Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alone Time, Nekkid Surprise and Stuff :)

I just saw this episode recently.  Doug and Carrie arranged to have her dad stay with someone else for the weekend and they are so excited about all the things they want to do while they have their privacy in the house back.  No ...I never jumped nekkid on furniture like Doug.  ;)

Okay - this is an afterthought ...but what do getting nekkid and black bears have to do with each other?  Answer below.  :)


Alone time - I have the house all to myself today ...and tomorrow ...to do whatever I want to do ..or not ... sans interruption.  I can play music loudly ...something I love to do when doing things around the house.  And maybe this is TMI, I can also close all curtains and go buck nekkid if I want to ..or not.  While not a habit or anything, I've done that ...just because.   Doesn't everybody at some point?  Only once did I shriek in abject fear, ducking behind the counter when someone unexpectedly began unlocking the door off the kitchen and is when my freedom au natural almost backfired. It was Mr SeaSpray.  I guess I like living on the edge sometimes.  ;)

Okay ...I am digressing for a bit from my original intent of this post so please bare (pun and intended) with me.  Oh wait ..that's wrong ...I'm not inviting you to get nekkid too ...NO NO NO! Do not BARE with me.  Please BEAR with me as in be patient with me.  Momentary glitch as I always think of BEAR as in the black BEARS around here.  Ha ha!  It worked tho - darn.  ;)

Oh ..and that reminds me of something that happened just after Christmas one night (this year) ...or morning I suppose ..since it was 2am.  And I most definitely would've shrieked had I realized what was happening, and scared Mr SeaSpray right out of his sound sleep at about 2 am.  I was undressing for bed ...with 2 different lights on.  No big deal.  And in that nekkid state ...I walked over to his side of the bed to our dresser to get something and then ...got something out of the closet for the next morning, hung it up outside the closet  and also went looking for a couple of things and then brushed my hair.  Not-a-care in the world.  It was maybe only 10 minutes - max.

Then I shut one light off, went to bed and shut the other one off.  I just laid there in thought a couple of minutes ...until ...to my great dismay .... the window curtains in front of me caught my attention.  I love them.  They're white with pretty blue roses on them ...and very sheer.  And they seemed to be somewhat lit up  ..the way that happens when the pretty silver moonlight shines against them.

"Wait ...what?!  Why is that all lit up?  Is that MOONLIGHT?!  MOONLIGHT???! "  Then I quickly looked to the left of me.  (There is a side road and neighbor's 2 story house across the street on that side of our bedroom.  Our other neighbor's house is off to the left and not as far from our back bedroom window and if they wanted to ..they could also look down inside.  Then there are other neighbors in the back at a distance.)  "OMG Mr SeaSpray never pulled the shades down before he went to bed!!!"  Oh boy did I do some internal SHRIEKING ... while feeling profound, mortal embarrassment!  And I seriously hoped and still do that no one was out there ... or in their houses and up at that time ...just happening to look over our way, with a view into our bedroom.  OMG!  That was an OMG for right now just thinking of it.  I was just so nonchalantly doing these little things before bed ...clueless about my lack of privacy in the moment.  What an embarrassing and creepy feeling.  And that moment of realization must've shot adrenalin through my body because then I felt wide awake.

I seem to be a magnet for these caught nekkid events in my life - seriously.  Here is  just a couple of other posts written in past years on the topic:



I'm pretty sure I could write a book just on my life's most embarrassing moments and fill it up with content.  :)

Anyway ...what I am actually doing today ...is that I am still putting Christmas decorations away.  It takes a while to set up and even longer to pack away because you have take time to pack things correctly.  It's also way more fun to decorate.  :)  And this may be too much information, but I'm still taking tree decorations down too ...although son or Mr SeaSpray will have to undo the top.  Actually little Myles already began to help me remove decorations when he was here over the weekend.  He turned 2 last week and was so fascinated by the Christmas tree and his mission while here was to see how many things he could remove whenever I left the room.  :)

Even as I type this, our Twp guys have been driving by in a truck ...looking for Christmas trees to pick up.  So they will have ours tomorrow.  I've said this before, but I just love when snow light reflects into the house making everything so bright.  Great for cleaning ...not to mention cheery.  :)

I'm making pork chops (still not sure what recipe), homemade au gratin potatoes and green beans or a salad ..not sure and homemade applesauce for dinner tonight.

Anyway ...it is so pretty outside.  Ever since moving up here from the shore ...winter has always been one of my favorite seasons.  I just LOVE the snowy mountains and appreciate the contrasts of the rocks and boulders...as well as the different trees ...regular trees, evergreen and cedar trees.  Also, I especially love the contrast of snowy mountains on cloudy days.  So pretty.  And yesterday ...I enjoyed watching the skiers and snowboarders at the ski area.  I imagine the ER at the hospital I worked in for so long is in full swing right now between the ski area injuries and flu season.  They could get some pretty hellacious shifts -almost non stop during the winter. I do miss it.  :)

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