ;)  Nah I didn't really hear the birds, but it was that time in the morning.

Which was extreme for even me.

And so all I can figure is that like with any other person wanting to kick an addiction nightowlaholic addiction got wind of my plans and said ..."Oh NO you DON'T!  Just watch this resistance!"

Suffice it to know that 3pm today was like morning to me.  I am not the least bit tired ...but by gosh ...I am getting into bed as soon as I post this.  It's 10:58 pm now.

The only exception is that I do want to stay up to watch the commentators after the presidential debate tomorrow night and than back to 11pm on Wednesday night.  Of course some people would say that is my addiction talking ...already making excuses. However, I have been looking forward to these political debates for a long time... so I'm watching the followup.

  I love late night and early morning.  But, the truth is that I sleep later than I want to. Also,  I am not as productive if I don't start the day early.  And on the other end of the time spectrum  ...I eat more at night ...usually AFTER 11 pm.

My joke is that if I go to bed by 11, I will lose weight.  

"Seaspray did you lose weight?"


I know that will happen.  Because I don't care about food so much during the day or even around dinner.  but for some reason ...late at night with the TV ...s a special place ..a zone out place of comfort and cozy. And a really bad habit.  And there is something about the TV that causes me to just want to eat with every show that comes on. I am not as bad as I used to be ...but certainly could be even better.  There isn't any reason that I need to be up so late.  All the political shows have already aired and I could record them or any other show.  Although ...admittedly ...I do seem to have an aversion to watching TV during the day.  Which is a good things too.  I just find it slows me down.  I prefer listening to talk radio or music ...or programs off the computer while I work.

Part of the reason I'm a night owl is that I have been one since I was 11 or 12 when I was alone when Mom had to work until the wee hours of the morning.  Then when I moved in with my aunt and uncle up here aunt was up until 2am.  And most of my jobs favorites were working on the 3-11 shifts and even later sometimes.  I've worked 3-11 more than I've worked in day jobs.  And even when I worked in LifeLine while still simultaneously working in ER reception ...I would feel like I had a burst of energy in late afternoon when my coworkers were anxious to pack it up for the day.  And I would often stay longer if the head boss or another woman was still working in his office. They had the keys to lock up.  I also usually didn't mind if I had to stay until 2 am at the hospital to catch up on paperwork after a very busy ER night or because of bad weather.  I would loathe the 11-7 shift tho - that is NOT me.

I do like early morning at work too ..the way the sun looks when it's coming up when you're driving to work, when the coffee is on and the day begins to bustle.  But, creature of habit that I am ..I always gravitate back to my Night Owl ways.  That being said ...I truly want to start getting into bed early - at 11pm.

Obviously tonight I am not going to make it.  I'm still bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Besides, I have to wash olive oil I mixed with honey out of my hair.  (My newest idea for a natural conditioning treatment.  Supposed to be on for 10 minutes - it's now been on for 9 hours. :)  And after my shower ...I am making a nice warm cup of milk with cinnamon and then off to bed at midnight. ..okay 12:30 am ...but that is the cutoff.

And I am going to do the 11pm ...I am absolutely going to do the 11pm bedtime schedule.  I can read in bed though.  That is allowed because it is my favorite time to read and I fall asleep easier that way.  The goal is to just get in bed.

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit.  Technically Wednesday will be day one.

Night all.  :)

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