Thursday, January 3, 2013

Over Ohio Today

 Sky rage (as a joke) was my first reaction ...before seeing the graphic and then processing the visual.  :)

My friend that saw this today did the graphic recreation and in FB said:  "Looked to the sky and see 2 jets tailing each other going west...don't know what that was about and didn't have my cell phone handy to take a pic 
:( very curious"  Then later: "This is what the 2 jets looked like, that S and I saw flying West today over Wooster/Apple Creek area around maybe 12:20pm or so, and they sure looked like commercial airliners. Now possibly they were at different altitudes but that's too close for comfort from our view."

That being said ...I then wondered ...if there could possibly be a nefarious reason ...right?  Now ...I really am wondering why 2 jets would fly this close to each other, with one seemingly tailgating the other?

Altitude illusion?

Training exercise?  And for what?

Irresponsible pilots goofing off?  (Not likely)

Controller error?  (Jets would see it)

No one paying attention while jet on autopilot?

Sky rage?

Nefarious reason?

Does anyone know what this was or why jets would fly this way?

 AND ... I wonder if it should be reported?  I would think controllers  and radar systems know what is going on up there ...but what if?  What if something was missed?  I know there is probably a logical explanation ...but after 911 ...can't help but think about it.

God forbid.

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