Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wrennaism ...or Celestial Memory? Pondering Spirit Origins

The following is a conversation between Wrenna and her Mom:

"Wren is so weird. I said "I'm glad you were born. You're cute." She said "you had a dream, I could hear it before I was born. It hurt my head"
  I said,  "She comes out with the most interesting things. This one seemed profound in the beginning as if by some cosmic mystery her mom's unconscious mind connected with spirit Wren before she came into existence ..a meant to be existence. The headache was from the exciting AWESOMENESS of it.
A profound poetry line- very moving. Like a destiny calling. I've heard that young children ...because they haven't developed the resistance, i.e., the earthly filters ...are more open to spiritual things and can see angels, Jesus, etc.,  when adults are unable to see what the child sees. I always say newborns are fresh from God ...via Mom and Dad, of course.  But what are their memories? Is there a spiritual memory?   A spiritual imprint on a young child's soul ...not yet obscured by the cares and thought processes of this life? 
I've wondered this before which point does God breathe life into us?  Is there a first time spirit creation?  A preexistence with God and his angels kind of celestial memory?  Then the second time is when this life is breathed into a human body?  Or is it a one shot deal - this life only - FIRST?

For me the very least ...I do believe our our spirits are breathed into us from God at the moment of conception.
I've never read this in the scriptures but I've also wondered ...if we didn't have our children with our spouses, but we did have children ...would they be different spirits residing in their bodies?  (I've thought this because I cannot imagine not having the exact children we have.  A friend commented that they would still be born ..just in different bodies.  But when we say "they", we envision the complete person we already know.)   So, is a child predestined to be with certain people?  Yes ...appearance and personality traits might differ because of  the differing genetics ...but is their spirit the same?  And this same spirit ...would it still end up with one of the parents or would it go to other parents?  Although ...I wonder the why of that as well.  (I also read somewhere - maybe the same book (name escapes me) ..that in their pre-mortal existence they choose their destiny. Btw ...destiny - free will seem like an oxymoron ...although they do coexist, but that is another post. :)  Then either way it that.the unique genetics of an individual (physiological and psychological) are specifically chosen to unite with a particular spirit because the sum total of all three components of the individual will be what is needed to fulfill a destiny that also works in conjunction with other circumstances and events at a specific time in history; or in the lives of the people they will be in contact with?   I wonder how the spirit choices are matched up with the parents and why?  And certainly, not all situations are ideal - far from it, but even though we may not understand the why of it (if circumstances are questionable), does it serve some greater purpose? 

I suppose some think it is just some chance happening, even if they are inclined to believe in a spiritual existence... life created and spirit goes in.  Certainly others don't acknowledge a spirit in the ethereal sense, but rather think it is just about the biology - cause and effect and don't believe in any life beyond what is in the present existence.

I most definitely believe in God as creator and ultimate decision maker regarding life and death.  And I also believe we are all unique and created at the perfect time and for a purpose.  To everything there is a season and a reason.  I just wish I knew the why of things sometimes.

And ...I know ...we can't know these answers on this side of life.  :)

So ...if we are young spirits waiting to go into a human body prior to our human existence ...  could it be that the reason we connect so well with someone we just met, feeling a familiarity when we don't yet know them that we had a spiritual connection before birth?  Again - I am not saying this is scriptural ..just thoughts I've pondered.
Anyway ...look how profoundly her statement has affected me. That is a keeper. Would be a good line in a book, a song,  a love letter ..somewhere.

"you had a dream, I could hear it before I was born."I LOVE that!

  I don't know why it affects me so much ...but it does.  I guess it taps into not only my faith in God and all the possibilities and promises associated with him, but also my strong sense that there is so much more than what we see in our 3 1/2 dimension existence.  My faith is so strong that the possibilities are almost palpable.

I know it could also just be a Wrennaism.  She does come out with some interesting and/or funny things.  Out of the mouths of babes...

The following is an excerpt (and here is Excerpt Credit) from a post I came across when I was looking for a baby picture for this post.  I am only posting this for amusement and my posting does not imply that I see this as factual and was not the author's intent either.  I just can't help but to wonder about these things ...mysteries of life.  :)

Here is the excerpt:   "So, what does baby’s spirit do when he is not in the womb?  I think he is taking classes.  Just like a paratrooper has to take numerous lessons before he is allowed to descend to the world below, a baby spirit probably has to learn how to land correctly.
I think our little baby spirit is probably taking the following courses:

  • Avoiding umbilical cord entanglements.     School of anatomy.
  • The head first twist and shout.     Physical Education - Dance.
  • Kick on Que Pilates.      Physical Education - Yoga.
  • The four chords to crying.      School of music.
  • Boy or girl basics.      School of anatomy.
  • Looking cute as a button steps to success.      School of business.
  • Nurture or Nature.      School of psychology.
  • Coping with gravity.      School of physics.
  • Eat, drink, sleep and be merry.      School of psychology.
  • Attention ascertainment.      School of business.
  • The veil.      School of religion.
  • Making mommy, daddy and everyone else think you are still an angel.      School of babes."


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Great and interesting story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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Thanks Mel - You too. :)