Friday, March 15, 2013


I don't like eating clams.

And ...

I don't like feeling like one!

I've been feeling so intermittently clammy since beginning of the week with this upper respiratory infection.  My hair actually gets wet/damp and so do my clothes.  It's like a COLD Hot flash!  All I need is a real hot flash at the same time.  Okay that would totally mess with me.  It's an awful feeling and while some things are improved (sore throat gone), I feel so weak and just can't get that heavy feeling, crackly sounding stuff out of my chest and I know that is what is doing it.


As a matter of fact next post will be about how much I want antibiotics and am using great restraint to not go into PCP office ...but if I have to ...I will BEG and then GROVEL at his feet ...CLING onto HIS ANKLES and let him DRAG ME down the hall and into every patient room until he says I CAN HAVE ANTIBIOTICS.   I will...I tell you ....I will ...if I have to.

 Just saying.

PS - I haven't forgotten about my update post about what happened when I went into the much dreaded PCP appointment.  This uri just took me down a bit.  I will come back to that post sometime soon.

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