Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will Always Love it

Our firstborn son, J ...stopped by over the weekend to pick something up. I heard him talking to Mr SeaSpray, and then calling out to me, "Mom? Mom?", as he walked through the house looking for me.  We talked a bit and he was off again ...going back home to his family.

Later that night, I reflected back on his calling me mom ...his calling out to me.  It reminded me of when he was a little boy and called me "Mommy." And it reminded me of the infertility tests, the uncertainty ... when I wondered if I would ever conceive a child. And I thought how good God is ...how he answered my prayers and the prayers of the people who prayed over and for me to have a baby ...and how blessed we are because he and his brother are in our lives. And even though he is a man in his early thirties with a family of his own ...how much I just love being called Mom. I know that even when I am 105 and he is 80 ...I will still love hearing him call me mom. :)

And the same for C - When I am 105 and he is 72 ...I will still love hearing, "Mom."

And today ...it just seemed extra special ...warming my heart as I think how I still love the sound of our sons calling us Mom and Dad ..and what a blessing and a privilege it has been that God gave them to us to raise and be in our lives now.

Forever grateful!

Thank you God. :)

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