Saturday, February 23, 2013

Googling your symptoms... (and blog talk below)

Ha ha!  Been there.  That happens when a little bit of medical  knowledge takes me off into an area that has nothing to do with me or the person I'm researching for ...but I don't know enough to know that I don't know ...although, I also do know I don't know and so that helps bring me back from the fear ...a bit.  Although the seed of possibly erroneous ...non applicable knowledge does perplex me a bit ...until I find something or someone knowledgeable (usually a doctor), to clarify it for me. :)

Actually, it happened to me this week, but I can't discuss it because it isn't about me.
*For readers who follow my posts, be sure to scroll down if I happen to have put up a lot of jokes.  I know I've been remiss in writing compared to how often I wrote in the past, but I do put longer posts up in between the jokes too.  FB - just has so many funny jokes passed around and I like putting them up in this blog too. :)

I've also been so busy and spreading myself too thin and I hope to focus more on writing in this blog in the future and get back to ..hopefully more interesting posts. There are medical stories to be told, little mini series about pets, oh and a phobia I have that I never discussed and more.  Okay ..I wrote more, but will save that too.  :)

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