Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Do Chocolate Labs and Flashlights Have in Common?

SeaSpray's Blog.  :)

Ha ha!  This reminds me of how our German Shepherd, Bob loved LOVED to go for a ride.  If anyone ever said the word ride or any word that even sounded like ride ...he'd be on instant alert ...ears at attention and he'd shoot you an eager look, like "Huh?!  Ride?  We're going for a RIDE?!"  :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grounded! ... Other Thoughts (a catharsis of sorts) ... But Grateful :)

Gratitude Helps Me Rise Above All Fears Poster By Donna Corless
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So ...I hate just being down to one vehicle and having to share our car.  Severely limiting right now.  Hopefully our other vehicle can still be repaired and is worth it to do because it's still under 100,000.00 miles even though it is an older one.  It would still be cheaper than buying another vehicle.  We did it once before (used one car), years ago and that was even more of a challenge I suppose, because we worked in different directions.  Fortunately, that didn't go on for too long and hopefully this won't either. 

We've also got some big changes going on in our family ...ultimately good I hope ...time will tell.

This month I hit and am now past the 22 month of being 22 months post ureteral stent removal without relapse.  That IS a wonderful thing.  :)

It is soooooo cold out and I know it's frigid across the country too.  I LOVE winter and cold weather! Invigorating!  Although not so invigorating when I was out and about last night.  :) And ..not the heat bills, of course.  I am mindful of hardships with cold and so I suppose I should say that when I forget about the hardships people suffer in the cold ..I LOVE winter.  But I'd never want anyone to be in the cold without the ability to be warm and safe from the elements.

I haven't written about it yet ...but ever since we were without electric (Lights, heat and running water), for almost 8 1/2 days from when Sandy came through our area ...I have felt vulnerable and unprepared.  We still are.  I realize just how fragile life as we know it is.  And I can only imagine how much worse it is for the people that actually lost everything in hurricane Sandy. But, I will do a separate post on this another time.  I'll just say that the experience here and the fact that it  was so devastated where I grew up as a child ...rocked me to my core in a way I didn't expect because not only was it disturbing for the destruction and loss that it was, it also tapped into some sad/bad childhood memories from those couple of years when Mom and I had it so tough and we had times of no electric, food, heat, and were lacking in other areas too.  I spent most of my life since then trying to forget and pretty much did.  In retrospect - that wasn't a good thing because we should've discussed our feelings verses letting them become this unspoken hurt and anger that it was.  But I also never wanted to hurt her and it was also too painful.  It was complicated.  And God knows ...Mom wore her feelings very close to her vest.  yes was complicated.

And so I was surprised on the second day of being in this cold house, when alone ..all of a sudden all these strong and very uncomfortable feelings came rushing up from within and I remembered back then like it was yesterday.  I also missed mom all over again and I WISHED I could go back to that time ..with my ADULT understanding and be a support to her. To hug her and let her know that I loved her.   But of course that wasn't possible and it all was what it was.  The feelings were just awful.

Even though I knew ..I don't live in that situation in the present, but rather that I have a much better life now and I am not as alone in silent desperation as mom and I did back then.  She never reached out for help - not to an agency - not to her brothers - to no one.  Well ...on most of the coldest nights she did arrange for me to sleep at her friend's house and I slept in with her daughters in their warm and cozy room.  But it HURT me so much when I'd watch her leave in the night her big fur coat that she loved (it was warm), knowing she was going back to our cold dark house.  I felt so guilty.  I was 13.  It wasn't my fault, but I felt so responsible... like I should be doing SOMETHING to help or that I should be there with her so she wasn't alone in that dark, cold house.  Every time she left ...I'd rush over to their sofa, get up on my knees and poke my head through the closed curtains and watch her walk away until she disappeared from under the street light ...soon completely engulfed by the dark night.  The worst was when it was snowing one night.

And I never told her or anyone that one night at their house ...i was on my way from the family room to upstairs, but when I hit the landing by the front door, I heard mom's friend and her husband arguing and he YELLING with his deep voice ... something about that he wasn't working feed someone else's kid.  I froze, but listened.  I remember feeling embarrassed, sad and like I didn't belong ...which I didn't.  I had so many strong feelings that I kept to myself back then.  I was so secretive about it all that I never told any friends how we were living.  I never asked for even a cracker even though I hadn't eaten.  I was afraid if I did ...then my friend would know we were poor.  And I guess ...I was like Mom ...good at keeping secrets.  Looking back MANY people would've done something to help. I didn't even tell my best friend, Iris ...until I was 27 and she was so shocked ...she didn't believe me and thought I was joking.  It took me a bit to finally convince her.  That was how good I was at keeping secrets... especially that secret.

I know I was also misunderstood as a young teenager because parents saw me hanging out at the drugstore or bowling alley or riding with older boys in their cars.  but, I had strong moral values that came from my Christian experiences/education.  I really was a good girl, didn't do drugs, smoke, drink and I believed in being a virgin.  I was just didn't want to stay in the house alone when mom was working and when my friends weren't available.  There wasn't any other family down there.  It wasn't a good feeling to be so misunderstood. I heard the gossip though.  And mom was probably too busy just trying to make ends meet.  Plus we were beginning to fight ...a lot and growing apart.  The final blow to our once close relationship ...was when she sent me away live up here with her brother and wife. I think I've written about it before inhere.  I said in her eulogy, that it wasn't until I had kids of my own ...that I realized she SACRIFICED so that I could have a better life was her LOVE for me that caused her to give me up be safe and in a better home environment where I would have things she couldn't give or do for me.  All I saw back then was rejection.  I also thought I angered her one to many times and so she sent me up here.  No doubt I did, but I don't believe she sent me away out of anger.  It was love.  I suppose I could write a book about all the stuff.  I do want to say ...Mom was a good person, helped people whenever she could even though she herself had so little ..she would selflessly give out of her own need and never say a word.  She also NEVER complained about her life.  Not one time did I ever hear her complain about what she didn't have.  never in her entire life.  Dreams.  She on occasion shared a dream for something ...but never complained. She worked hard, never drank or ran around.  She was a good mom that way.  She just had some hard times she had to deal with.  My father ...he's an entire other story.

Anyway ..that was then ...and certainly we weren't going through anything that difficult.  But ...the hurricane Sandy experiences and what I was hearing about the shore area on the radio juts catapulted my feelings right back to the past ..or I guess the past rose up colliding with my present.  Sigh.

Also, please know that I in no way compare these feelings to anything the people truly affected by that storm were and are feeling.  But feelings are feelings.  Right or wrong ...feelings rise up and are what they are.  It is what we choose to do with them that matters in the end.

Well ...I'm making a meat pie for my m-i-l and a salad for when she comes home from cataract surgery later and should get going.  She had one eye done and now is having the second one done.  She's been so excited to SEE again.  And she couldn't wait to get this one done today. 

And the Benghazi hearings with Hillary are on C-Span right now.

I do want to follow up with this post sometime and talk about emergency preparedness.  We a family still have to get on board with that.  Admittedly, I vacillate between concern and denial.  But this last event demonstrated how WOEFULLY unprepared we are.  I want to CHANGE that!

And finally ...I don't take things for granted like I used to.  I am so very grateful for all the blessings we do have in our lives.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Flu Prevention

 Whatever works!  :)

So is this not PC?  I HATE L-O-A-T-H-E  political correctness!

Because I find myself wondering if I am insulting someone ...when basically ...I am someone who goes out of her way NOT to insult someone.  I won't even make fun of anyone on TV. 

Anyway, this SeaSpray has an Irish last name for a middle name and a wee bit o' the Irish in her and she's NOT insulted. Therefore blogger's remorse.  Of course the fact she did a bit of a disclaimer ...demonstrates ..there is just a bit.  Also ...whenever This SeaSpray goes into 3rd person mode .... she's distancing.  :)

Still - f-u-n-n-y!

Okay - over thinking this - I know.

Darn PC.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee for Me... Please ......

but I can relate.  :)

(Shhhh ...don't tell my PCP or my Urologist!  More visuals at bottom of post  for what may happen to me if I revert back to my December ways. : )

I like tea at night and I believe it is good too drink benefits and all ...and relaxing ...but I just rarely drink tea.  I don't drink coffee all night either, but ever since using the Keurig coffee machine ...I have been having more caffeine.

DARN all those Keurig coffee flavors!  Especially Spicy Eggnog.  I love that flavor so much that I bought 3 large sized Holiday boxes ...just to get the Spicy Eggnog.  But there is also Gingerbread and French Toast flavors.  I like French Toast second, followed by the Gingerbread coffee.  You'd think I like the Gingerbread better given my proclivity for spicy drinks.  I love the Pumpkin Spice too.  Then there was the White Chocolate Mint flavor, Caramel Apple Drizzle,  Vanilla something, Morning Coffee-like that a lot too, and of course I will be going back to Hazelnut - my favorite before the holiday flavors.

The thing is the weekend I was painting the family room ...I didn't even realize the only thing I was drinking was the Keurig coffees.  No water.  No juice.  No any other beverage.  That probably also meant I was a bit on the dehydrated side since coffee is a diuretic.  I do remember being thirsty.  I don't know why I didn't just stop and drink a tall glass of water.  The thing is I didn't even realize how much coffee I was drinking because  I was so focused on just getting the job done and I was doing it with excruciating knee pain at the time.  Also, we have the smaller machine which only makes 6 oz at a time ...half the size of my 12 oz Longaberger mugs.  I am used to drinking 2 to 3 of those mugs a day ..although I often don't finish the mugs because coffee is cold at the lower end by the time I get around to drinking it all.

So ...what happened is I didn't feel right one night ..all tight in base of neck and a headache and so I took my blood pressure and oh and it was so high that ...myPCPwould'vehadmeonanotherhypertensionmedfasterthanIcouldblinkaneye ...kind of high!  I was so surprised and sat there wondering what was going on.

And then the light bulb moment occurred.  And out loud I said, "Ohhhh coffee really DOES elevate blood pressure. Yeah ...denial was running strong and I never really believed it before.

But from that moment on ...I did cut back.  I realized that I wasn't aware of the amount I was drinking because I always felt like I had only half a cup and I was more focused on flavors, knee pain and painting - getting the job done... then keeping track of caffeine.

But now ...I have all this Gingerbread and French Toast flavored coffee left over and the boxes say best if used by March.  Plus they're not my favorite flavors and it turned out that most people don't drink them either and I hate the idea of wasting it all. 

And then the other day I made a regular pot of coffee in my Bunn Coffee maker with coffee I had always enjoyed prior to the daily Keurig Coffee addiction and YUK  All this time I had been brewing DISHWATER with a hint of coffee flavor and didn't even know it!  So I've gotten myself used to stronger - bolder brewed coffee.  Which is kind of funny because I don't like Starbucks and never went to the new one near by because it tastes too bitter.  I also can't handle the really strong coffees and there are some Keurig regular flavors I won't drink.  So I think I am going to have to kick the flavor up a bit when I brew my own coffee.  I like the Keurig because it is perfect every time and when I make coffee for others I always wonder if it is too strong, too weak or just right? 

I always loved the coffee in the ER and it tasted soooooo good later at night if you could get one during a busy shift.  They all made it different strengths too but it was always good.

And talk about not missing what you never had.  For years all I ever drank at home was instant Taster's Choice freeze dried coffee and I LIKED it and so I never bothered to brew coffee.  No one else in my family drank coffee at the time.  And then when I got a Bunn coffee maker that instantly brewed the coffee because it continually heats the water inside - I fell in love with that.

But, this fall ...when we were without power for almost 8 days ...I went back to Taster's Choice instant coffee.  The house was sooooooo COLD for sooooooo LONG.  So, I boiled the water on the grill and then filled a large Thermos.  And I discovered that I did not like instant coffee any more.  Although ...I now believe it should always be in stock in case we lose power.

Anyway ...I won't waste the other two Christmas coffees if I drink them every day until they run out ...but I want other flavors too since they are not my favorite.  I mean who wants to look forward to a mediocre flavor just because you're using it up.  So ...I will have to add some regular or hazelnut coffee ...but then if I drink that AND all the remaining holiday coffee in the next two months the end of March I may be able to do THIS:

Or ...I may end up looking like this....


Or my bladder may revolt like this .....

Just saying.  ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Surgeon ...Suture Thyself?

Ohhh ...THIS  post I am recommending is a funny surgical post!  I laughed out loud!  :)

It's a post called, "Trust", written by Bongi, a surgeon and author of the blog, Other Things Amanzi.  He decides he will do his own surgery, but in short order he finds himself in a precarious situation.

I won't say anymore because it's best to read it in his own words.  :)

HERE is the link.  :)

Talk about tough and determined. 

And thank God for nurses.  :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wrennaism ...or Celestial Memory? Pondering Spirit Origins

The following is a conversation between Wrenna and her Mom:

"Wren is so weird. I said "I'm glad you were born. You're cute." She said "you had a dream, I could hear it before I was born. It hurt my head"
  I said,  "She comes out with the most interesting things. This one seemed profound in the beginning as if by some cosmic mystery her mom's unconscious mind connected with spirit Wren before she came into existence ..a meant to be existence. The headache was from the exciting AWESOMENESS of it.
A profound poetry line- very moving. Like a destiny calling. I've heard that young children ...because they haven't developed the resistance, i.e., the earthly filters ...are more open to spiritual things and can see angels, Jesus, etc.,  when adults are unable to see what the child sees. I always say newborns are fresh from God ...via Mom and Dad, of course.  But what are their memories? Is there a spiritual memory?   A spiritual imprint on a young child's soul ...not yet obscured by the cares and thought processes of this life? 
I've wondered this before which point does God breathe life into us?  Is there a first time spirit creation?  A preexistence with God and his angels kind of celestial memory?  Then the second time is when this life is breathed into a human body?  Or is it a one shot deal - this life only - FIRST?

For me the very least ...I do believe our our spirits are breathed into us from God at the moment of conception.
I've never read this in the scriptures but I've also wondered ...if we didn't have our children with our spouses, but we did have children ...would they be different spirits residing in their bodies?  (I've thought this because I cannot imagine not having the exact children we have.  A friend commented that they would still be born ..just in different bodies.  But when we say "they", we envision the complete person we already know.)   So, is a child predestined to be with certain people?  Yes ...appearance and personality traits might differ because of  the differing genetics ...but is their spirit the same?  And this same spirit ...would it still end up with one of the parents or would it go to other parents?  Although ...I wonder the why of that as well.  (I also read somewhere - maybe the same book (name escapes me) ..that in their pre-mortal existence they choose their destiny. Btw ...destiny - free will seem like an oxymoron ...although they do coexist, but that is another post. :)  Then either way it that.the unique genetics of an individual (physiological and psychological) are specifically chosen to unite with a particular spirit because the sum total of all three components of the individual will be what is needed to fulfill a destiny that also works in conjunction with other circumstances and events at a specific time in history; or in the lives of the people they will be in contact with?   I wonder how the spirit choices are matched up with the parents and why?  And certainly, not all situations are ideal - far from it, but even though we may not understand the why of it (if circumstances are questionable), does it serve some greater purpose? 

I suppose some think it is just some chance happening, even if they are inclined to believe in a spiritual existence... life created and spirit goes in.  Certainly others don't acknowledge a spirit in the ethereal sense, but rather think it is just about the biology - cause and effect and don't believe in any life beyond what is in the present existence.

I most definitely believe in God as creator and ultimate decision maker regarding life and death.  And I also believe we are all unique and created at the perfect time and for a purpose.  To everything there is a season and a reason.  I just wish I knew the why of things sometimes.

And ...I know ...we can't know these answers on this side of life.  :)

So ...if we are young spirits waiting to go into a human body prior to our human existence ...  could it be that the reason we connect so well with someone we just met, feeling a familiarity when we don't yet know them that we had a spiritual connection before birth?  Again - I am not saying this is scriptural ..just thoughts I've pondered.
Anyway ...look how profoundly her statement has affected me. That is a keeper. Would be a good line in a book, a song,  a love letter ..somewhere.

"you had a dream, I could hear it before I was born."I LOVE that!

  I don't know why it affects me so much ...but it does.  I guess it taps into not only my faith in God and all the possibilities and promises associated with him, but also my strong sense that there is so much more than what we see in our 3 1/2 dimension existence.  My faith is so strong that the possibilities are almost palpable.

I know it could also just be a Wrennaism.  She does come out with some interesting and/or funny things.  Out of the mouths of babes...

The following is an excerpt (and here is Excerpt Credit) from a post I came across when I was looking for a baby picture for this post.  I am only posting this for amusement and my posting does not imply that I see this as factual and was not the author's intent either.  I just can't help but to wonder about these things ...mysteries of life.  :)

Here is the excerpt:   "So, what does baby’s spirit do when he is not in the womb?  I think he is taking classes.  Just like a paratrooper has to take numerous lessons before he is allowed to descend to the world below, a baby spirit probably has to learn how to land correctly.
I think our little baby spirit is probably taking the following courses:

  • Avoiding umbilical cord entanglements.     School of anatomy.
  • The head first twist and shout.     Physical Education - Dance.
  • Kick on Que Pilates.      Physical Education - Yoga.
  • The four chords to crying.      School of music.
  • Boy or girl basics.      School of anatomy.
  • Looking cute as a button steps to success.      School of business.
  • Nurture or Nature.      School of psychology.
  • Coping with gravity.      School of physics.
  • Eat, drink, sleep and be merry.      School of psychology.
  • Attention ascertainment.      School of business.
  • The veil.      School of religion.
  • Making mommy, daddy and everyone else think you are still an angel.      School of babes."

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brinner and the Anaphylactic Reaction

The winter bowl didn't have kiwis and strawberries.  I have to say that every bite of the fruit in these LARGE Costco bowls of fresh fruit is juicy.  Some of it could've been a tad more ripened this time, but was still good and did ripen in the bowl.  But ...I digress.  

Earlier today, younger son was entertaining two girls in the kitchen when I came in.  And later ...while they were watching football and even though it was afternoon, he decided he'd make eggs for all of them.  But I offered and he gladly relinquished that task to me.  So I made them a large Christmas (I know it's over - but it's pretty and the design reminds me of nature in winter :), platter of scrambled eggs, and several slices of whole grain whole wheat toast, a bowl of cut up fruit and then the usual condiments, along with salsa, butter, and raspberry jelly.  I offered to make a pot of tea, but they had had coffee earlier and declined.

Brinner  (breakfast-dinner) was served.

It warmed my heart to see that they all generous portions.

(I'm going somewhere with this.)

I later heard they had some chocolate covered pomegranate and also chocolate covered nut clusters.

One of the girls had taken 2 Excedrin for a headache earlier.

Anyway, after they ate ...I heard son say, "Here take this Benadryl."

 "Uh oh",I say to myself.

Turns out that not long after she had the nut cluster The girl with the headache now felt the inside ...right side of her throat begin to close and feel itchy.


I asked if she had any allergies and she said no ..that she was tested for all foods and they didn't find any food allergens.  So ...I asked her anyway - everything she had and she didn't think it was it.  I saw a red splotch on her throat and she said it was eczema.  I asked if she is itchy anywhere else, any hives?  Negative.  Concerned about an anaphylactic reaction, I suggested she take a total of TWO Benadryl, which will make her sleepy and she is not going to be driving anywhere.  I also suggested they all get their shoes on and head up to the hospital ...just to be on the safe side.

She hesitated.

The swelling and itching seemed to remain on one side.

 I then told her of a neighbor (My older son used to call me "voice of doom" when it came to trying to head off any accidents, etc because of things I had seen at work), that had never been allergic to bees, was stung by multiple bees under his pants, continued working all day, got home at night, dropped his pants and immediately went into an anaphylactic reaction.  His throat almost closed up and wife got him to local ER just in time.  I said she's probably fine and the Benadrly should help, but again better to err on side of caution.  Even though she's an adult, I also suggested she call her parents. Maybe they would not appreciate me sending her to the ER  (SEE ...if timing is of the essence - we do need an ER on this side of county!)  Her mom suggested the Urgent Care.  Thinking I didn't want her to waste time - I had son google the hours and number and then the girl called, explained what was going on, to see if they would take her there.  The receptionist connected her to the nurse and the nurse suggested she go to ER.

I assume they are there by now.

I am thinking it must've been the nut clusters.  ORRRR was it the fresh fruit mix I served?  I bought it from Costco and it lists Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and USA.  Not sure what that means - but could it have a pesticide or something in it from another country?  Did the fruit come from those places?  It actually tastes very good and is the large bowl of fresh fruit chunks.  Very refreshing!

She will be alright.  But seriously ...I would not want to chance that at all.  I am also thinking ..any chance it is the candle I'm burning?   She needs to find out the cause and should pursue it because God forbid it happened again and she needed help and wasn't prepared/couldn't get it.

Update:  She's been discharged and resting at home.  Son said it was the papaya.  How do they know that?  Do hospital labs have a way of testing for food allergies?   Her mother met her at the hospital and so maybe she knew?  They gave her Prednisone.  I don't know if that was the treatment she received in the ER or if that was just for at home.
I had to laugh to myself though because she texted son after he got home and told him to thank "Mama SeaSpray" for everything.  Yes sweet girl ...your very welcome for my serving you food that caused you to have an anaphylactic reaction - sending you to the local ER.
Thankfully, she's alright.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Not my Best Decision

Can you drink tiny shards of pottery without feeling it in your mouth before you swallow?   Or ...can you drink pottery powder without detecting any graininess to the coffee?  And ...hypothetically speaking ...if you did drink said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder any amount ...could/would they cause a scratchy sensation at the back of your throat ...even though you didn't feel anything scratching your throat on the way down after said swallow?  And even if said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder didn't scratch the back of your throat ...could these hypothetical said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder  cut your stomach or intestines?   This SeaSpray is just wondering.

What can I say?

I really wanted that last Keurig Hazelnut coffee.

I was making dinner, cleaning up in the kitchen, and after hand washing some dishes ....I placed them in the drainer to dry.  Air drying is more sanitary ...right?  :)

Anyway ... I decided to have a Keurig Hazelnut coffee break before resuming the putting away of the Christmas ornaments ..which feels like it will take to eternity and back before I finish.  Anyway ..the coffee had just dripped through the machine, I turned to get the milk when I heard a noise I have not enjoyed hearing over the last few days ...the sound of breaking glass and breaking pottery.  *Sigh!*

It's been like I am some kind of Gremlin with powers that if I just enter an area ...inanimate breakable objects will just hurl themselves down onto the tile and break all over the place sending shards of broken glass and pottery everywhere ...not to mention really cause me Frustration and Sadness with a capital  "S" and "F" respectively.  What the heck?!

Anyway, I turned around only to see that son's extra tall ..really tall beer glass snapped off the drainer holder onto my Christmas Longaberger mug handle ...breaking the handle right off.  :(  I LIKED that mug.  It was the first piece of Longaberger pottery I ever bought. (2 mugs , actually) Our hospital pharmacist also sold Longaberger on the side.  I've always liked pottery and she sold me on those mugs ..stating that even her husband liked drinking coffee out of it because of the weight and hearty feel to it.  And I have to say the rounded bottom, thick upper rim just has a nice cozy feel to it and is a part of the coffee experience like no other mug is for me.  And they hold 12 oz.  Now I have 3 different sets of LB pottery one of them the Silver Bells Christmas dish set with pointsettias, pine cones and garland.  :)

So ...the coffee had just poured into the cup.  I cleaned up the broken pottery, wistfully looked at the Christmas mug sans handle and wondered if I could still drink the coffee.  It seemed the trajectory of the glass hitting the mug handle caused it to all fly downward and so I figured it was safe. And besides,  I would just swish it around my mouth to see if I felt anything first ...before swallowing.  It was a plan. Except then I thought ...maybe I should strain it and then thought ...nah ...I'd just slowly pour it into another mug and watch as it pored out.

Well ...theer's a reason handles are attached to mugs that hold hot beverages.  After playing hot potato between hands (I know a pot holder would've helped - have an aversion to them for some odd reason), I had it all poured into a different mug and didn't see any debris going in to second mug. Yes, I know a strainer would've been better.  Or not drinking it at all ...better yet.

I put the milk in and took a sip ...which was delightfully perfect... really hit the spot ...just the way you want a greatly desired cup of joe to do.  And another sip and I was doing the swishing thing too ..and didn't detect anything hard and scratchy, etc., and so I swallowed Another sip and then my throat began to feel irritated a bit.  never mind that I've had some kind of upper respiratory throat thing trying to get a hold of me on and off  ...this felt different.  I began feeling like I did the night I ate a salad (two servings) in a restaurant in which we heard something shatter big time in the kitchen ...only to find that at the bottom of our table salad bowl ...there were actual shards of glass and I was the only one at the table who had been eating from it.  (That was a stressful moment!  Seeing tiny pieces of glass in your salad AFTER already eating it!  I did worry about my intestines that night!) And I felt a scratch throat then and it was a distressing night after that dinner.  I can't believe I paid for it.  They gave a free desert... it should've been a free dinner.

Anyway ...after drinking about half the coffee, I decided it wasn't worth it no matter how MUCHIREALLYWANTED that last Hazelnut coffee.  Besides ...the fact that I had to swish the coffee in my mouth and worry about every swallow and afterwards ...kind of ruined the ambiance of the much coveted Keurig Hazelnut coffee moment.  *Sigh*

And fortunately a day later ...drinking said Keurig Hazelnut coffee has proven uneventful.  :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Facts Are Important

or not so important ...but funny!  Sure enough I was smiling and I laughed out loud by the time I got to #7 ..and technically ..there are 10 facts ...but who's counting?  ;Apparently we weren't.  )

Alone Time, Nekkid Surprise and Stuff :)

I just saw this episode recently.  Doug and Carrie arranged to have her dad stay with someone else for the weekend and they are so excited about all the things they want to do while they have their privacy in the house back.  No ...I never jumped nekkid on furniture like Doug.  ;)

Okay - this is an afterthought ...but what do getting nekkid and black bears have to do with each other?  Answer below.  :)


Alone time - I have the house all to myself today ...and tomorrow do whatever I want to do ..or not ... sans interruption.  I can play music loudly ...something I love to do when doing things around the house.  And maybe this is TMI, I can also close all curtains and go buck nekkid if I want to ..or not.  While not a habit or anything, I've done that ...just because.   Doesn't everybody at some point?  Only once did I shriek in abject fear, ducking behind the counter when someone unexpectedly began unlocking the door off the kitchen and is when my freedom au natural almost backfired. It was Mr SeaSpray.  I guess I like living on the edge sometimes.  ;)

Okay ...I am digressing for a bit from my original intent of this post so please bare (pun and intended) with me.  Oh wait ..that's wrong ...I'm not inviting you to get nekkid too ...NO NO NO! Do not BARE with me.  Please BEAR with me as in be patient with me.  Momentary glitch as I always think of BEAR as in the black BEARS around here.  Ha ha!  It worked tho - darn.  ;)

Oh ..and that reminds me of something that happened just after Christmas one night (this year) ...or morning I suppose ..since it was 2am.  And I most definitely would've shrieked had I realized what was happening, and scared Mr SeaSpray right out of his sound sleep at about 2 am.  I was undressing for bed ...with 2 different lights on.  No big deal.  And in that nekkid state ...I walked over to his side of the bed to our dresser to get something and then something out of the closet for the next morning, hung it up outside the closet  and also went looking for a couple of things and then brushed my hair.  Not-a-care in the world.  It was maybe only 10 minutes - max.

Then I shut one light off, went to bed and shut the other one off.  I just laid there in thought a couple of minutes ...until my great dismay .... the window curtains in front of me caught my attention.  I love them.  They're white with pretty blue roses on them ...and very sheer.  And they seemed to be somewhat lit up  ..the way that happens when the pretty silver moonlight shines against them.

"Wait ...what?!  Why is that all lit up?  Is that MOONLIGHT?!  MOONLIGHT???! "  Then I quickly looked to the left of me.  (There is a side road and neighbor's 2 story house across the street on that side of our bedroom.  Our other neighbor's house is off to the left and not as far from our back bedroom window and if they wanted to ..they could also look down inside.  Then there are other neighbors in the back at a distance.)  "OMG Mr SeaSpray never pulled the shades down before he went to bed!!!"  Oh boy did I do some internal SHRIEKING ... while feeling profound, mortal embarrassment!  And I seriously hoped and still do that no one was out there ... or in their houses and up at that time ...just happening to look over our way, with a view into our bedroom.  OMG!  That was an OMG for right now just thinking of it.  I was just so nonchalantly doing these little things before bed ...clueless about my lack of privacy in the moment.  What an embarrassing and creepy feeling.  And that moment of realization must've shot adrenalin through my body because then I felt wide awake.

I seem to be a magnet for these caught nekkid events in my life - seriously.  Here is  just a couple of other posts written in past years on the topic: 

I'm pretty sure I could write a book just on my life's most embarrassing moments and fill it up with content.  :)

Anyway ...what I am actually doing today that I am still putting Christmas decorations away.  It takes a while to set up and even longer to pack away because you have take time to pack things correctly.  It's also way more fun to decorate.  :)  And this may be too much information, but I'm still taking tree decorations down too ...although son or Mr SeaSpray will have to undo the top.  Actually little Myles already began to help me remove decorations when he was here over the weekend.  He turned 2 last week and was so fascinated by the Christmas tree and his mission while here was to see how many things he could remove whenever I left the room.  :)

Even as I type this, our Twp guys have been driving by in a truck ...looking for Christmas trees to pick up.  So they will have ours tomorrow.  I've said this before, but I just love when snow light reflects into the house making everything so bright.  Great for cleaning ...not to mention cheery.  :)

I'm making pork chops (still not sure what recipe), homemade au gratin potatoes and green beans or a salad ..not sure and homemade applesauce for dinner tonight.

Anyway is so pretty outside.  Ever since moving up here from the shore ...winter has always been one of my favorite seasons.  I just LOVE the snowy mountains and appreciate the contrasts of the rocks and well as the different trees ...regular trees, evergreen and cedar trees.  Also, I especially love the contrast of snowy mountains on cloudy days.  So pretty.  And yesterday ...I enjoyed watching the skiers and snowboarders at the ski area.  I imagine the ER at the hospital I worked in for so long is in full swing right now between the ski area injuries and flu season.  They could get some pretty hellacious shifts -almost non stop during the winter. I do miss it.  :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good BYE

Good BYE SpicyEggnogKeurigCoffee.  I'm really going to miss you!  I love you so MUCH!  I've enjoyed our time together.  What a holiday delight you were!  Thank you for being so satisfying, comforting and delicious.  Mmmmm...  And ...your almost gone ...  just a few sips left.  But not forever.  Until we meet again Christmas season ... à bientôt.  :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Jump Start! -Boinging Beach Ball Belly;)

Like this ...except just forward and down and back up and back...repeatedly.  :)

And now ...I shall explain.

After reading a post by WC , in which a woman was shocked to find out she was not constipated, but in labor and delivered a baby boy;  I began thinking about all the things I felt when I was pregnant with our sons.

And then I remembered how hard it was to get out of our water bed when I was pregnant.  Which was because I had a beach ball pregnant belly that sure wasn't gonna give in to any abdominal crunching that would allow me to bend forward to get up and out ...right girls?   And we both slept lower in the water part of the bed than the side rails were.  That is because if there was a leak ...the water would have to be contained inside the walls.

Anyway, when pregnant we need support to counter just sinking into furniture and having to stay there.... forever.  Otherwise there are crazy ways to contort our bodies to get out of something ...sideways ...stretching legs all the way out and rolling forward to one side while simultaneously using extremities to push up, doing a back bend move while pushing up with extremities ...not pretty.  So basically ...just sticking with the firm furniture works best.  Oh and having someone assist you works too.  :)  And even though we had the cylinder kind of water bed vs free flowing ...water is not supportive ( I did love that splashing sound tho :), and there simply was no way this then pregnant SeaSpray was getting out of the bed in anyway resembling normal.  It was even worse on my girlfriend's free flowing water bed ...let me tell you.  (That's another story sometime)  A video would've been funny.

  And then I thought about how I actually did getoutofourbed.

So what did I do?

I had to raise both legs high up in the air and then quickly thrust them back down over the side of the bed ...feet hitting the that the momentum catapulted  the rest of my body UPWARD and OUT of the water bed and into a STANDING position.  Picture a gymnast landing ...but ...sans the graceful landing.

No wonder younger son became an acrobat.  I'm KIDDING!  ;) I wonder what the little guy thought though?   WEEEEEEE! ??

Talk about jump starts!  I do think younger son woke up with this morning routine.  :)

I'm pretty sure I got out of that bed faster while pregnant then I ever did when I wasn't.  Not that it was difficult when I wasn't pregnant ...I just wasn't in catapulting mode anymore.   Everyone knows ...catapulting is fast moving - just saying.

Rise and shine!  Helloooo world! All I had to so was salute!  SeaSpray reporting for duty!  :)

And it's a good thing with all that momentum catapulting me up and out that I didn't shoot forward onto the floor on my full term beach ball belly once upright ...or I might have ricocheted back and forth ...up and down between floor-bed...floor-bed, until I settled somewhere.  Boing-boing...boing-boing ...boi-n-g-b-o-i-n-g! ...and so on.

Just saying.  ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Over Ohio Today

 Sky rage (as a joke) was my first reaction ...before seeing the graphic and then processing the visual.  :)

My friend that saw this today did the graphic recreation and in FB said:  "Looked to the sky and see 2 jets tailing each other going west...don't know what that was about and didn't have my cell phone handy to take a pic 
:( very curious"  Then later: "This is what the 2 jets looked like, that S and I saw flying West today over Wooster/Apple Creek area around maybe 12:20pm or so, and they sure looked like commercial airliners. Now possibly they were at different altitudes but that's too close for comfort from our view."

That being said ...I then wondered ...if there could possibly be a nefarious reason ...right?  Now ...I really am wondering why 2 jets would fly this close to each other, with one seemingly tailgating the other?

Altitude illusion?

Training exercise?  And for what?

Irresponsible pilots goofing off?  (Not likely)

Controller error?  (Jets would see it)

No one paying attention while jet on autopilot?

Sky rage?

Nefarious reason?

Does anyone know what this was or why jets would fly this way?

 AND ... I wonder if it should be reported?  I would think controllers  and radar systems know what is going on up there ...but what if?  What if something was missed?  I know there is probably a logical explanation ...but after 911 ...can't help but think about it.

God forbid.