Friday, November 30, 2012

WHOA! Reign in the Chatty :) and Stuff

I feel such peace typing at a normal computer again ...even tho it isn't my new one yet.  I felt my body go into s-o-o-t-h-e-d mode the second I got into my blog.  (The computer ...especially blogging ... is my binky, blanky, first few sips of a gin and tonic with a lime twist, Breyer's chocolate chip mint ice cream, etc.)  I became even more soothed as began typing and using the mouse.  Ummm ...this may mean I am addicted right ...somewhat?  Although, I don't blog anywhere near as much as I used to.

But is also a favorite indoor hobby.  And I do love to write and I love reading other blogs too and very much look forward to getting back into it again.  I've been busier and so hadn't been as involved in blogging even before I lost my computer.  Anyway, the computer is more than that. When the computer works well .... I read news, shop, pay bills, e-mail friends and face book ..although I'm still not a major facebooker.  Then also office work, pictures and other things.  I LOVE the computer!

That being said ...I can see where it easily sucks time away from doing things you should be doing ...actually getting out with friends and family.  It has cut into my book reading time and I have gotten back into reading more ...which I'm enjoying.  I know the key is balance ...moderation in all things ...
which is hard for an all the way or nothing SeaSpray. Sometimes I need to pull back on the reigns a bit.  :)

Ha ...once in a visit with my orthopaedic doc, while I was sitting up on the exam table and he was still sitting down in the chair ...I half joked and said, "I know I can be chatty sometimes and so if I am ...then you can just reign me in." , and I said that while pulling back on imaginary reigns. He just busted out laughing and I joined in.  I'm not sure exactly what he was laughing at.  I laughed because he was laughing and hit me funny that he thought I was so funny.  But, I don't know if he cracked up because he now had a patient in front of him who was suddenly acting like she's riding a horse on his exam table ....or that *I* was giving *him* - the DOCTOR, permission ...or that I used the word "sometimes" chatty ...or all of the above?  Truth is ...with most docs (not all) ...if Chatty was rated like a pain scale ...I'm the 10.

Ha ha!  Can't you just see that little reference chart?  Little faces with their mouths shut tight and then up to the 10 so wide you see their tonsils?  Well ... that would be yelling ...but you get the idea.  Or maybe a chart depicting the the expressions of little doctors and nurses reactions to the patients ...ranging from concern, calm, agitated and at the 10 chatty patient while grimacing behind pseudo smiles, sharing a bottle of Tylenol.

Who knows?  maybe Orthodoc was envisioning a lasso and duct tape at that point?  :)

The problem is that I genuinely like my doctors and also there's usually stuff to cover, but I also insert other things.  I may've been spoiled my my former PCP who ended up going to a corporate medical position.  HE was a chatty doc.  :)  I still miss him and hope he and his family are well.  Believe me there have been some doctors that I couldn't wait to get out of their presence.  So ...I'm not an across the board chatty patient. I've just been blessed with some nice doctors that seem to evoke the chatty in me.

Although, since learning so much from reading med blogs, I do try to be mindful of it.

I still feel bothered by hurricane Sandy and things that happened.  I feel unnerved about a few things and maybe I will write about them.  I also recently got some extremely upsetting news that had me reeling yesterday and last night, but I am fine now.  The situation isn't.  It's just beginning.  It is yet another reminder of the fragility of life.

I really want to write about some very personal thoughts ...but not sure if I should or not.

And I heard an amazing ...miracle (so it seems to me) story of healing for my spiritual mom ...a lady I met decades ago at the hospital where we became fast friends.  I think she is 82 or around there within a year.  She is this beautiful woman ..inside and out that radiates God's love.  It seems he really protected and took care of her.  Even medical staff didn't know how it was that she was still walking.  Thank you God!  :)

Oh ...and now ...I am going on 21 months that I will not have had a ureteral stricture/relapse.  Thank you God!  :)

I'm so excited that it is the Christmas season now.

Fa la la la l-a-a  la la la l-a-a!  :)

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