Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Update and stuff

 WIND REALLY HOWLING AND KICKING UP!  I don't recall storm winds around here this strong - ever.  Front picture window rattles a bit even tho a storm is up too.  Wind is scary sounding ...and relentless.  I heard on radio today that the Hudson river looked like the ocean.  The waves at Point Pleasant (my old stomping ground) are HUGE.   I do wish I could be there in person - but of course that's dangerous.  Heard they even closed the parkway.  If wind this strong up here - I can only imagine what it's like at the beach areas.  I pray trees don't break, power stays on and that we all remain safe.  Our neighbors basketball thing blew over.  Ours is still up but we really have it anchored down.  Well daylight it was still up.  It feels so cozy inside.  I have all the amber candles on in the windows (for harvest season :) and I am truly grateful to be inside.

I wish son didn't have top go out to work.  But I guess people go out for booze in a storm.  Can't wait until he gets a better job!  His college loan payments are about to start.  At least he has 2 PT jobs.  Some of his friends don't even have that.  I DO hope if Romney gets in ...that the change and knowledge of his business experience will breathe hope into businesses and their new found optimism will cause them to begin hiring again.

My God - it sounds like a TRAIN barreling over the roof!

I'm thinking maybe I should shut the computer off now.

Nite all.  :)

PS ..wind really sounding scary out there - never experienced this.  You southerners in tropical areas prone to these severe storms and at a more dangerous level ...are brave people.


Liz said...

Sea - are you ok?

Chrysalis said...

Glad you guys were ok during Sandy. We were really lucky. So much devastation not far from here.We are sending help to them. When you're blessed, bless others.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Liz and Angel - I'm fine. Just now got back on line. We were without power for 8 days. Sooo COLD! I will write about it soon I guess.

It is strange to have something so catastrophic happen so close to home, know nothing about the catastrophe for so long except what you hear on radio (the radio was my lifeline to some kind of normalcy),when the rest of the country and world sees it daily on TV we did with Katrina.

The few pictures I've seen are devastating to the Jersey shore - where I grew up and vacation and I can't believe it.

Then Staten Island, Queens and Long Island, etc. To have it all wiped out and be homeless. And it is so COLD out!

I'm glad you are alright Angel. Yes I agree about blessing. I want to gather clothes up. Our church is working with Samaritans Purse and collecting collecting clothes/toiletries,food, etc and am going thru things and also want to purchase other things to give. I want to do more tho.

I wrote spome political comments - but removed them as will spare you both. Sigh. And as a Christian - I know there is always hope. Just not feeling it. But ...I guess that is where faith comes in.

Anyway the new northeaster has begun and is snowing here. Normally I'd be thrilled with snow,but admittedly don't relish idea of going through power outage again and even more impoertantly seeing people in coastal areas in both states suffering any further. What an awful time of year to be homeless, etc. never good but the cold weather and soon freezing ground - not good. And FEMA really screwed up and why doesn't the press talk about Obama like they raked bush over coals? Rhetorical question - I KNOW the answer. they were too busy helping him win by not reporting the truth.

Those people are suffering.

My computer also died and so I will be blogging when I have access to son's computer. This would've really upset me before the storm. Interesting how perspectives change - but a good thing ..when we can finally see what is most important.

Thanks for asking Liz. I hope you and hubby are well across the pond.And the same for you and Fire guy Angel. :)

Chrysalis said...

8 days without power, I hope you didn't have a lot of frozen foods. That's a hard thing when we are all used to the electronics. I hope you don't have a bad snow storm. So many people need to regroup.

Yes, the Jersey shore where I like to vacation - is a mess. I feel so for all involved. I'm glad you are ok though, Seaspray.

Great to see Liz back! Hi Liz! Hope you are feeling better. We've missed you.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel.

Liz said...

Soooo glad you guys ate ok! I've been worrying about you Sea, but I didn't know Angel was in the affected zone as well - I am very glad that she and Fireguy are ok too.

It sounded horrific and what we have seen on the television has been devastating. And you are right, what a time of year for it to happen - with the cold and snow coming in.

My memory is fried if you know what I mean, so forgive me if I am not responding to other avenues of communication - I can't remember them!!
Thanks for the kind words, too. It's kinda nice to be 'missed' !! But really, I need to catch up with Sea's posts and hope to converse with Angel here too.

Sea, take care, am praying for you. Angel too, Much to catch up.
God bless x

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Liz. Great hearing from you again. I was again looking at pics of where I frequented at the shore and I just can't believe it.

last night I helped sort donated clothes and pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at church.

So many donations we couldn't even pack it all up to take to Staten Island today. I didn't go down there but glad to physically DO something for the cause. The problem is where to store all these donations ..even down there.

Also brought food, toiletries, cleaning products CLOROX and so many things. We focused on coats and warm clothing but so many clothes for all seasons. Men from the church were going down to Toms River (jersey shore town) to help with cleanup today.

I just feel so awful for the people losing their homes. How do you go to work? How do you go to school. Normalcy of life so interrupted. I was out of sorts needing to acclimate to my normal life after being without power for a week.

I don't know what would be worse - to be in a Katrina situation with horrible humidity and heat or in Sandy with no heat. I hate heat but I think cold is worse ..because I found it settled into my bones, slowed me down and it takes a lot of energy to stay warm. I could've gone 5 minutes to mi-l's or 10 min to son's anytime ..but I just wanted to be in own home ...hoping the power would come back on. At least we had that hope and our home, etc

We do miss you Liz when you're not around and I miss Angel when she's not around. Hard to believe Angel and I will know each other for 6 years later this month. And Liz ..I believe I met you soon after.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - I missed that you experienced the storm too. How did you all make out? I know the area and the challenges. Fortunately for some neighbors - the rain wasn't bad and their basements didn't flood. But the wind - I think 70 something at least.

I agree with you about blessing.