Saturday, January 12, 2013

Not my Best Decision

Can you drink tiny shards of pottery without feeling it in your mouth before you swallow?   Or ...can you drink pottery powder without detecting any graininess to the coffee?  And ...hypothetically speaking ...if you did drink said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder any amount ...could/would they cause a scratchy sensation at the back of your throat ...even though you didn't feel anything scratching your throat on the way down after said swallow?  And even if said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder didn't scratch the back of your throat ...could these hypothetical said tiny shards of pottery and/or pottery powder  cut your stomach or intestines?   This SeaSpray is just wondering.

What can I say?

I really wanted that last Keurig Hazelnut coffee.

I was making dinner, cleaning up in the kitchen, and after hand washing some dishes ....I placed them in the drainer to dry.  Air drying is more sanitary ...right?  :)

Anyway ... I decided to have a Keurig Hazelnut coffee break before resuming the putting away of the Christmas ornaments ..which feels like it will take to eternity and back before I finish.  Anyway ..the coffee had just dripped through the machine, I turned to get the milk when I heard a noise I have not enjoyed hearing over the last few days ...the sound of breaking glass and breaking pottery.  *Sigh!*

It's been like I am some kind of Gremlin with powers that if I just enter an area ...inanimate breakable objects will just hurl themselves down onto the tile and break all over the place sending shards of broken glass and pottery everywhere ...not to mention really cause me Frustration and Sadness with a capital  "S" and "F" respectively.  What the heck?!

Anyway, I turned around only to see that son's extra tall ..really tall beer glass snapped off the drainer holder onto my Christmas Longaberger mug handle ...breaking the handle right off.  :(  I LIKED that mug.  It was the first piece of Longaberger pottery I ever bought. (2 mugs , actually) Our hospital pharmacist also sold Longaberger on the side.  I've always liked pottery and she sold me on those mugs ..stating that even her husband liked drinking coffee out of it because of the weight and hearty feel to it.  And I have to say the rounded bottom, thick upper rim just has a nice cozy feel to it and is a part of the coffee experience like no other mug is for me.  And they hold 12 oz.  Now I have 3 different sets of LB pottery one of them the Silver Bells Christmas dish set with pointsettias, pine cones and garland.  :)

So ...the coffee had just poured into the cup.  I cleaned up the broken pottery, wistfully looked at the Christmas mug sans handle and wondered if I could still drink the coffee.  It seemed the trajectory of the glass hitting the mug handle caused it to all fly downward and so I figured it was safe. And besides,  I would just swish it around my mouth to see if I felt anything first ...before swallowing.  It was a plan. Except then I thought ...maybe I should strain it and then thought ...nah ...I'd just slowly pour it into another mug and watch as it pored out.

Well ...theer's a reason handles are attached to mugs that hold hot beverages.  After playing hot potato between hands (I know a pot holder would've helped - have an aversion to them for some odd reason), I had it all poured into a different mug and didn't see any debris going in to second mug. Yes, I know a strainer would've been better.  Or not drinking it at all ...better yet.

I put the milk in and took a sip ...which was delightfully perfect... really hit the spot ...just the way you want a greatly desired cup of joe to do.  And another sip and I was doing the swishing thing too ..and didn't detect anything hard and scratchy, etc., and so I swallowed Another sip and then my throat began to feel irritated a bit.  never mind that I've had some kind of upper respiratory throat thing trying to get a hold of me on and off  ...this felt different.  I began feeling like I did the night I ate a salad (two servings) in a restaurant in which we heard something shatter big time in the kitchen ...only to find that at the bottom of our table salad bowl ...there were actual shards of glass and I was the only one at the table who had been eating from it.  (That was a stressful moment!  Seeing tiny pieces of glass in your salad AFTER already eating it!  I did worry about my intestines that night!) And I felt a scratch throat then and it was a distressing night after that dinner.  I can't believe I paid for it.  They gave a free desert... it should've been a free dinner.

Anyway ...after drinking about half the coffee, I decided it wasn't worth it no matter how MUCHIREALLYWANTED that last Hazelnut coffee.  Besides ...the fact that I had to swish the coffee in my mouth and worry about every swallow and afterwards ...kind of ruined the ambiance of the much coveted Keurig Hazelnut coffee moment.  *Sigh*

And fortunately a day later ...drinking said Keurig Hazelnut coffee has proven uneventful.  :)

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