Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prolific Out - Brevity In

Still no computer.  Now son's computer dismantled.  *Sigh*  Using his google pad. Hence ...the brevity.  So...what's new?  Oh  ....yeah ..I just found out I won the lotto.  JOKING!  I rarely buy tickets.  Got your attention tho.  :)
Last night's full moon, casting a silver blue light on the snow covered fields and mountains -SPECTACULAR.  Midnight moonlight moonshadows while taking a walk even tho frigig temperature ...something else I appreciate.  Snowlite.  It's like the snow lights up on full moon nights.  Oh ...and the mountains look like tidal waves in moonlight.

Christmas lights up ...but of course  there is a snafu ...DARNED cheap Chinese lights!  WHERE are all the quality GE lights that actwally had recepters on the end of the string of lights this case a ztring of 400 lights ...that I still need   ok ...want to add a large extension cord to  down to a small pine tree to add 200 more.   The Chinese made receptacle wll not accomodate the 3 prong converter. #@$?!!  (I didn't really have a swear word in mind there ...just for emphasis on the frustration I felt. )  I'm not giving up!

Oh ....and it's too much work to backtrack to correct spelling errors with this pad.  PRobably easy -but I'm not used to this. I'm no Elmer Fudd (sp?) and honestly did not mean to say actWually.  Nor was IAttempting to swear with friGig ...if I had also inserted a n and another 3 gs.  Just saying.  :)  I meant FRIGID.  Btw ...where the heck are the quotations on this thing anyway?  AND



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