Sunday, February 17, 2013

Informative, Breaking News Sources

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Right now I'm blogging while listening to investigative reporter (remember them?) Aaron Klein , (one of my favorite and I think informative political radio shows, although he covers a variety of topics), on ABC radio out of NY in my area.  I appreciate that because he also lives in and reports from Israel as well as NYC, he has experiences and a perspective that American reporters do not.   And I greatly appreciate the information he brings to his audience.  Anyway, Aaron will be discussing health care rationing next.   Oh and he interviews terrorists and other guests not usually on the regular news shows.  And now he's talking about the health care.  Here is the link:

 I'm recording it so we can watch sans commercials.

I'm feeling upset ...AGAIN ...hearing what Aaron is saying about health care bill.  He read the whole bill. *sigh* Aaron Klein reports the news the way it used to be reported when the American press just reported facts without their personal bias interfering, either by regurgitating talking points for their beloved party of choice or by withholding important information that could be detrimental to their personal causes.  I mean ..come on ...when you have most of the news channels reporting on Rubio's drinking water in the middle of his rebuttal to the Presidents State of the Union's address  ...instead of the content of his speech, inquiring if this water drinking is the end of his political career ...something is wrong.  Or when Rubio's drinking water gets more press coverage then when the news of Benghazi first broke and four Americans dead ...something is wrong with the reporting.  Or more coverage than Russian fighter jets flying around Guam, only a few hours before the president gave his speech.  Russia is flexing her military muscles - but we don't hear about it do we?  There is so much important news that Americans just do not get on the main news channels.

Now he is talking with John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor show on 7 nights a week, schedules vary by area. Another show host moved into his 9-11 time slot in our area.  Another one of my favorites.  These shows report the news and have have such interesting discussions.  They do cover the big topics of the week, but they do not use the same format of all the shows you see on FOX, CNN where you keep getting the same stuff fed to you repeatedly.  They do investigative reporting and there is a major difference in show content and/or how it is presented. John's  is another informative show, interviewing people from all around the world, discusses politics, NASA, books ..whatever.  Excellent show!

You will get news on these shows that you do not get or will not get right away on other shows.  Aaron often breaks the news before anyone else.

Anyway ...I prefer listening to radio or watching C-SPAN to gather political information, although I will watch FOX and CNN at times too.  And of course read.  The great thing about radio is you can still do other things while listening instead of being stuck in one place watching TV. 

Aaron Klein is on Sunday nights between 7-9 pm, EST.

His web address:

John Batchelor web address:

And while the country was dumbed down ... lulled into a pseudo security ...

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