Friday, February 15, 2013


What a DELIGHTFUL video this is!  A baby elephant in India is frolicking with sheer delight the ocean ...right where the waves break.  OHMYGOSH!   Oh... if only we could know what this baby elephant is thinking.  I want to jump right in there with him every time I watch it.  How unique is this? He reminds me of how my friend Iris and I used to frolic in the ocean whitewater. :)

I LOVE elephants.  I know they're intelligent and value their family and friends.  Whenever I have been eye to eye with an elephant  ..I have felt sorry for them because they're in captivity and then I wonder just what thought processes are going on as the elephant looked back at me.  Do you ever wonder things like that about animals.

Animals and babies.

I always want to know what they are thinking and how their thought processes work and what language is going through their mind.  I know babies are learning the language they are exposed to ...but at what point do the words take on meaning.

It looks like this baby elephant is smiling.  How CUTE is this?!

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