Monday, November 12, 2012


My single friend was planning on a cozy night at home, watching a good movie with a roaring fire in her wood stove.  But she made it too high and had black smoke billowing out.  Called and cancelled 911.  But here is her follow up to that ordeal.:

"911: ok you can cancel that call I seem to have my fire under control now.........8 firetrucks pull up,oh God!I now have about 50 fireguys all over my house looking for some good fire action when all I have now is a normal fire and a lousy movie. Welcome to my world"

Why waste a call ...CPR anyone?  ;)


Chrysalis said...

Love the photo with the post. ha.
Glad everything was all right with your friend.

SeaSpray said...

Figured you'd appreciate it ...being married to a fire guy and all. :)

yes - sure it was scary.

We're thinking of getting a wood stove again.. Initially to offset oil bills but after being in cold so long and seeing a cousin go 13 days before power on ...I am now thinking for emergency.

The only thing is I want one that can also burn coal and also wood pellets. Don't know if you can have a 3 in one stove. ?

A friend has a friend who loves her pellet stove, but I was reading there have been shortages of pellet and also will soon be coming from china. I do NOT trust China to follow same standards we have and so not sure about pellets.

A woodstove would've made all the difference in the world when power was out.

Chrysalis said...

I don't know what to tell you. Friends of mine just bought a pellet stove they were so disgusted with oil prices. They are happy with it.

We are still on oil, and we use a fireplace when we lose power. With wood, you need to have a supply of wood on hand. Good seasoned wood is the best. I'm glad we have that to rely on.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - yes ..Jim used to get it from the parks or from people looking to get rid of wood.

He gave so much away in 1988 when we got rid of the wood stove.

I'm curious about coal too.