Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Darn! I DON'T Want to go to the ER!

Seems I'm not the only one with a middle finger versus sharp can lid injury.  She got sutured though.  I don't have time.

My turn now I guess.

 How many times did I see patients come in to the emergency department with hand/finger lacerations because of an annoyingly dumb kitchen accident? A GAZILLION at least. I recall hearing med staff say the 3 most common reasons were from slicing a bagel, opening a cat food can and washing a glass and it seemed to be so. 

Our house smells wonderful with the baking and cooking and it's not even tomorrow yet with the turkey/stuffing roasting.  I'm in Thanksgiving mode - NOT ER mode.

 I was making a tortellini salad and put my fork into the olive can ..oh and my middle finger...specifically the knuckle of my middle finger into the olive can lid. DUH! I haven't used sharp lid can openers in yrs and picked this up when the power was out. It was all I could find in the store.  I didn't feel like pulling the electric can opener out ..which opens safely - no sharp lids.   All I had to do was move two things out of the way.

Anyway's a jagged ..somewhat curved little slice in a real inconvenient place that just wants to keep bleeding. 

I REALLY do not want to go to the ER to get sutured!

 Everyone is coming here tomorrow and while things are /were moving along nicely time for a trip up there. I'm up to date with tetanus. I've got  a few gauze and a stretchy pressure bandage on it and I'm keeping finger straight ...which btw ...of all fingers to keep straight ...ahem.

 I've always said there is no rhyme or reason to an ER patient schedule. I'm trying to calculate the best time to go if I have to. But, I'm hoping it will just stop.  I'm thinking 1 am ...or early in the morning after the turkey is in the oven.  The ETA of turkey into oven is at 07:00.  :)

Anyway, many patients often said they felt stupid about an accident. 20-20 hindsight and all. To help them feel better I would say, "No one plans to have an accident ..but they happen when we don't expect it and that's why they're called accidents." 

It's not helping me feel better. :)

I guess this precludes me from washing dishes. Now there's a silver lining. 

Hey Mr S-e-a-S-p-r-a-y ... :)

Finger hurts - I think I wrapped stretchy bandage too tightly.  The blood was pouring down my finger, but not bleeding through now.  Do I dare loosen it a bit?


Chrysalis said...

How's the finger, Seaspray?

SeaSpray said...

It opened a while after I took the bandage off last night and so I put another tight wrap on it. Took it off again this morning and think it will stay closed now. Sutures would've left minimal scarring ..this is a wider healing lac - but little. So dumb. And I never make tortellini salad for Thanksgiving. Was a surprise for son. And I forgot to put it out. :)

Thanks for asking.