Sunday, December 9, 2012

What NOT to Do When Cleaning a Paint Stick ...and Another Perspective

So ...I was washing out a paint stick in the kitchen sink (first mistake) this afternoon know those things that hold paint in the long tubular roller handle.   We were also going to go get a Christmas tree shortly, but had to wash it out first or it would harden closed.

I had washed some dishes first and then decided to tackle the paint rinsing job.  Without thinking (OBVIOUSLY), I pushed the long handle on the tube ...not realizing there was still paint in the roller bar.  It has all these holes  that allow the paint to go into the roller ...except the roller was not on this roller bar.

I shoved the tube down hard because it was already beginning to harden from last night.  And white paint went flying out ...everywhere!  On the clean dishes, Longerberger cookie jar, Longaberger basket, up on the wooden cabinets, on the curtains, on the lamp on left side of sink, across the counter, on top of the stove and down the front of the stainless steel door, on the tile and on ME!  I couldn't BELIEVE it!  But it was white PAINT and no time to remain in shock.  I was so MAD!

I scrambled to clean up the wooden cabinets.  What a mess.

Then I decided ..okay ...thank God for the delay.  Maybe it's a good thing.  Yeah ...that's it ..this was really a good thing. I didn't feel it ..but decided it felt better to go with that thought versus wallow in the extreme frustration I was feeling in the moment.  It worked.  :)

Some years ago, I heard someone say that instead of getting angry when stuck in a traffic jam or having to wait for some reason thank God for the delay because you may be being prevented from an accident of some kind up ahead.  I recall many of the WTC workers said they had delays that kept them from being at work on time that day.

Anyway's one perspective to consider when dealing with delays.

 I couldn't get to the dripping paint fast enough.  Fortunately it was latex and cleans up easily although was smearing. And I did break a couple of nails scraping it off the tile.  And I still have some paint in my hair.

 And we didn't go out to get a Christmas tree.

But ...our family room is a nice ...bright white.  YAY!.  :)

Just have to look for the good.  :)

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