Friday, December 21, 2012

Not What I Expected! :)

So there I was last night ...quietly sitting with mixed company ...facing each other (3 walls), in the waiting room of a medical office.  An opthamologist's office to be exact.  Well quietly, except for the rustle of 3 large notebook filled papers I had pulled out from my purse filled with a to do list, Christmas shopping ideas, food for Christmas baking and dinner.  Most notably ..a front and back filled out Christmas list made out for my convenience by 11 year old Devan.  Shades of her father for sure.  :)

Anyway, it's weird how pulling papers out of a pocketbook doesn't sound so loud at home, but in a waiting room in which you could here a pin drop because it is as quiet as an E.F. Hutton commercial (anyone remember the noise of that pin dropping on the desk?), it seems so magnified.  You just know that everyone pretending not to look at each other is glancing up ... is now looking your way.  Oh you do it too - we all do ...pretend we don't look, but we are curious about the people we are sharing the wait time with.

I was also juggling a book, a bottle of water and wearing a bright royal blue coat ...that definitely didn't allow me to just blend in.  While looking down, intently focusing on my list, I mindlessly felt around in my pocketbook for a tissue, pulled it out of my purse, but then just as I had almost pulled this l-o-n-g tissue out my abject horror and humiliation ...I realized too late that I had pulled out a KOTEX pad that had fallen out of it's covering!  I just felt the soft material and pulled it out!

I don't know if anyone saw what it was ..because I didn't dare look and possibly make eye contact ...with any MEN in the room!  My facial expression/red face (I could feel the heat) along with my energetically shoving it back into said purse at the speed of light, must've been somewhat entertaining.  Like I said ...I didn't dare look.  As a matter of fact,  I kept my eyes down until the doctor called me in.

Maybe if it were a gynecology office it wouldn't have been so bad.  I mean it's not unusual to associate Kotex pads with a gynecologist office ..right?  Although the blotting thing ...wrong end.

Oh ...I suppose I could've pretended that I wanted to blot my face with a Kotex.  "Yes are seeing correctly.  I WANT to pull this big Kotex pad out of my purse and blot my face with it.  They absorb so well.  You should try it.  Must be the excellent wicking process.  Really works I tell you!" 

 Who knows ...maybe I could've started a trend?  :)

Anyway, it was really nice of the doctor to squeeze me in to his appointments when I called at the end of the day.

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