Friday, January 4, 2013

Jump Start! -Boinging Beach Ball Belly;)

Like this ...except just forward and down and back up and back...repeatedly.  :)

And now ...I shall explain.

After reading a post by WC , in which a woman was shocked to find out she was not constipated, but in labor and delivered a baby boy;  I began thinking about all the things I felt when I was pregnant with our sons.

And then I remembered how hard it was to get out of our water bed when I was pregnant.  Which was because I had a beach ball pregnant belly that sure wasn't gonna give in to any abdominal crunching that would allow me to bend forward to get up and out ...right girls?   And we both slept lower in the water part of the bed than the side rails were.  That is because if there was a leak ...the water would have to be contained inside the walls.

Anyway, when pregnant we need support to counter just sinking into furniture and having to stay there.... forever.  Otherwise there are crazy ways to contort our bodies to get out of something ...sideways ...stretching legs all the way out and rolling forward to one side while simultaneously using extremities to push up, doing a back bend move while pushing up with extremities ...not pretty.  So basically ...just sticking with the firm furniture works best.  Oh and having someone assist you works too.  :)  And even though we had the cylinder kind of water bed vs free flowing ...water is not supportive ( I did love that splashing sound tho :), and there simply was no way this then pregnant SeaSpray was getting out of the bed in anyway resembling normal.  It was even worse on my girlfriend's free flowing water bed ...let me tell you.  (That's another story sometime)  A video would've been funny.

  And then I thought about how I actually did getoutofourbed.

So what did I do?

I had to raise both legs high up in the air and then quickly thrust them back down over the side of the bed ...feet hitting the that the momentum catapulted  the rest of my body UPWARD and OUT of the water bed and into a STANDING position.  Picture a gymnast landing ...but ...sans the graceful landing.

No wonder younger son became an acrobat.  I'm KIDDING!  ;) I wonder what the little guy thought though?   WEEEEEEE! ??

Talk about jump starts!  I do think younger son woke up with this morning routine.  :)

I'm pretty sure I got out of that bed faster while pregnant then I ever did when I wasn't.  Not that it was difficult when I wasn't pregnant ...I just wasn't in catapulting mode anymore.   Everyone knows ...catapulting is fast moving - just saying.

Rise and shine!  Helloooo world! All I had to so was salute!  SeaSpray reporting for duty!  :)

And it's a good thing with all that momentum catapulting me up and out that I didn't shoot forward onto the floor on my full term beach ball belly once upright ...or I might have ricocheted back and forth ...up and down between floor-bed...floor-bed, until I settled somewhere.  Boing-boing...boing-boing ...boi-n-g-b-o-i-n-g! ...and so on.

Just saying.  ;)

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