Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 facts in This World

The joke above has nothing to do with the post - I just liked it.  :)  

The following is something sent to me - author unknown  

1.  You cannot put soap in your eyes.

2.  You cannot count your hair.

3.  You cannot breathe through your nose, with your tongue out.

4.  You did number 3.

5.  When you did number 3, you realized it's possible, but you look like a dog.

6.  You're smiling right now because I fooled you.

Yes ...I fell for it.  :)

Then I realized ...Oh yes I CAN put soap in my eyes!  Why ...I can put soap in my eyes right now if I want to.  I just don't want to.  And I can too count my hair.  I may never have an accurate answer ...but I'm counting my hair right now, TYPING and I'm sitting here with my tongue out while breathing through my nose.  So there!  Wait ..starting over ..o-n-e ..t-w-o .. t-h-r-e-e- ..f-o- ...  ;)

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