Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Festive Christmas Eve Urology Procedure! ;)

This just happens to be red and green glitter floating on milk and so it would work.  :)

Baking, baking and more baking ...'tis the season!  Aromas wafting through the house ...just WONDERFUL.  :)

 Still decorating the tree!  First time ever.  I keep reminding myself that my German friends don't even put their tree up until Christmas eve.

I am feeling like "Carol of the Bells"  in my spirit ...which is typical by now.  I wish I had everything all done.  Every year I do fantasize about it.  Well, I do feel great that the shopping is done except for 1 stocking stuffer and a few gift cards ...easy stuff to find.

I do have a uro appointment tomorrow and so I am bringing them what has now become a traditional basket of Christmas goodies from us.  I'm not thrilled about a Christmas Eve appointment, but I had to cancel earlier in the month and I want to go in before end of year met deductible runs out.  It will certainly feel festive though ...Christmas Eve is always exciting no matter what you do.

I am expecting an uneventful appointment and would about die if I had to do a PUP (pure urine procedure). For any new readers, that's my made up acronym for what the procedure is really called when they want a pure sample, using a catheter.  I never remember that.  I have just always had a block about it. Seriously ...right now ...I'm actually trying to remember what the procedure is called and I know it is obvious.  Total block I tell you.  That is how much I loathe doing it and I'm grateful that I have not had to in ages. Anyway ...moot point I am sure.  I am doing well and certainly don't feel ill - like I have a UTI or anything.  Thank God.

Admittedly ...I wouldn't feel so Christmas Eve festive getting a PUP and I would resist and bargain every which way possible.  I've actually thought this through ...planner that I am.  :)

It could of course be a festive procedure if urodoc and m/a would sing a Christmas carol for me.  I'd sing too ...but they'd flee from the exam room if I sang since because God didn't see the need to give me the ability to sing well.  Hey ...wait a minute ...I could threaten to SING ...if I had to do a PUP.  That is one way to clear a room.  ;)

I could shake some bells if they sang "Jingle Bells."

And if I had to do this procedure ...well it would also really help if  they also wore Santa hats.

  And I could wear one too!

And ..I could also toss red and green sparkly glitter in the air while he does the procedure.

Okay ...that is the ONLY way this SeaSpray would ever agree to do this or any procedure on Christmas Eve.

Just picture it:  patient waiting on exam table.  Doctor and M/A walk in into the exam room with Santa hats.  They give the patient a Santa hat to wear and bells to jingle.  (A pretty cranberry with lots of white fluffy fur please:), and then they put their Santa hats on. While they sing, the patient shakes the bells.  Then they sing a song of the patient's choice ... A capella ...sans bells.  And then after they finish their last song ...they give the patient a bag of sparkly red and green glitter to toss in the air at will ...during the procedure.

Okay ...even this SeaSpray will admit ...that might be worth it.  And it would certainly make for a festive Christmas Eve Urology procedure  A bit of distraction goes along way in facilitating an as comfortable as possible procedure.

But previously stated ...that is not a likely concern.  But that would be the deal breaker!  ;)

 Of course ...ever mindful of the urologic law of the universe ...when entering said urology office will be expected to give a urine sample and it doesn't matter who you are or why you are there.  You give up your bladder rights when you cross the threshold into the urology domain.  You will give a urine sample.

Just saying.
And ...I would just LOVE LOVE to sprinkle a little red and green glitter into my urine sample.  It would probably float on top ...initially anyway.  Ha ha!  I think that would be hilarious and at the very least a festive surprise.

I've always said my whizzie winkles were pretty.  The sparkly glitter would just enhance what is already there. ;)

I really want to do it.

 Do I dare?  :)

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