Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who Knew? Define Plenty Please (32oz? 64oz or 84oz?:)

So THAT'S all I have to do!  ;)

The Doctor Told Me To Do It (Baltimore, MD):
I was a resident in my second year of training for Internal Medicine. I was on-call and spending much of my night in the ER doing admissions. Our seats for writing up the admission orders and notes were kind of situated in an area where patients and their family members would come up and ask questions.
One night in particular, I was near one of our ER physicians when he was giving out discharge instructions to someone he was sending home. He handed the paper to the patient. He was looking at the discharge instructions as the ER physician explained them.
The ER doc suddenly snatched the discharge paperwork from the patient and said, “Give me that.” He went back to his desk and started writing up another set. After the patient had left, the doc gave me a copy of the discharge paperwork. It read:
Discharge diagnosis = nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)
Discharge instructions = Drink plenty of urine
Of course, I copied the paper, made it into an overhead, and showed it at morning report :)

Photo Credit - Please note: this link is not an endorsement by me regarding treatment for any medical condition.  I have no idea if it is credible or not.  Just liked the picture.

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