Monday, October 8, 2012

P.S. to Previous Mammo Post and Sneezing and a Little Bit Gyne

So ...I have to go for this mammo tonight and what if I can't stop sneezing?  I mean ...what if my girl is up in that machine and I have a series of uncontrollable sneezes?

I'm thinking OWWWWWWW!!!

Seriously ...are you allowed to sneeze when you are squeezed/trapped in that machine?

And you have to hold your breath!  Right?  It's only been a little over a year and I am having fuzzy cold brain at the moment but I am thinking you have to hold your breath.  or is it that it hurts so darn much that it takes your breath away??

But, I think it's squeeze and hurt, hurt, hurt until she snaps the picture.

But what if you sneeze ... even once ..never mind a lot?

And your nose drips?

What if your girl is pressed hard in the mammo machine and you have a dripping, sneezy nose attack?

Because you have to hold on to the machine for dear life to hold the position and so you can't keep a tissue by your nose.  I'm just saying.

Anyway sounds weird to say "My girl" in the machine ...but you don't put BOTH girls in the machine simultaneously.  It's not a two fer one deal.  Nah ...they stretch it out ...flatten them out at a time.

I just hope if I am still doing the incessant sneeze routine tonight, that it doesn't become the flatten, sneeze and pull  prolonged until all sneezing stops torture test.  Plus - do THEY want a sick person sneezing allover things?  And I didn't even discuss the coughing.  I'm just saying.
Update - Monday Afternoon:  This morning, I decided nothing ventured - nothing gained and I called to see if I could cancel the mammo appointment without getting a 75.00 cancellation charge since I was ill. And it was obvious because sneezing, voice, stuffy and coughing.  Thankfully, she said it would be alright and they don't charge when a patient can't come in because they're sick.  I will reschedule at a later date.  I also think they could probably squeeze another woman into that machine appointment since I called early enough.  Pun intended.  :)

Regarding my previous post and the humble pie I need to bring in when I go back there: I just had to call the gynecology office regarding ultrasound results I am waiting for.  She was the same woman who helped me with the order forms to the radiology center.  I had her laughing when I told her what happened and how I owe a huge apology to the receptionist when I go back for the mammo.

Anyway ...I'm still waiting to hear about the ultrasound results and am guessing gynedoc will call me tonight after work hours.

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