Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dog Guilt - LOL! :)

Ohhh ...this gets funnier with every dog.  I find the behavior of the 3 together to be especially interesting, and funny and the last one is the best of all.  HILARIOUS!  They are all funny though.

Dog guilt.  They all seem to know what they did wrong.  Yet ...I've also heard dogs have short term memory when it comes to things they did wrong.  But - I wonder if that is true?

Our current dog, Faith certainly had a lot to feel guilty about when she first moved in with us.  She chewed my prescription glasses to pieces, chewed the coffee table in places but not too badly - at lower corners and the worst thing was that she chewed a HUGE hole in the foot rest of the reclining love seat.  Oh and shoes and gloves and garbage and tinkling.  Now ...the only thing she chews are the kids crayons, plastic and wooden toys.  I swear, sometimes I think she thinks the kid's big toy basjet is hers ...just so she can have toys to take out to chew.  After all ...why should she chew her own bones and chew toys?  Where's the excitement in that? ;)

Maybe we humans all have this universal tone in our voices in conjunction with the stare and words "Did you?" being uttered.  I think they must remember something of what they did.

Dogs are GREAT!

Part of the family, for sure.

Enjoy the video.  :)

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