Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two Words: Thankful and Surreal

I wanted to check out Ocean Grove next summer. (Pier- Ocean Grove)   My God - look at the size of those waves!   I simply cannot believe the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused all along the Jersey Shore ...places I am so familiar with.  It seems they may not even exist any longer ...except for a few remnants of what was and there.  (Also in NY - I'm not forgetting NY)

I'm back on line - to stay ...I hope!  We were some of the people being referred to still living in the dark.  And some people are STILL without power!  And now this nor'easter bringing snow to us right now.

No power for 7 1/2 days.  It went off 10:30 last Monday nite.

I wrote the following to family and friends when I went back on line this morning: "‎7 1/2 days without power sure does foster even greater appreciation for the simple things in life - easily taken for granted when all is well. And I am still so thankful the large tree did not fall on our house or our neighbor's house and that the other tree/pole did not fall on our other neighbor's house. It is surreal seeing all the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and I've only seen a few pictures so far. I grew up at the Jersey shore and it feels even more personal. My prayers continually go out to all those suffering/affected by the storm and to all those helping."

I am extremely grateful that a tree fell into the pond instead of on our house or the neighbor's house.  I took pictures and will share when I get my computer back or a new one.

Oh...yesterday morning the power finally came back on and my computer wouldn't go on after I turned it on.  it just had a little red flashing lite and then would not turn off either.  So ..I've unplugged it.  :(  I will use son's computer when I can.

I knew it was on it's way out because it was working so hard when operating.  But I turned it off before the storm took it out.  I don't know if the cold damaged it or just a coincidence.

Anyway ..if that tree had fallen on our house it would've crashed right through the cathedral ceiling in the family room ...crashing down on my son, m-i-l and our dog.  Also... possibly me while I was baking oatmeal cookies in the kitchen.  And the oil tank.  We all thought a car door had closed and that someone was coming in to stay with us.  Faith barked.  No one came in and we forgot about it until son let Faith out.  Then he exclaimed, "Mom! the wind blew the tree into the pond!"  I think the water must've muffled the sound.

Also ...just that morning the wind was picking up ...I told Mr SeaSpray and my  m-i-l, that our previous neighbor's son brought that tree home in a milk carton.  His mother said it was a fast growing tree, but doesn't have a deep root system.  it is about 30 years old now.  I told them that I always pray for our safety and protection of house and property during bad storms and also the same for the neighbors.

I envision an angel blocking the fall and pushing the tree in the opposite direction. :)

I was also thank God all night and the next day for protecting us.  I still do.

Also of our neighbors had a large tree and a utility pole fall between their house and a gazebo. It was a narrow area and thankfully did not hit their house either.  It also left a live wire down.

Again ...thankfully we were all safe.

Sadly ...that wasn't the case for so many others during hurricane Sandy.

You all probably know more about the devastation that occurred than I do because I didn't see any of the TV coverage of the storm damage until this past Saturday.  And even then was minimal.

I can imagine it was covered like Hurricane Katrina was.  And that is surreal too.  That people out of state and from around the world know more about your area than you do.  I thought all the cars lined up on the highway had something to do with a bad accident and was shocked to hear they were cars waiting in gas lines because of a fuel shortage.  The whole thing was/is surreal.

It was really hard not having electricity for so long ...particularly because it is so COLD.  Then when I saw the destruction on TV when I stayed at my m-i-l's Saturday night, it obviously seemed inconsequential compared to all that the hurricane victims were enduring and still are.  :(

At least we still have our house and family intact.  And the Jersey shore ...where I grew up and have since vacationed  ..I could hardly believe it.  Staten Island, Queens, and LI ...all surreal ...and tragic.  Those people in these areas DESPERATELY still need so MUCH Help.

I guess ...thankful and surreal are  the main words that comes to mind.  I am still acclimating to normalcy.  I learned some things too.  Particularly how unprepared we were for a LONG TERM emergency.

I'll post more about these things .


Unknown said...

Glad you and your family are OK, Seaspray. Weren't sure if you were in the line of the storm.
Keep everyone updated and post some pictures if you get a chance.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Unknown - Thank you. :)

The only pics I have are of the tree. Have to wait until I get another computer. Hope springs eternal. :)

Glad son is sharing his for now. I just can't believe the youtubes and pictures I am seeing.

But will post some pics of shore when I post on that again.

I want to find pics of what things looked like when we vacationed vs now.