Sunday, November 18, 2012

6th blogiversary - Forever Hooked!

I just had to share that these six dolphins are leaping for joy that I am celebrating my 6th blogiversary!  Okay ...a SeaSpray can dream. ;)

 I feel so discombobulated right now that I even forgot that November 13th was my SIXTH blogiversary.  Wow SIX years!  Time sure does fly by - too quickly ...well unless you're in the dental chair ...having a stent removed in the office, on NPO forever and waiting for your first drink of water and morsel of food, waiting for the next presidential election ...or waiting to get your new computer ...just saying.

I feel so discombobulated with blogging because I am using son's computer when I can, but I can't get into writing like when I'm in my own little computer den all ...comfy and cozy.  Even though I'd love to be able to kick back and do my blog reading on a laptop, I am going to get a desk computer because I want to be hooked up to the printer and have scanning capabilities too.  But would be so neat to just relax all comfortable on the sofa with a cup of coffee, tea or whatever... reading my favorite blogs. So - that is a wishlist item - someday. :) I will say that six years of sitting at the desk to read - not so comfortable.  But I think I would  prefer sitting up to write and so that is another plus for the desktop. I will be absolutely THRILLED to have my own computer again.  :)

Six years - seems like yesterday ...even though so many BIG changes have occurred.

The reason I  discovered blogging was because of my uro issues.  It's weird to think that I may not be blogging at all had I not had the urology concerns.  Oh and cervical faciitis.  The weekend of cervical faciitis ...when the only way to be pain fee was to sit upright, keeping my head still was when I discovered that blogs existed.  What better thing to do than read at the computer if you can't lie down to recuperate?  And so I did.  And now here I am ..still here six years later.  :)

Fortunately the faciitis cleared up soon after.  And even more importantly ...I have still avoided having the high risk ureteral repair surgery AND yesterday, November 17th was my 20 month ureteral stent removal anniversary. YAY!  I know I keep mentioning this - but it is a big deal for me because I've never gone this long without a relapse.  Double YAY!  :)

* All that urology stuff ...all because of one large kidney stone - first one ...back in may of 2004.   DRINK, DRINK, DRINK ...PLENTY OF WATER help prevent the formation of kidney stones people!

In the beginning blogging was cathartic and a definite coping tool for all the medical tests, procedures and uncertainty/fear going on.  I often wrote inane, humorous (says me) posts about talking kidneys and kidneys and stents having separation anxiety - hence the spasms when the stent is suddenly removed.  Then the Bajingoland position due to the inordinate about of work being done in the area and whatnot way of dealing with the stress, embarrassment and discomfort from all the things I had to do, i.e., was exposed to. (pun intended) I still think one of the funniest comment threads I ever read was in Trench Doc's post (wish he still blogged) about Germaphobia in which the comments somehow gravitated to Throckmortons.  (Do you capitalize Throckmortons?  Are Throckmortons worthy of capitalization?  I'm thinking ...Throckmorton-last name and so in here's Throckmorton with a capital "T" :) The Throckmorton salad bar test and each man is his own compass - so funny.  Inside joke at this point.  :)

I 've enjoyed  the laughs from shared medical humor ...or ...the emotionally moving posts written by doctors, nurses and patients well as some other non medical bloggers. The med blogs are certainly informative and I've learned so much.  And I've made some friends in the blogging community and it's pretty neat that we've maintained the friendships this long considering it's not real life.  Although a way it is's the blogging part of real life.

And since then social media has increased and people use Twitter, FB, pod casts, etc., but I just like to blog.  I did cave and begin a private facebook account last summer - 2011 and it has rekindled some friendships, brought me closer to others and been fun over all.  But I rarely twitter and I'm not a die hard facebooker.

Blogging is my love and I'd rather put most of my online energy into writing posts and reading/commenting on others and I will get back to it when I am hooked up with my own computer again. Of course ...they say never say never and perhaps in the future, I will become more interested in those other things.

Blogging also helped me when my mother began declining in health, went into the nursing home and died 6 months later.  That was a really rough time of the most difficult times in my life.  Being able to write about my feelings and experiences and the supportive comments really helped me get through that time.  And even then my emotions were spilling over into comments in other blogs and one blogging friend suggested grief counseling.  I went for it, hooked up with an amazing counselor and she helped me tremendously.  I am still grateful to those of you that took the time to encourage me or let me know you understand. And Angel ...I shall always be grateful for your phone call (totally surprised me) when you called me the day after Mom died.

I was totally and DELIGHTFULLY surprised one day when Ramona Bates ...from Sutured for a Living blog sent me the cutest, most adorable quilt for our soon to be born granddaughter, Wrenna.  Ramona is one of the most thoughtful and creative bloggers on line.  She often donates her beautiful creations to worthy causes or gifts them to family and friends.  More recently she surprised me with a cute quilt post card I fell in love with.  When I saw the return address... I was again delightfully surprised and couldn't wait to open it. Thank you again Ramona.They always evoke warm thoughts when I see them..   :)

Anyway ...I've written all kinds of posts since I began this blogging journey.  My personal favorites are the humorous ones.  :)  And I've written some serious ones that I really like as well ...the ones in which I poured my soul into.  I have always said I want to print out the special ones so I have a hard copy, but never have.  I would like to go back to the beginning in this blog, to delete things I don't want anymore and to print all the posts that are special to me.  (Comments too)  Because if  this blog just disappeared one day, I would be heartbroken to have lost everything.

I used to write novellas in other blog comments - but not so much now.  But,  I've always appreciated that WhiteCoat has always welcomed my novellas. :)   Btw - WhiteCoat's Call Room is a terrific blog!

And there are many good blogs I've enjoyed, but not mentioned here.

I was also both surprised and  honored when Jeff (blogging Psychiatrist) invited me along with Chrysalis Angel to be a coauthor for a new blog he was starting up. I really liked his writing and his humorous e-mails.  And also that a couple other medbloggers invited me to write guest posts. I just couldn't believe they read what I wrote and liked it enough to invite me to do something with them.  You see ...I just think of myself as an informal writer just writing in my diary ...that just happens to be open to the world.  :)  And I've written about this before and even told the story on Dr A - Mike Sevilla's (Family Medicine Rocks)Blogtalk radio show.

 It was a Saturday night, November 18, 2006 ... when I went into my 5 day old blog and was shocked to see that Fat Doctor had left my first comment.  Not only was I shocked that someone actually read something in my blog,  but that a doctor left a comment.  I shrieked, Fat Doctor left a comment!  Fat Doctor left a comment in my blog!"  Not only did I scare Mr SeaSpray and my son with my sudden outburst while they were quietly watching TV ...but they also didn't know what the heck I was talking about ...never mind excited about.  Ha ha!  And then I shrieked that I had two MORE comments.  But never forget your first.  :)

And then ...I was hooked ...forever hooked on blogging ...hook, line and sinker hooked ...forever hooked on blogging.  :)

PS - I am sorry to see that the first blog I ever read and in it's entirety, Urostream has gone private.  KeaGirl ...a blogging urologist, was one of my favorite bloggers.  I both learned and laughed a lot while reading her posts.  And I greatly appreciated that she took the time to answer questions.  I loved her blog so much that I just had to check out some other bloggers on her blogroll through them ...and the rest is history.

I also wish Scalpel, an ER doc, would also come back to blogging.  His has been dormant ever since he went off on his own into a private medical venture ...if I remember correctly.  I'm now also thinking of two other stellar bloggers that have me riveted to their posts when I read them,but if I don't stop here ...I'll never eat DINNER.  :)

Seriously ...BLOGGING of best hobbies ever.  :)


Chrysalis said...

Happy Anniversary, Seaspray!

Your friends are glad you are here, too. And I feel the friendship is very real. I've taken to heart those I've chosen to enter into a friendship with. It's saddened me greatly when I have lost some, but they weren't really friends then, were they?

I'm glad it helped you that day I called. I knew you were in so much pain, and it pained me for you. You are a special lady, Sea.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel.

I almost deleted the whole post and would have had I been able to get on a computer.

Had been watching all the devastation at Jersey shore and just felt like ..I don't know ..stupid posting compared to all that is going on for so many. I didn't see all thyat because our electric out for so long. I KNOW these places and it is devastating. Feels kind of hollow. Even tonight ...coming back from Costco ..goodies for Thanksgiving and I couldn't help but think of all the displaced people. And what can I do? I did help with clothes at church and making sandwiches ...but they couldn't (staten Island) even take all the clothes because so many people have been donating and no storage for them.

And I guess I forgot about 6 yr mark because life is just weird this fall.

And post is repetitive - said in other years.

But thank you is very sincere. :) I will never forget you and your kindness.

Real friends may disappear a bit - I've done that at times ..but always come back. Life gets busy or things happen to distract/pull a person away. I think the ones meant to be friends ...will be friends.

You know when you have a good friend ..don't speak forever but when you connect - you pick up like never left - good friends. :)

Blogging has evolved in that some people don't use blogrolls and/or the've moved on to other media too. I just love the blogging but dropped off visiting radar a bit. When I am back with my computer - I hope to pick it up again. Would be so much easier with something I could read from couch. I get antsy now sitting in chair.

I love med blogs, but I keep saying I am going to read other blogs too - but hard to keep up. I do wish there were comments and more back and forth and attribute to my not writing interesting enough now. Not sure. or maybe non med blogs would respond more - not sure.

I always say if you want friends - then you have TO BE a friend - it goes both ways. :)

Chrysalis said...

I've dropped off a great deal, from reading, as well. I had many changes to deal with and things I went through, and all my energy was needed for those things. We've all had changes over the years. Life.

I know it's an awful thing what people are going through after Sandy. We've given aid and our guys went there to help out. If anything, we need to be Thankful around our tables this year, because heartache comes for us all. We will have times and they won't. We have to help them, but then grab these precious moments with people we love and care about.

I wish you and yours a very Happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.

SeaSpray said...

I Agree with you Angel. But ...sometimes I feel guilty ..although I can't do much about it ...and I shouldn't let those things encroach on the good times with loved ones right here and now. None of us have any guarantees. And as you say be especially thankful this year.

Thank you for your well wishes. Same to you and your family. :)