Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee for Me... Please ......

but I can relate.  :)

(Shhhh ...don't tell my PCP or my Urologist!  More visuals at bottom of post  for what may happen to me if I revert back to my December ways. : )

I like tea at night and I believe it is good too drink benefits and all ...and relaxing ...but I just rarely drink tea.  I don't drink coffee all night either, but ever since using the Keurig coffee machine ...I have been having more caffeine.

DARN all those Keurig coffee flavors!  Especially Spicy Eggnog.  I love that flavor so much that I bought 3 large sized Holiday boxes ...just to get the Spicy Eggnog.  But there is also Gingerbread and French Toast flavors.  I like French Toast second, followed by the Gingerbread coffee.  You'd think I like the Gingerbread better given my proclivity for spicy drinks.  I love the Pumpkin Spice too.  Then there was the White Chocolate Mint flavor, Caramel Apple Drizzle,  Vanilla something, Morning Coffee-like that a lot too, and of course I will be going back to Hazelnut - my favorite before the holiday flavors.

The thing is the weekend I was painting the family room ...I didn't even realize the only thing I was drinking was the Keurig coffees.  No water.  No juice.  No any other beverage.  That probably also meant I was a bit on the dehydrated side since coffee is a diuretic.  I do remember being thirsty.  I don't know why I didn't just stop and drink a tall glass of water.  The thing is I didn't even realize how much coffee I was drinking because  I was so focused on just getting the job done and I was doing it with excruciating knee pain at the time.  Also, we have the smaller machine which only makes 6 oz at a time ...half the size of my 12 oz Longaberger mugs.  I am used to drinking 2 to 3 of those mugs a day ..although I often don't finish the mugs because coffee is cold at the lower end by the time I get around to drinking it all.

So ...what happened is I didn't feel right one night ..all tight in base of neck and a headache and so I took my blood pressure and oh and it was so high that ...myPCPwould'vehadmeonanotherhypertensionmedfasterthanIcouldblinkaneye ...kind of high!  I was so surprised and sat there wondering what was going on.

And then the light bulb moment occurred.  And out loud I said, "Ohhhh coffee really DOES elevate blood pressure. Yeah ...denial was running strong and I never really believed it before.

But from that moment on ...I did cut back.  I realized that I wasn't aware of the amount I was drinking because I always felt like I had only half a cup and I was more focused on flavors, knee pain and painting - getting the job done... then keeping track of caffeine.

But now ...I have all this Gingerbread and French Toast flavored coffee left over and the boxes say best if used by March.  Plus they're not my favorite flavors and it turned out that most people don't drink them either and I hate the idea of wasting it all. 

And then the other day I made a regular pot of coffee in my Bunn Coffee maker with coffee I had always enjoyed prior to the daily Keurig Coffee addiction and YUK  All this time I had been brewing DISHWATER with a hint of coffee flavor and didn't even know it!  So I've gotten myself used to stronger - bolder brewed coffee.  Which is kind of funny because I don't like Starbucks and never went to the new one near by because it tastes too bitter.  I also can't handle the really strong coffees and there are some Keurig regular flavors I won't drink.  So I think I am going to have to kick the flavor up a bit when I brew my own coffee.  I like the Keurig because it is perfect every time and when I make coffee for others I always wonder if it is too strong, too weak or just right? 

I always loved the coffee in the ER and it tasted soooooo good later at night if you could get one during a busy shift.  They all made it different strengths too but it was always good.

And talk about not missing what you never had.  For years all I ever drank at home was instant Taster's Choice freeze dried coffee and I LIKED it and so I never bothered to brew coffee.  No one else in my family drank coffee at the time.  And then when I got a Bunn coffee maker that instantly brewed the coffee because it continually heats the water inside - I fell in love with that.

But, this fall ...when we were without power for almost 8 days ...I went back to Taster's Choice instant coffee.  The house was sooooooo COLD for sooooooo LONG.  So, I boiled the water on the grill and then filled a large Thermos.  And I discovered that I did not like instant coffee any more.  Although ...I now believe it should always be in stock in case we lose power.

Anyway ...I won't waste the other two Christmas coffees if I drink them every day until they run out ...but I want other flavors too since they are not my favorite.  I mean who wants to look forward to a mediocre flavor just because you're using it up.  So ...I will have to add some regular or hazelnut coffee ...but then if I drink that AND all the remaining holiday coffee in the next two months the end of March I may be able to do THIS:

Or ...I may end up looking like this....


Or my bladder may revolt like this .....

Just saying.  ;)

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