Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Update

It's Christmas Eve and it's snowing!  I LOVE snow and especially on Christmas Eve.  How perfect!  :)

Our kids surprised me with a computer and younger son set it up earlier.  I'm back in my cozy ..yet efficient work space ..with my books, things I like and a view.

Everyone is coming here tomorrow and I can't wait to see Christmas through the eyes of the children.  And of course Christmas dinner and celebrating with loved ones.  And snow in the morning.  :)

Oh and regarding the previous urology post ...you don't know how close I was to actually putting red and green glitter in my urine sample today ...but then I realize it would've been contaminated.  And not sure it would've been seen as funny ...although I still think it is. :)

When I come back ...I'll talk about today's appointment ..oh and something funny happened today ...or I should say I did something funny today and realized it when I was in the urology office waiting room.  :)

I just could not get my Christmas basket done for them in time and so will deliver it Wednesday morning.  Btw ...I think I need to take canoli stuffing 101.  I KNOW ...how could canoli stuffing be a challenge?  I cut the tube to high up ...is why.  And I baked the cookies and made the fudge Sunday night ..but I wrapped them up tight and so should be alright. They stay in a tin around here and remain fresh for days.  Then there are some other things in the basket too.  I love doing it for them.

Well ...I've got wrapping to do.

And now it is officially Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day ...where ever you are ..work ..home ..visiting ...enjoy this special day.

God bless you.  :)

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