Saturday, March 2, 2013

Better Day Today

I just killed a little baby bunny on my way home tonight.

After midnight.

On the highway. 

This cute little critter ran right into my path.  I quickly tried to brake but was too close and so I zigged to right while he zagged to the left.  It all happened so fast.  Basically the bunny did a panicked and confused serpentine right in front of me and was in the clear for a second. Then he ran back to my center and I hoped I'd be over the top of him and gone before he ran back out from under.  And then he zagged to get away and I felt him under my left back tire.   The poor little thing was so scared it didn't know what to do.  :(

That is such a horrible feeling.

And before Easter.  I know it's not delivering Easter eggs, isn't Peter Rabbit, but I'll be reminded as I shop for Easter goodies... road kill in a basket.

I have to say that between all the things that went wrong/happened yesterday was not the best of days.   And even though the bunny accident was technically today, I am counting it as yesterday so that today will be a clean slate-better day.  And if things come in threes ...than I should be done.

As soon as I got out of bed yesterday I felt like both knees were hit with a hammer and I had that kind of pain all day when ever I walked or got up and down.  I have no idea why because I was fine the day before - just normal ..manageable pain.  But today was horrible.  Horrible with a capital "H."  And I actually wondered if all the orthovisk leaked out of my knees overnight.  Is that possible?   I just had the injections the last week in December and first two weeks in January.  And as I walked into the store tonight, I fantasized about going to see orthodoc Monday and telling him I would go in for surgery the next day because I cannot live with this kind of pain.  Believe me ...the last thing this SeaSpray would happily fantasize about is going in for surgery.  If only it were that easy and I could put it behind me.  I really would do it next Tuesday!  Maybe I the pain will disappear as mysteriously as it came on.

Well ...time for bed.  We have a birthday celebration tomorrow.  And I did get a nice present, that I am actually excited to give and hope they like it.  I was just venting in my previous post.

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