Friday, February 22, 2013

My *Near* Claim to Fame ;)


SeaSpray - famous?

Why you ask?

Surely she jests, you say.

Yes ...surely I jest. 

But was fun... the near claim to fame activity.  :)

So ...I called into a radio show that I've recently begun listening to.  Actually, I tried last week, got past the screener and was waiting in the queue of callers, becoming increasingly nervous about what I would say because the topic at hand wasn't something I knew a lot about.  Although, I did have my opinions and so I was prepared to share them, even though I wanted to go in a different direction as a first time caller.  I vacillated between hanging up or doing a Rubio and I did the latter, I drank water to moisten my increasingly dry mouth.  I was on hold for the duration of the show and never did go on.  No big deal because I put the phone on speaker so I could do some cleaning while waiting. 

Nothing better for mild anxiety than keeping busy.  Ha!  Even great anxiety.  I think many women know that some of our best cleaning happens when we are feeling angry at something or someone.  We will C-L-E-A-N-that-stove-and-E-V-E-R-Y-DETAIL-on-it-and-E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-ELSE-in-our-path-with-L-A-S-E-R-F-O-C-U-S-and-E-X-T-R-E-M-E-E-N-E-R-G-Y-UNTIL IT IS OUT OF OUR SYSTEM.  Fortunately ...or unfortunately ...that doesn't happen that much - I'm just saying.  Actually, I did that the night Mom died.  I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid to have the feeling I would have when I woke up.  So I cleaned long after the sun came up that morning.  But ..I digress.  :)

Anyway, I decided to try again last night and the screener asked what I wanted to say, then said "Don't say Hi, just begin talking."  Okay, I said.  But then that was frustrating me because I'm a friendly person and if I can't give a friendly greeting then I'm not me.

What to do?  What to do?

I would've followed instruction, if I hadn't heard a guest before me say hi to him and so that is the way I went as well.

I assumed that the screener said that because of time constraints and fortunately, I can talk rather fast, particularly if I have to.  It was a bit slower paced starting out, but then toward the end because I was trying to fit something in as a preface to get to another point, I basically became a chipmunk. 

Seriously.  Move over Alvin!  :)

I noticed the host spoke faster too at one point.  Funny.  Although not sure if  was before that point or not.

I did lose my train of thought in the beginning a little and so I turned it into a question - which worked.

It's interesting how when the host talks you are cut off which was a good thing so no one heard me say, "but", and the things you say when someone interrupts you - you know that overlap in conversation between two people when both want to make a point.  I said a lot more toward the end ...although didn't get to make the final point, which I know the host will find interesting.  I  was happy to hear he expounded on what I was saying and was pleased with the call and then was still with the same train of thought even after the commercial breaks.  You never know if you'll get yelled at or embarrassed by these hosts sometimes.  And so I am glad he seemed to appreciate the call. :)

I've listened to it since, and certainly there is room for improvement, but it wasn't bad ...especially since it was my first time.  I say first time because I am calling back - to hopefully finish the point and then follow it up with a sincere question. I did call back and told the screener the other thing I wanted to say and would it be alright if I called back sometime and he said sure, call again in a couple of days.  So ..maybe I will try Monday night or I'll wait a bit.  Also, you can't always get through.

So ...why do I care to do this?

It's fun!  :)

And I LOVE talk radio!  I'm addicted I tell you, especially during election season.  Although, I have been backing off a bit and gravitating to music.  And I do enjoy TV, but I tend not to look at TV until later at night because I find that if I watch TV ...everything stops and IWATCHTV and don't do anything else ..except feel more tempted to eat when I don't want to be eating.  Especially since TV watching is at night.

I should learn how to crochet or something to keep my hands busy.

However, I can do so many things when I'm listening to the radio because I'm not grounded to one area, watching a screen.  I also enjoy hearing the caller's opinions and discussions that ensue.  I think talk radio encourages a person to think, to use their imagination and keeps them current on whatever topics they are interested in.   I guess it's a hobby, of sorts.

And ...I definitely do not always agree with the show hosts opinions.  But I do appreciate the provocative discussions on certain shows.  Some will inspire me to research a topic, buy the book being discussed and/or share information with others.

The only negative, is that while I believe it is important to be informed ...I think that when there is so much disturbing news ...I feel frustrated and powerless to effect any change for the better.  Or I feel afraid because of things I view as harmful to myself or others, both in the present and for the future. I do feel that political news shows contain a lot of negativity - that I tend to internalize, which isn't good to do.

On the upside, some hosts also discuss science, literature and history, among other topics. 

I'm grateful to have this other source of information.  Most importantly for me, I can learn things about politics/world events via radio that do not  get reported on television. It often seems that on TV, all the news channels have guests on that spew the same talking points - ad nauseam.  Yes - there are news worthy topics, but they will just be recycled to the point you think your ears will bleed or your living in  your own "Ground Hog day."  Also, a pet peeve of mine is when I know the truth about a story, only to see the facts skewed or omitted altogether.

 We all need to be discerning about the news we take in, considering the sources.  Gather the news from various sources and decide for ourselves.

Anyway was fun to speak with the host last night.  I guess this is my other favorite hobby - along with blogging.  :)

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