Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Beautiful (Revised - Moved to Express More :)

Listening to Pandora Celtic and Classical Christmas music most of the day.

This song causes me to feel such love for so many people that come to mind that I care about.  I feel blessed that they are in or have been in my life.  I want all good things for them.  It causes me to feel grateful for so much.  What a profoundly moving song this is for me.  WOW.  And that is without knowing the lyrics.  The music and angelic sound of their voices pretty.

It even reminds me of my Scottish grandparents, mom and family ...that I am missing so much right now ...a lot.  I never heard this during my childhood, yet it causes me to think of them..  But also people in my present.








Stirred to a profound depth within my innermost being.

But is the main emotion I feel while listening.  I come back to the beginning and gratitude and wanting the best for everyone.

Do you have a song that causes you to feel this way?

And now ...after just reading the lyrics, it is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Christmas music is just wonderful and makes everything feel so Christmassy ...even the least favorite housework chores.  :)
I made a surprise crock pot recipe from when we were first married, only I cooked it on the stove because I wanted to make a large pot.  Son and friends are also around.  Now going to make some biscuits.

Still missing my own computer and out of sync with blogging.  look forward to being in my own blogging niche at some point ...soon I hope.  :)

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