Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brinner and the Anaphylactic Reaction

The winter bowl didn't have kiwis and strawberries.  I have to say that every bite of the fruit in these LARGE Costco bowls of fresh fruit is juicy.  Some of it could've been a tad more ripened this time, but was still good and did ripen in the bowl.  But ...I digress.  

Earlier today, younger son was entertaining two girls in the kitchen when I came in.  And later ...while they were watching football and even though it was afternoon, he decided he'd make eggs for all of them.  But I offered and he gladly relinquished that task to me.  So I made them a large Christmas (I know it's over - but it's pretty and the design reminds me of nature in winter :), platter of scrambled eggs, and several slices of whole grain whole wheat toast, a bowl of cut up fruit and then the usual condiments, along with salsa, butter, and raspberry jelly.  I offered to make a pot of tea, but they had had coffee earlier and declined.

Brinner  (breakfast-dinner) was served.

It warmed my heart to see that they all generous portions.

(I'm going somewhere with this.)

I later heard they had some chocolate covered pomegranate and also chocolate covered nut clusters.

One of the girls had taken 2 Excedrin for a headache earlier.

Anyway, after they ate ...I heard son say, "Here take this Benadryl."

 "Uh oh",I say to myself.

Turns out that not long after she had the nut cluster The girl with the headache now felt the inside ...right side of her throat begin to close and feel itchy.


I asked if she had any allergies and she said no ..that she was tested for all foods and they didn't find any food allergens.  So ...I asked her anyway - everything she had and she didn't think it was it.  I saw a red splotch on her throat and she said it was eczema.  I asked if she is itchy anywhere else, any hives?  Negative.  Concerned about an anaphylactic reaction, I suggested she take a total of TWO Benadryl, which will make her sleepy and she is not going to be driving anywhere.  I also suggested they all get their shoes on and head up to the hospital ...just to be on the safe side.

She hesitated.

The swelling and itching seemed to remain on one side.

 I then told her of a neighbor (My older son used to call me "voice of doom" when it came to trying to head off any accidents, etc because of things I had seen at work), that had never been allergic to bees, was stung by multiple bees under his pants, continued working all day, got home at night, dropped his pants and immediately went into an anaphylactic reaction.  His throat almost closed up and wife got him to local ER just in time.  I said she's probably fine and the Benadrly should help, but again better to err on side of caution.  Even though she's an adult, I also suggested she call her parents. Maybe they would not appreciate me sending her to the ER  (SEE ...if timing is of the essence - we do need an ER on this side of county!)  Her mom suggested the Urgent Care.  Thinking I didn't want her to waste time - I had son google the hours and number and then the girl called, explained what was going on, to see if they would take her there.  The receptionist connected her to the nurse and the nurse suggested she go to ER.

I assume they are there by now.

I am thinking it must've been the nut clusters.  ORRRR was it the fresh fruit mix I served?  I bought it from Costco and it lists Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and USA.  Not sure what that means - but could it have a pesticide or something in it from another country?  Did the fruit come from those places?  It actually tastes very good and is the large bowl of fresh fruit chunks.  Very refreshing!

She will be alright.  But seriously ...I would not want to chance that at all.  I am also thinking ..any chance it is the candle I'm burning?   She needs to find out the cause and should pursue it because God forbid it happened again and she needed help and wasn't prepared/couldn't get it.

Update:  She's been discharged and resting at home.  Son said it was the papaya.  How do they know that?  Do hospital labs have a way of testing for food allergies?   Her mother met her at the hospital and so maybe she knew?  They gave her Prednisone.  I don't know if that was the treatment she received in the ER or if that was just for at home.
I had to laugh to myself though because she texted son after he got home and told him to thank "Mama SeaSpray" for everything.  Yes sweet girl ...your very welcome for my serving you food that caused you to have an anaphylactic reaction - sending you to the local ER.
Thankfully, she's alright.

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