Monday, October 1, 2012

Pelvic Ultrasound: Bladder Versus Kegel - Revised
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I am so NOT in the mood to get this pelvic ultrasound in a little while! Too late in the day and had to think about it all day.  Not that I am ever in the mood for one of these or any other test ...but there are times when I'm more breezy about it.  I'm not worried and see it more of a precautionary rule out then serious.  I hate drinking 32 oz of water and worry about keeping it in as they push down and all the discomfort ...not to mention the fight I will have with my bladder as it screams for release.

Wait ...I'm not holding my bladder captive - it has it's own natural constraints.  I just mean as it screams to release the fluids. Bladder screaming translates to the physical - hence that sensation you get when you think that your bladder just might explode ..I mean rupture from all the pressure.  It's gonna be like a tug of war ...bladder versus kegel muscles.  No ..actually like a war with a door know the kind when you try real hard to keep the door closed and someone on the other side is trying just as hard to open it.  And on top of that ...the tech is aiding the bladder as she pushes down.

However ...I have determination on my side.  So ...this energy coursing through my veins right now may just assist me in kegeling like I'm going for the gold medal in the kegel competition.

And for my blogging friends - no worries - this too shall pass.  Clever pun intended.  :)
Update: - Thankfully - my bladder must've been taking a siesta.  I have to say - it was worse when I was pregnant.  Uneventful ultrasound - yay.  :)

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